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The Cereal Game

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Your first post should start off with a list of cereals you usually eat and what mood you usually eat them in, you only need to make this list the first time you post in this thread.

Then you make up a cereal you would like to see on the market. The object of the game is for the person below to make up a better cereal. The game ends once the most ridiculous, monster of all cereals is invented and no one can come up with anything better.

Trix - I wish I were a little kid again.

Captain Crunch - I think I want the roof of my mouth raw today for some reason.

Cocoa Puffs - I feel like chocolate. It must be PMS.

Shredded Wheat - I think I feel like being healthy today.

Frosted Mini Wheats - I feel like being healthy, but am unequipped to deal with starting my day without white sugar.

Basic Four - Mmm, I feel like trail mix.

Kix - I'm still being influenced by all those commercials I saw as a kid.

Lucky Charms - I want candy.

Count Choclua - I want to feel like it's Halloween.

Raisin Bran - I'm constipated.

Fruity Pebbles - I feel regaining some of my childhood by eating fruity mush.

Cocoa Pebbles - Same as above, only chocolate mush.

Cocoa Krispies - I couldn't find any Cocoa Pebbles last time I went to the store.

Berry Lucky Charms - I wish I could find my crystal ball.

Chocolate Lucky Charms - I wish it were the season for Count Chocula.

My ideal cereal would be called Wally Wombat's Explody Flakes. They would have sugar frosted corn flakes with marshmallow wombats and Pop Rocks candy.

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what about cinnamon toast crunch?

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okay then n_n

Cinnamon toast crunch--hyper and wishes to be moreso!

Cocoa Krispies--pmsing and dosent wish to be messed with.

Cocoa Puffs--pmsing and constipated...>_<;

Frosted flakes--feels drab and so eats drab soggy flakes with hot tiger on the box.

My dream cereal would be called "Uber Cougar Crunch and much!" it would mix the super (laxitive) chocolateyness of cocoa puffs and the awesome great sugar sweetness of cinamon and sugar!

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Raisin Bran Crunch all day every day because it = god.
*laughs* I hate rasins! their so...wrinkly. *shudders*

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Guest Zyx

Frosted flakes - only real cereal I've ever had

but muesli is really good too

I suppose I'd like some ice cream cereal ;)

Also: this thread makes no sense at all

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This is such an odd thread. *sigh*

I like cereal. Cereal makes me feel less hungry quickly because I don't have to cook it. Just add milk. :D

I like way too many types to list. Mostly, I like whatever's on sale this week. That's my favorite brand! :D

Currently, I've got Honey Bunches of oats. So I guess I'm sweet and wholesome????

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