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Guest kiayaperkins

Desperatly need help!

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Guest kiayaperkins

Hello! I'm looking for a story about Kagome and Sesshomaru. I read it a couple years ago but can't find it anywhere. I know I read it on this website though! -_-U ok what I remember from the story is as follows lol: Kagome was a full inu, and she was sold to Sesshomaru as a slave. For the sole purpose of creating an heir for him (because he's has an intended mate who's not an inu) I think her name started with a K...for some reason lol. So things progress and they sleep together and she gets pregnant. Later on the intended mate shows up right when Kagome and Sesshomaru are getting close. And he won't mate Kagome because she has nothing to offer him and he wants the other chicks land. Yada Yada, she accidentally walks into his room while the hooch was trying to seduce him and she sees them kissing. she runs to her room and Sesshomaru confronts her saying she has no reason to be upset they will eventually mate anyway blah blah..So she ends up running away from Sesshomaru while being pregnant. The last chapter I read was about Kagome sitting next to Kikyo (for some odd reason lol) and staring up at Inuyasha pinned to the tree. If anyone can help me find this fick it I would be eternally grateful!!!! Thanks! XD

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