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Guest Hollow

im looking for a certain yohji and ken fic i dont remember much cause i read it a long time ago but here are some key point i vaguely remember

1)ken want yohji be typical yohji lovable yohji is clueless to the MxM world so to speed things up ken takes him to an all male club where he put in a favor with one of his friends or aquaintance who makes up the story of getting ken back for something he did by hancuffing them together (kenxyohji) ask the night progress yohji start to react to kens teasing

2)now there back home and somehow ends up in the shower were ken gives yohji a blowjob i think and tells him to pretend that hes a girl all this while there still hancuff

3)which in the end leads to some steamy smutttttt

P.S theres also mention of aya and omi been together and on vacation cause a some point yohji calls omi i think to try and help him get the cuff offff

hope this helps anyone looking at this

iff you remember any of this please please tell me the name and where i can find it

please and thank you

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