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What subcategory should my story be uploaded to?

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So you’ve finished writing your masterpiece (or something you knocked out in half an hour), you’ve proofread it and edited it within an inch of its life (or got somebody else to do that), so now all that’s left is to upload it to the lovely AFF archive.

You’ve looked and noticed that our archives are split up into numerous subcategories – such as male/male, male/female, male/male, etc – and you’re not sure which one to put it in. After all, your story contains mostly male/male sex but it does have a little bit of male/female sex, too. So which one should your story reside in? The answer is simple.

If the bulk of your sex scenes are of the male/male variety then your story would go in the male/male subcategory, even though it does have a bit of male/female sex as well. You would make sure that your story is tagged with all the appropriate tags, though, so that people understand what to expect. Some people will also place the appropriate tags at the head of each chapter. So, for instance, if this particular chapter contains female/female sex then that would go at the start of the chapter. This is particularly handy if your story is predominately male/male, for example, as it gives your reader a heads up as to what to expect in this chapter, giving them a chance to simply skip it if they wish.

If your story is pretty evenly split over two or more sexual flavours then it would go in a more general category. Always remember to tag your stories appropriately, though!

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