Looking for missing M/M tale about a rancher and outlaw?

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Missing less than a week, but I can't remember the name of the story. Outlaws name was Bose and he just realized he's gay and he liked men. He robed banks and trains and his gang didn't seem to mind that he was gay for they still consider him a dangerous badass and followed his lead. I can't remember the name of the hot sexy rancher, either. My mind must be going! :cry:

In the story the rancher was couple years older than the big bad outlaw. Mr Outlaw fell hard for the rancher and it seemed to be getting real serious. Please help, guys I really liked this story. I'd be glad just to know what happened to the story and why it's not here any more or I can't find it?????

Maybe the Fierce Dragons of disciplinary action on AFF took it down for a particular important reason? So whatever, just let me know what happened, I can take being disapointed because the story's not around anymore. :dualpistols:

Really, Not mad, just curious Gslinger :think:

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Thanks very much, Guest babe, you found it, I guess I'm lossing it! Gslinger

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