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Old Sesskag

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Yes, I'm looking for another one and having an extremely difficult time finding it. Here's what I remember: Sesshoumaru banned Inuyasha from entering his lands, but- we all know Inu doesn't like listing to his older brother- he does anyways. :whistle: So, as punishment he[sesshoumaru] takes Kagome as a slave; something happens to her soon after where she loses her memory. Later Kagome over hears a couple of other staff members talking about a tragedy that befell the lords new mate :gossip: . Kagome assumes they were talking about her and that she is Sesshoumaru's mate, and for some reason Seshoumaru doesn't correct her. In fact he even lets her sleep in his bed when she questions him about why if their mated they have sepperate rooms. I think at first it might have been to get Inuyasha mad, but I could be wrong about that. :huh:

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