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Hi everyone!

It's been forever, right? XD

Well I was talking to miss DemonGoddess and she asked me how my submissions were going for a contest I entered and I told her I was at the bottom of the rung... =/ As usual. So I figured I'd come over here and ask for some help!

I've entered a contest to create a logo for a new anime convention and unfortunatelly it's a popularity vote, not mod's choice. So I need as many people to vote for me as possible! All it takes is one click! Sadly you have to log in to vote... but everyone is a member on FB now right? I mean if I am everyone else has to be... lol =)

http://apps.facebook.com/contestshq/contes...9?order=recency That's the direct link to my submissions, but if for some reason it goes crazy and takes you to the main submissions page, my group title is "Cosplay Love."

Thanks much!


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Good news is that it took me directly to your submissions (the link).

Bad news is it requires login. So you do have to be a member to vote on fb.

Wow bummer. Well thanks for trying XD I'll have to fix that.

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