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Guest Narufairy86

NEED HELP PLZ! Pleassssssseeeeeeeeee! :(

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Guest Narufairy86

Been looking for weeks!!!! When I finally found someone who knew it got pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeee help me!!!

Not good at describing:

Sasuke works for Orochimaru as a body guard/hired killer until he somehow escapes and lives with Itachi

Itachi owns his own business that is planning to merge with Kyuubi's business. They both like each other.

Sasuke and Naruto meet somehow...don't know how

While at the park a group of guys come upon Sasu and Naru, the lead guy used to be involve with Naruto and wants him back, he got denied and start a fight, Ita, Kyu and Sasu both have guns out (tho don't know if they were used or not...prolly a yes)

Both sets of brothers escape 2gether and arrive at Naru and Kyu childhood home I believe

Oro finds them, Sasuke is back with Oro

The 3 bust into Oro biz and rescue Sasu who was tied up in a closest scared.

I don't remember much else.

I think piercings and tattoos have something to do with it.

Naruto is an artist.

Thanks any help would be appreciated since this been on my mind for weeks and I can't find it!! AGH!

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