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SillySilenia's Review Reply & Updates Thread: HP General One-shots & Drabbles.

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Considering that I am in the progress of uploading several one-shots and drabbles, a lot of which are in the General Category, I felt it best to make a single thread to reply to reviews for all of these, and to update when new one-shots/drabbles/etc. are up.

Currently uploaded at AFF:

Furious. Lee-centric. Lee is furious, Fred and George help him calm down. Drabble originally written in response to a competition/challenge at FFN. Complete, One-shot, No Sex.

Harry's Poem. A little poem about Harry. Parody on several HP fanfic clichés. Abuse, AFFO, Angst, Complete, MCD, No Sex, One-shot, Parody.

Shedding. Crack!fic. The Basilisk sheds her old skin. Suggestive language implying Basilisk/Hogwarts. AFFO, Complete, Contro, NoSex, One-shot


Review Replies:

Harry's Poem:


oh my....laughing lots at this!

Thank you, dear. Glad to know you liked it.


hahaha! This is amazing. I love how you make fun of all the cliches in the HP fandom.
I'm quite liking your work :) x

Thanks for the lovely compliment! =)


wow! lol this is funny! good work

Happy to hear so, and thanks for the compliment. =)


This was deliciously, wickedly funny! Fortunately, I was NOT drinking that very hot cup of coffee as I read, or I would no doubt have singed sinuses. I do so enjoy these peeks inside your head, my dear Silly!

You're making me blush, dear. I'm very glad you weren't drinking that cup of coffee - wouldn't want you to get injured by my silliness. :P I enjoy giving those peeks, so I'm very happy to hear others like it as well. Thanks for your review and lovely words, my dear Wench. =)

delia cerrano:

Clever and funny. Don't like Harry dying even in a poem though which makes me sillier than the poem since Harry doesn't really exist.

But not sillier than me. I think a lot of us were saddened by Sirius' death, after all - and he's not real either. XD Thanks for the review and lovely words.

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Furious has finally gotten its first review. =)

Review by Jaydee:

Naturally, reading this I was curious as to what had made him so mad. My first thought was that somebody, this individual against whom he seeks revenge, had told the school about his stash of furry porn. But possibly I'm projecting. Internal conflict, calming, it's a complete little fic, vague or no!

I suppose the only thing I have against it is my own personal prejudice that drabbles ought to be 100 words, but I'm messed in the head and so it's easy to ignore that sort of thing from readers. Plus, at least half the fanfic world seems to think drabbles should be anything but 100 words. Heh.

Funny, the thought in my mind while I -wrote- it was that someone had told the school about his stash of gay porn. Not the same thing, but close enough. XD
Yes, your reaction is quite natural. I think about 75% of the reviews I got for this over at FFN (mind you, 75% is what? 4 reviews or so?) had the same thing. I'm glad you feel it's complete, because that's always the hard part when working with a word-limit.

Nah, that's okay. Different communities, different definitions. In this case, it was written for a challenge on one of the many HP forums at FFN, which defined drabble as "below 500 words", if I remember correctly - but I know of the different definitions, which is why I call it a drabble/one-shot. For the FFN forum community I spoke of, this would be too short for a one-shot, for the AFF definition, this would be too long for a drabble. This way, both have a definition they can be alright with. (And one they disagree with, but hey. That's life.) Regarding the messed in the head... possibly, but then again, that goes for me as well.

Harry's Poem also got a new review.


*crawls back into chair, panting* that was so funny a piece of squid came out my nose! (i was eating soup with seafood) thank you thank you, i really needed that. :D

Glad to have been of service. Though I have difficulty imagining how you needed a piece of squid coming out of your nose. :P

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