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Dark Serpent Cat

Review Replies for Twilight Succubus V2

Ouran High Host Club/Harry Potter  

  1. 1. I have had an idea for a Ouran High Host Club/HP crossover for awhile and I was just wondering if should I restrict the pairings to OHHC & HP characters or should I add OC creatures in a new magic school way

    • Yes make this a multi new school fic with OC, OHHC Characters and HP characters in a harem with Harry
    • No restrict this to just OHHC school and make the pairings only be OHHC Characters and HP Characters

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This is the forum I am using to reply to my fanfic Twilight Succubus V2 which hasn't really gotten many reviews on this site but was well liked on until I removed it just in case

here is the link to review page

Chapters: Prologue- 2

Unneeded: Thank you for being one of the first to review on this fanfic and as for your question well you'll just have to wait but it will definitly make clear, or at least hint, in Chapter 4 because I have it planned writing it is proving more difficult though then I would like

Goldpen: Thanks I was worried about the lemon because I originally had to alter it in order to put it on and I just didn't want to go back after the disaster with Logan's fantasies of Scott. Also to be completely honest the most knowledge of sex I have is from fanfics themselves

imsandi-Thank you and just to be clear this is a multiple crossover with Twilight as well as Harry Potter and X-Men

jujukitty- My reply to you will be in two parts by your reviews

1) Thank you for informing me about the accident on the prologue, I had originally thought I cleaned it up earlier, and I have gone back and edited the prologue so as to fix the problem so it shouldn't keep showing now.

2) Thank you for your encouragement and your constructive criticism. I am quite aware that some of the things I put might be hard to understand and that I make grammar and spelling mistakes many times. My reason for this is because I lack a beta and like every writer I make many mistakes that need to be checked over by others, as it is harder to spot ones own mistakes. However I also find a beta annoying because in my past experiences the chapters didn't always go through, I get bad cases of writers block, and I have no idea when my chapters will be written. So, unfortunately, you will probably see more mistakes in the future.


I am sorry to inform everyone that I have a bad case of writers block, which always seems to happen after the first few chapters, so I have no clue when my stories will be updated. Now I should inform you that with my writers block there comes ideas for stories, plot bunnies if you will, that won't leave me unless I write them. As such from now on I am going to only post stories after I have a few chapters done. Also, right now, I think I have grown a little sick of Harry Potter and have been obsessed with Naruto fanfics and have even started a Naruto fic but it will not be posted unless I have a few chapters done. Also with the chapter rule I am using I hope that this story will also be able to work with a beta but I will not look for one until after I have the story somewhat done.


The two polls I mentioned in my story are for two other story ideas, one of them being a rewrite of an old story I got rid of on because of the purge, and it helps to tame the Plot Bunnies if I have some of the story worked out, so please vote

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Well I think it is a little obvious by now with how long it has been with an update to say the updates are erratic and for now I am putting the story on hiatus, I hopefully won't give it up and will be able to return but if anyone wants to do a similar, though not exact version, of this story feel free to do so.

That said I feel I should at least inform you why the update has been taking so long.

1) My first, and by far biggest, problem is the fact that I have writers block. However it's not so much that I don't know what I am going to do it's just I can't really get the ideas on paper and then typed up. If anyone has an idea on how I can do this please let me know since this is a frequent problem I have had when I use to post on

2) I have college, yet I seem to actually write more when I am in college sometimes because it gives me something to do before class while at home I am reading fanfics on the internet. However I only recently returned and I hope to be able to work on my fics again soon.

3) Another big problem of mine is that I am either always fighting plot bunnies for hundreds of new fic ideas or I can't think of any. Even my attempts of just writing them down or putting them up as challenges has done very little to keep them back.

Now since I don't know when I am going to be able to put the next chapter up I will give you the general outline of my plans for next chapter which is broken up in parts

First part basically consists of Dumbledore learning that Harry and the Dursley's are missing, this part is actually done it was the next part that gives the problems

Second part involves Harry either on a plane or in a hotel where not only his other abilities are acting up but there is a possible chance that he will come across his inner horcrux and start communicating with it, though I will admit this scene is inspired by Harry Potter and the Descent into Darkness so I doubt I am going to have a big communication with those, in fact the biggest thing about his mind scape will be Harry's cores which I will explain in the fic itself. This is the part I am having the most difficult part writing as I can't get the sections intro. to sound right also I can't decide if he is already off the plane or if it is on the plane, though I just thought of having Harry fall asleep in a car after the plane trip but I'm not sure how it will work.

I think the third part, which with the struggle with the second part is mostly lost, was involving Dudley with his powers and possibly talking to Harry but now I'm thinking that I will have him gradually be nicer to Harry before anything happens like this.

I'm also pretty sure I intended to do the Cullens meeting where Alice reveals her vision but again not sure.

Anyways sorry for the late wait, I'll try to update when I can.

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