Hinata cheating on Naruto with Sasuke 3

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I want to remind people that this is a thread where the original poster is offering up an idea for a story, or requesting a story to be written, based on certain parameters that s/he would like to see written and read.

This is not a place for people to demand more "ideas" or "scenes" to be added to a story.

If you have nothing meaningful to add to the conversation, or are not interested in writing, nor assisting with the writing of this particular challenge/request, then please consider that before replying.

If you have ideas, or scenes that you would like to see in a story, then I strongly suggest that you start your own topic in the Challenges and Requests forum, under the appropriate sub-forum.

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I'm also going to remind you that we would prefer the answers to the challenge/requests (i.e. the stories generated) to be posted here. It's not required, but we'd definitely like to see that rather than elsewhere

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