NaNoWriMo Characterisation Help: Survey for Business Majors

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This November I am writing a novel for NaNoWriMo. The basic plot is there are rips in Time and Space and the only one who can help heal them is an utterly average, and common human. I have looked up statistics and figures on the most common names, family style, university major, etc. Business Management Major is the most common. But there is nothing about what the average Business major likes to do. So if you are, will be, or were a Business Major in College (ages 16 and up) could you please fill out my survey and base certain answers on what you liked during college (or present if you haven’t gone to college yet). Any personal questions about religion, etc. are only in there so if I can see if certain beliefs and thoughts are more common to business majors. For example: My Character’s parents are from Generation X (born between 1991 or 1965 (depending on who out talk to) to 1981) which statistically mean that they had a strict religious up bring and when they got older they let up on that. So I want to combine that statistic with the most common ideology of Business Majors that I can find. Thank you and please return this to me before 01.November. 2013, when possible. The questions will become more specific to my novel at the end. If there is anything else you think that I should know pleases feel free to add it or if you don’t want to answer something that is cool too. Thanks!

  1. Are you: About to study Studying Graduated?
  1. Do/did/will you have a minor in school?
  1. What is one of your most difficult or time consuming assignments in college? And for what class was it? (doesn’t have to be related to your major)
  1. What type of classes did you take?
  1. What do you need to be good at to be a successful business major?
  1. What country are you from?
  1. Do you have any siblings? If you do are you the youngest, oldest, etc.?
  1. What religion were you raised with? What was/is you religion at the time of Business School?
  1. How strict was your religious upbringing? How strict were/are you in your religion at the time of Business School?
  1. In elementary/primary school what was your favourite and least favourite subject?
  1. How do you usually spend your free time?
  1. What do you typically do on a weekend night that you don’t need to study?
  1. What are your favourite books (at least 3)?
  1. What are your favourite movies (at least 3)?
  1. What are your favourite TV shows (at least 3)?
  1. What are your favourite genres?
  1. Do you consider or do others consider you to be overly curious?
  1. Do you believe that there are multiple universes?
  1. Assuming that there are multiple universes how likely do you think travel between them would be?
  1. Do you believe time travel is possible or will be possible in the future?
  1. Without looking it up, do you know why Chinese people put Fudogs (those stone lions) outside of buildings? If so why?
  1. If you saw a strange knot in a tree, would you go investigate it?
  1. If you did and the knot wasn’t really a knot but some sort of inky blackness. Would you touch it?
  1. If you found a sort of wooden rubics cube in the tree and when you accidently dropped it you were transported to a brightly lit room where you met a being that appears to be made of light and sounds vaguely female as they speak to you in your own language. How would you react?

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