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Guest Creature of Shadow

Looking for Sess/Kags fic

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Guest Creature of Shadow

I remember very little of this story, and no one on Dokuga or FFN has been able to help find it. So, all I remember is that Sesshomaru and Rin somehow end up getting stuck in Kagome's time, and they live with the Higurashi's at the shrine. At some point, Sessho and Kags end up doin the dirty, and when she tries to go sleep in her own room the next night, he stops her and says something along the lines of What do you think you're doing from now on you sleep in my room with me. Not a direct quote, but it's something like that. I am almost positive that Rin was not sick and that was the reason they came. Maybe, but I really don't think so, since I had someone ask that before. I believe they either got pulled in on accident and just appeared there or maybe Sesshomaru made Kags take them. It could be the sick thing though, I really don't remember. I also know its complete. That's all I've got, sso if anyone can shed some light and help me find this story, I would be very grateful. It's been driving me nuts.

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