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looking for old sasunaru fanfic

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Guest hwangsara

There's two fanfics I'm looking for.

I think the first one was titled: Cold Hearted. It's about Naruto leaving Konoha instead of Sasuke. Naruto accidently comes back to the village, and he is captured. Naruto decides to leave the village because he's afraid of what the villagers and Sasuke would think if they found out that he's in love with Sasuke. Anyway, Naruto gets put under house arrest, and of course, Sasuke is responsible in watching him. Naruto finds out that Sasuke is getting married to Sakura. Naruto accidently reveals that he's in love with Sasuke. Sasuke complains to the the hokage, and the hokage fixes the situation by telling Naruto he has to hide his feelings. The hokages makes Naruto go to Sasuke's and Sakura's engagement party. Anybody know where I can find a link to this story? Would appreciate it!

The next story is about Naruto running away from Sasuke again. Sasuke is looking all over the place for him. I think each chapter talks about a different country Sasuke goes to find Naruto and who he meets. Eventually, Sasuke finds Naruto and finds out that Naruto had a kid.

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