Story called You Will

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You Will

Harry is being abducted and introduced to something he has never experienced before, but the goal is not to break him. AU, SLASH! Warnings for mature sexual content! Anal, AU/AR, Bond, D/s, DP, Fist., Gangb., HJ, Lang., M/M, Moresome, N/C, Oral, Rim, SoloM, Toys, WIP

That was the description of the story when it was on adultfanfiction. Does anybody know where to find it or even the authors name. I would love to find this story because I believe the author was almost done with it when it disappeared. If I can find the author I could beg them to put it back up.

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I remember a story called 'you will'.

Harry was abducted by draco and was trained to be Lucius' birthday present.

Aside from Draco, two other slaves were there as well. Twins, if I remember correctly.

One of them attended to Draco's needs and I think the other one belonged to Lucius, but was used to handle Harry.

Draco occasionally wears a plug.

At the day of Lucius birthday party they insert a big chocolate one into Harry.

If that is the story you are looking for...

Sadly, it was taken down by the author itself and I don't think she/ he has any intentions to upload it again.

I have the author bookmarked on my pc, I sadly don't have access to at the moment.

It was pretty long ago, since it vanished on aff.net and I no longer remember the authors name.

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