Naruko (and maybe Sasuki) get NTR'd by hung futas

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I am requesting a one-shot (or a multi chapter if you feel like it) where futanari Naruko (and optional Sasuki (futa Sasuke)) get NTR'd.

The basic set-up is that Naruko is happily married to Hinata, but the happiness isn't mutual. Naruko's futa cock is tiny (2-3 inches long and covered in phimosis) and cums after a few short thrusts. One day, Naruko comes home early to find Hinata (who is NOT a futa) getting double-teamed by Futa Ino and TenTen. Both have large cocks (10-12 inches long and 2-3 inches thick).

Rather than try to make excuses, Hinata laughs at Naruko and tells her that this has been going on for months, and that she won't stop just because Naruko found out. She says that she is, in fact, relieved, since she no longer has to "suffer through Naruko's pathetic attempts at anything even remotely resembling sex" to keep up appearances. She tells her that she can leave, and that Hinata will even let her keep all of her things if she wants a divorce, or she can stay and live with a wife who is going to be doing this for the rest of her life.

Naruko wants to leave but she can't she gets harder than she ever has in her life and begins to jerk off to the sight of her wife getting fucked by Ino and TenTen. Hinata laughs at her some more and throws her a box of tissues, instructing her to cum into one of them. After Naruko has cummed into a tissue several times, Ino and Tenten blow their loads into Hinata and take a few minuted to rest and get something to drink out of the couples fridge. Hinata tells Naruko that is she eats the tissue she just came into, she'll rub Naruko off with her foot. Naruko complies and Hinata says she was just kidding, in disbelief that Naruko would actually do it. Weather or not Hianta upholds her end of the bargain is up to you.

Ino and TenTen come back and are ready to go again, while Naruko pulls out another tissue.

If you decide to include Sasuki in the challenge, she comes home with Naruko and Sakura (marries to Sasuki) is also there along with Futa Temari. Sasuki's penis is similar to Naruko's and her performance is just as bad. Sakura and Hinata make Naruko and Sasuki eat each other's tissues.

Hinata and Sakura are both toned and in shape, as are Naruko and Sasuki, although less so then their wives. The futa's they cheat with run the gauntlet from equally fit, to muscular (nothing extreme, think Korra in LOK).

If you decide to continue beyond the one-shot then this is a general idea of what I want to see (most of this is negotiable):

Hinata begins to dress very provocatively around Naruko, often wearing low-cut halter tops, tube tops, spaghetti-straps and midriff-baring tops (usually some combination of the aforementioned) micro/mini-skirts/shorts and thongs/g-strings. She is also very cruel towards Naruko, often rubbing her affairs in her face and teasing her with no intention of having sex with her, sometimes even discussing her hook-up plans over the phone right in front of her. Naruko sometimes tries to win her back, but her confidence and self-esteem were destroyed by the previous events and Hinata's teasing and constant put-downs do nothing to help it. (If Sasuki is also NTR'd then she is more assertive at trying to get Sakura back, sometimes even ordering her to stop her affairs, but Sakura just calls over Ino or TenTen Or Temari Or any combination thereof and fucks them, cowing Sasuki into submission for a while).

There are NO men in this AU, only girls and Futas.

If Sasuki is not NTR'd she and Sakura are Futas, Sasuki being toned and fit, with Sakura being statuesque and defined.

Things I would like to see (Again, ALL of these are optional):

1) Hinata decides to broaden her Horizons and joins a site called (or something to that nature) and posts slutty pics of herself, along with a lewd profile description. Naruko finds this and tries to confront Hinata, but instead gets caught by her jerking off to the pics. (If Sasuki is also NTRd, it includes a link to Sakura's profile, saying that the two of them are a package deal, want one and you have the option of the other as well).

2) The two (or four) go to a beach, Hinata dresses in a skimpy bikini (or even a microkini) and goes to find some futa studs to bang on the beach. She sends Naruko to get her a drink and when naruko comes back hinata is riding a futa on her towel. If NTR Sasuki and Sakura are there, Sasuki attempts to stop Sakura from having sex, only for Sakura (or one of the futas) to hit her in the stomach and drop her to her knees, helpless to watch as Sakura gets her brains fucked out.

3) Futa Tenten is married to Cuckquean Female Nejiko who at one point follows her to a session with Hinata (or Sakura) Tenten makes her suck off Naruko (or Sasuki) and let her blow her load on Nejiko's face, saying that if she does, Tenten will let Nejiko lick her dick clean afterwards.

4) Hinata (and/or Sakura) go to a nightclub (or a rave if you want to be hardcore) and refuse to leave unless they get creampied first (if you REALLY want to push it they take Ecstasy and allow the whole club/rave to fuck them).

And anything else you come up with.

Anything goes and if you want Naruko (and/or Sasuki) to get stuffed with some futa cock at one point or another go right ahead.

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Just more stuff I though of. If you don't set this in the Ninja world then Naruko and Sasuki are high-ranking businesswomen.

1) Naruko (and/or Sasuki) are both highly talented Kunoichi, and recieve a lot of money as payout for S-rank missions, money that is blown by their cuckolding wives on various things. Once their affairs are known to their lovers, the two are nice enough to send them pictures of their sexual adventures out in the field. See, they're nice enough to send them pics of them to jerk off to!

2) Sakura gets tired of Sasuki trying to stop her affairs, so she asks Tsunade what to do. Tsunade suggest she stop cheating on her... and they both laugh. Then Tsunade makes a deal with her. She will give Sakura a seal that will allow Sakura complete control over Sasuki's voluntary nervous system, allowing Sakura to paralyze her, make her feel intense pain and/or pleasure or various other things. What Tsunade requires Sakura to do is have sex with her/give her blowjobs to fill up a couple of condoms, which will be left in a jar to ferment while Sasuki is gone on her mission, on the day of Sasuki's arrival, Sakura is to drink the fermented semen while having photos taken of her to show to Sasuki, and after the seal and photos are used on Sasuki, Tsunade wants a picture of Sasuki's face.

3) Hinata (and Sakura?) go to a gym while their wives are away on a mission, paying for a personal trainer (with Naruko's (and Sasuki's) money). After their training session is over (who the trainer is is up to you), she (they) retreat to the showers to give their trainer their "other" payment, by giving her a (double?) blowjob and sending Naruko (and Sasuki) pics of their cum-stained faces.

4) Sakura goes full blown dominatrix on Sasuki and ties her up while railing her with a strap-on.

5) Naruko is allowed to cum by humping Hinata's leg as long as she licks her cum off afterwards.

6) An ending (if a multichap fic) where Naruko and Sasuki have finally been broken by Hinata and Sakura, and now take extra missions to earn them more money for their affairs, while happily allowing themselves to be used as servants by their wives and allowing the futas they mess around with use them in anyway is pleasing to them. Bonus points f Naruko and Sasuki are locked in chastity and will only be let out when their wives decide they should carry on their respective bloodlines... by freezing the sperm of a single ejaculation for future use.

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Guest nahtee

And than the uber powerful Naruko (and Sasuki) kills them? I mean what? Cheating on the ones who beat god? That just seems like an idea to lower your life expectancy.

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