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Guest jj19
I think I need to make a suggestion about changing how the story codes are listed. I would rather see them listed under the summary, so you don't have to cut short your summary trying to list all the codes.

I have also ran into this problem, I had so many tags I ran out of room to write the actual summary. :thumbsup:

So I made a buffer chapter with all tags for each part there, so no one could complain that I didn't give fair warning (and I repeated said codes at the intro). No flames so far, but you never know.

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(I was about to start a new topic, but I think it fits in here nicely.)

In my most recent story ("Cakewalk on the Catwalk") there were two scenes involving drugs: one was a pusher convincing a girl to accept a bag with a few joints, but they were never used; the other was a girl injecting insulin. At the time that seemed like enough to use the Drugs/Alcohol ("D/A") tag, but in retrospect I wonder whether that meets the threshold. (I will leave that tag on the story, though, and there was never any doubt that this story needs the Bestiality tag. :o )

A few other examples come to mind:

  • Drugs/Alcohol
    : Characters go out for drinks and feel relaxed but not necessarily "buzzed" before they consider then engage in sex. (Or for
    it convinces them to try tightrope waking for the first time — They'd better use a net!)

  • Bestiality
    : A woman visits a friend's home and the friend's dog runs up and nuzzles her crotch for a few moments, heightening any arousal or need she'd already been feeling, but there's no actual sex act involving the dog.

  • Rimming
    : While licking up some juices someone's tongue slips across the back door a few times.

  • Slavery
    : If it's role-playing then how "into it" do the participants need to be? Also, does it matter whether the fact that it's role-playing is mentioned before or after the role-playing? (I did look for a "Role-playing" tag on the

My concern is that using tags too liberally may turn readers away even though there are only hints about that activity in the story. Of course, I'll always be tempted to use tags that I think will increase readership if (I can make myself believe?) there's just enough of it in the story. :)

So where do you find yourselves on the borderline when choosing story codes/tags?

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FairySlayer: Interesting points.

Drugs: If they aren't used, I don't see why you even need the tag at all.

Alcohol: I'd use it only when the characters are alcoholics or get SERIOUSLY drunk.

Bestiality: Wouldn't use a tag for something as small as that. Assuming the woman doesn't entertain any lust towards the dog, and the scene isn't described in loving detail with clear intent of titillation.

Rimming: Yeah, I'd say it deserves the tag. Tongue over asshole = rimming.

Slavery: I'd reserve it for when it's actually NOT role-playing. I assume the D/s tag covers precisely that, role-playing.

Normally, I don't sweat it that much. I only reserve tags for when something is, with no room for mistake, what the tag represents. If there's doubt, check if it's really that important to the story. If it's a throwaway scene, don't bother. If it's something crucial to the story, make a thread in the forum or ask a staff member.

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Lately, I've been noticing a tag left off more and more: the Rape warning. Now this is going to be a bit rantish and tl;dr, but that warning is important and there is a trend I have seen growing over the years that bothers me more than a little.

The rape warning is not a small thing. Over the years, I have seen more and more fics, not only NOT warn about rape, but GLORIFY it! And if I ask politely for the Author to add the warning, I most often get responses along the lines of "It wasn't rape, he loves him/her!" or "It was just rough sex! Grow up!" At which point, I'm pretty close to throwing up. that is forced or forced sexual contact. A doesn't want it, says no, begs B to stop or makes it perfectly clear A does NOT want to have sex/sexual contact. B doesn't stop and eventually tortures A into liking it and begging...still rape. B drugs A so A can't say no and/ or the drug makes A beg for it. Still rape. B ties up a protesting/not wanting to A and has sex with A....yep...still rape. What makes it rape is that A DOES NOT WANT TO. It doesn't matter how it ends up...A being broken by the RAPE and therefore just going along, or becoming a sex slave due to the drug and forced to enjoy it...etc. If A DOES NOT WANT TO HAVE SEX/SEXUAL CONTACT and B ignores that and has sex/sexual contact's rape.

Rape isn't romantic. It is not a way to show love. It is not a way to prove love. It's NOT about love at all. And yes, this warning is important to me. I survived a very brutal rape, and though I do not mind rape stories, there are times when I am emotionally raw and do NOT want to read a rape story. Moreso, I do not want to read a story glorifying rape...EVER.

Some authors and readers protest that it is just fantasy anyway. Fine by me. Really. Rape is probably the number one angst tool. BUT add the warning. The fantasy may not appeal to everyone and some people may not be able to deal with it. For example, the fic which set me off has a drug rape of a minor character (kid is drugged) who then is convinced it is love...why else would his body have responded...and proceeds (at his rapist bidding) to drug and help rape other children, family, and friends. The fic carries NO rape or shota warning. None. NOT on any page. After the first chapter, I was stunned. And why did I read the first chapter? Because I was certain it had to get better. It didn't. The story had 5 stars after 156 votes. I still don't understand how a story that GLORIFIES RAPE and RAPING CHILDREN with NO warnings about doing that, got so much praise. I think it goes with the new trend of finding rape "romantic." Pardon me while I barf. And the response to the request for a rape or shota warning...ugh.

Death, rape, BDSM, kink, shota, scat, bloodplay, and a whole host of other warnings are needed. Not everyone enjoys the same fantasy and sometimes they simply can't handle that fantasy right then. Ok...whew...rant off. I had to get that out of my system. This "rape is a good thing" trend offends me greatly, and while everyone is free to write what they want, they should have the kindness to warn readers who might not find it as romantic.

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