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Dark Serpent Cat

second generation harem slash

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So I have just started wondering what a fic would be like if Harry for some reason (master of death, spell goes array, potion accident, time turner incident.) get de-aged or stopped aging and is forced to return to Hogwarts with his children and go through puberty again.

Then what if as the years go by Harry starts developing multiple soul bonds two of which belong to Albus and James and at least one other with Teddy and Harry is bottom.

If you want you can add more as well from both generations like Scorpius, Draco, Hugo, Ron, excetra as well as have it so some of the children are versatile (they top Harry but bottom for someone else)

My big requirements are

that Harry isn't with Ginny after this however why and how is up to you

that this is PURELY SLASH

that Teddy, James and Albus are with Harry at least

Harry is BOTTOM

You know you can even use the fact that Harry has a calmer life his second time around during puberty and is mostly healed from his life with the Dursley's as a way of Harry realizing he preferred men because when you think about the relationship between him and Ginny was too fast, how he was abused by his uncle would have caused issues, how he was constantly under pressure due to Voldemort and the media and really never got to explore the possibility

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