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Shadowed and Shattered

Bonding Fics

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All right. I'm looking for any recs for the HP fandom that are bonding fics. I want Harry to be involved, obviously, and I'd prefer either slash stories or ones where Harry is a girl for some reason or another (been on a kick of those lately, dunno why). I want high society, pretty please. Courting, with all the fun rules it implies. Lords and Ladies, the important gestures, everything that the Wizarding World still has that the Muggle one used to. Really jonesing for some good fics of this type. I've recently gone through all of Ell Roche' and ExcentrykeMuse's Of Power and Prestige, as well as Ell Roche's Chancing Chaos. That's the type of thing I'm looking for. Honor and vows, the Lords and Ladies, Heirs and Heiresses. The high society.

Anyone able to point me towards some good recs? I'd love to read them. Pretty please and thank you with a cherry on top. :)

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