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Futuristic Settings

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Does anyone know where I can get inspiration for settings, specifically ones that seem all futuristicy? Any good examples that I could actually visit in the San Francisco Bay Area? Also, anyone know of any sites, books, or author's resources that would help me out with architectural vocabulary?

Would be much appreciated, thanx

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I can't help you with the San Francisco stuff, but as far as the architectural stuff is concerned, I take it you mean architectural terms and whatnot? If so then I have some links for you that you may perhaps find useful:

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the best way to learn about futuristic socities

would be to read stories set in the future

like science fiction.

Exactly, how far into the future is this society in a decade? a century/centuries?

because it's kinda important

if its in the far future where nano's help keep you body in shape and diesase is a myth or even has recreational purposes

then society has to reflect that like (Ex: like getting a newsfeed on your data displayer that someone actully got sick and people start freaking out because its unheard of.)

setting wise you have free reign from utopia to distopia

maybe corporations are the true power in your setting maybe the people are just like us ... With better toys

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The top 5 science fiction pargons.

1. J. Verne -

Good steampunk tech. little society.

2. H.G. Wells - future societies -

Warning, Wells was a socialist so take with a grain of salt. He was the first to produce a utopian and dis-utopian futures - basically saying that no matter how technically superior man gets he is still a man and will use the technology for evil purposes rather than good.

3. I. Asmanov - lots of technobabble

4. A.C. Clark.

remember Clark's Law - "A sufficiantly advance technology is usually considered no differant than magic."

5. yourself.

Take a current technology or future technology and take it to the extreme. Nothing no techonolgy

Say the robot drones used by the Army - a science fiction author could see where such technology can break down - for example someone could hijack the drone and use it for terrorism, the drone could think for itself, or worse - you could have the whole military complex break down to being nothing more than men sitting in bunkers at the other side of the world pushing buttons watching people die on screen never seeing the harm the technology could bring - thus the moral of the story could be "There is one good thing about a human soldier, it may follow orders but it also can refuse the orders given if they are immoral or illegal."

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