Review Responses for A Cupful of Heartache

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I'm starting this from Chapter Four and will continue with it as I go - so any previous review responses are still in the chapter after I got the review.

Void-san: Thanks for the review! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's well written (certainly I'm trying to keep up with myself, but I don't always succeed!) and - well, I don't remember if I allow guests to review or not. *sweatdrop* It's been a while since I messed around with that particular part of my profile. I also have this and other stories posted on AO3 if that makes it easier for you - I know AO3 allows anonymous reviews.

Raymy: Yes, Kis-kun is just starting to listen and respond again - though he's still extremely easy to accidentally chase away. I mean, the way the next chapter starts...well. I think you'll enjoy it immensely (my pre-readers certainly adore it so far!) and, not to brag, but I think it's a pretty neat way to show that things are starting to change.

Having the guys suddenly start exchanging witty remarks and accept each other's presence is all part of my deep, dark plan...okay, maybe not so dark, but deep certainly. I've been depressed, and manic depression runs in my family, so although it's driving me nuts to have their relationship develop so slowly, I know how it needs to go. It sucks, certainly, but - well, I started it so I'll suck it up and keep with it. didn't review the third chapter, so I think it was the second-to-last chapter posted. And if you feel I'm taking too long, you can always pester me here on the forum or whatever, too. I know slow updates drive readers mad - and fans pounding down the door (an exaggeration, yes, but that's the mental image I just had) actually encourages my muse to cooperate more.

And yes, the CAPTCHA words for the stories are sometimes extremely odd. I so rarely remember them, but often they make me laugh, too. ;)

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hollow: Again, I'm trucking and have practically no time. Though I want to, I doubt I'll have any updates for some time. As to Shunsui, though.... Yes, he is getting possessive, isn't he? He might snap...and then again, Kis-kun may snap first. Tension, tension.... And neither one of them is easy prey. ^_^

Thanks for the reviews! I'm glad you're enjoying my stories!

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