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Need help finding a Fem naru story that is driving me nuts

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Guest 2468097531


I need help finding a stroy, can't remember if it was on or here though. It is driving me nuts that i can't find it, so please help!!!!!!!!

In this story naruto is a girl but everyone thinks that she is a guy, later she tells her team her true gender. Her father, Minato, is still alive, hokage, but has abandond his daughter. I remember at the end of the story, incomplete though, naru and her team were in the chunnin exams. Her name was called and she looked at her father. She saw him glaring and decided that he wanted her to fail the exam (or something around those lines) and minato relizes that his "son" knew that he was his father and goes into panic mode trying to think of a way to fix things. After naru realized that her father wanted her to fail she lowered her eyes to the floor and kiba got a shot in.

Next scene

naru's team offers to help train her for the upcomming exam because kakashi will be too busy trainning sasuke. Her father shows up to apologize for not being there for "him" and offers to train "him" and she accepts.


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