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Guest Twinkle

Eowyn/ Legolas

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Guest Twinkle

Hi I'm hoping someone can help me find a fic I remember reading years ago, I don't remember the title or author i just remember that I loved the story and i was devastated when I didn't finish it.

Basically Eowyn is very unhappy and lonely, working a job she hates because Farimir left her and took all her money and she needs to pay the bills, though she is still struggling. Then along came Legolas on his Harley (I think, though I know it was a motorbike). Eowyn invites him and she spills out everything that has happened, Legolas comforts her and they have hot steamy sex. The last part I remember reading is Legolas is calling all their friends to come and help deal with Farimir,

This story was set in modern day, as (now I'm not too sure about these details) the Valar granted most of the main characters immortality for the deeds they did in saving Middle Earth.

Any help would be greatly appreciated even though I haunt given much info.


Twinkle x

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