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A look would be appreciated.

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This is a new sotry in the HP section.

The idea is that Harry is born a girl, her name is Heather and instead of Hagrid coming to get Harry, its Snape.

The disclaimor says that some of the chapter was copied directly from the book. But I have the book in my lap. And it is nearly all of it. All they are doing is changing names and only a few other things. I don't know if this counts as plagerist, but if I were J.K Rowling, I would be furious about this as it seems more copying then a fan fic.

There for, I leave it up to you to decide and thought I should just bring it to attention.

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From "Er -- Petunia, dear --..." to "Nasty, common name, if you ask me." it's a straight lift from US version page 7.

From "Nearly ten years..." to "...where [she] slept." pages 18-19.

From "Bad news..." to " though she'd planned this." page 22

From "[Heather] had the best morning..." to "...too good to last." page 26

From "The snake suddenly..>" to "Brazil here I come. ... Thanksss, [ssspeaker]." page 27-28

From "[Heather] picked it up and stared..." to "...a large letter H." page 34.

The acceptance letter from page 51.

Diverges as Snape is the liaison instead of Hagrid.

That's just chapter one.

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