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Guest bluedonutcentral

harrypotter xover with race to witch mountain challenge

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Guest bluedonutcentral

I have a challenge for whoever decides to take it.

crossover: harrypotterxrace to witch mountain

pairting: harryxseth or harryxjack bruno

requirments: harry sneaks into jacks cab using the ivisibility cloke and is found out by either sara or jack but sara cant read harrys mind, harry ran away from the dursleys because of the abuse but nothing majorly abusive (example rape) and either seth or jack finds a bruse or a scare on harry that was left by the dursleys and he tells them about his home life with them not nececarily in that order, either seth or jack is possessive over harry and they end up getting together anytime during the story, and if you want you can make it were harry is some creature ( example: vamire,veela ect ect) and has a mate which would be either jack or seth also you can either have it were it involves the harrypottter story line the magic part or were it doesnt but harry still has either magic or some form of powers and you can go by the race to witch mountain story line or not as long as it involve some or all of the other stuff also try to make it m rated.

if anyone is interested in this challenge please post the link to the story in the comments when you have written it


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