Thranduil raped by orc and pregnant with Legolas

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I'm looking for a story, where Thranduil is raped by an Orc.

He get's pregnant but tells everyone, that the father died in battle.

Later he gives birth to Legolas.

Thranduil despises him.

Legolas doesn't feel any pain, even when shot with an arrow in his shoulder.

When he is an adult and goes with the ring party they reach the sea.

But Legolas doesn't hear or feel the typical elven call in his mind to cross it.

Then he realises under tears, that there is no place waiting for him there.

The ring party thinks, he is crying, because he hears the call, like all elves do.

I can't stop thinking about this story, but can't find it.

It's driving me insane^^

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