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  1. When you’d rather write fictional stories about impossible things but you have to write an essay for college...

    1. CloverReef


      … Can the essay be about impossible things? Or did they limit your topics. Guess it depends on the course too. Essays for English where you get to pick your own topic were my favourite. Yes. I had a favourite. I’m a nerd, okay? Slay that essay! 

  2. Now I need to get back to my projects, yay….

  3. Running Red: Turn the Moon
    Chapter 47: I Am...
    Posted yay!

  4. Running Red: Turn the Moon
    Chapter 47: I am..
    Chapter 48: Tag In
    Outline: finished
    Rough: finished
    Edit: finished
    Weekend Update

  5. Running Red: Turn the Moon
    Chapter 47
    Title: I am...
    Outline: finished
    Rough: finished
    Edit: 50%
    Review: 0%

  6. Running Red: Turn the Moon
    Chapter 47
    Title: N/A
    Outline: finished
    Rough: 50%
    Edit: 0%
    Review: 0%

  7. Running Red: Turn the Moon

    Chapter 46: Split Switch posted

    Drystan looked up at Laik. “You should stay here.”

    Laik jolted, his chest felt tight at the thought. “No.

  8. Running Red: Turn the Moon

    Chapter 45: Unleashed Energy posted yay!

    Now for the fun part of sitting back and waiting for everything to fall into place.

  9. Running Red: Turn the Moon

    Chapter 45 update: at latest Saturday morning

    Chapter title preview: Unleashed Energy

  10. I completely forgot about updating this… oops:blush:

  11. Running Red: Turn the Moon…

    Chapter 44 will update soon.

    Chapter Title preview: Rope Bite

  12. shadelostwolf

    Running Red: Turn the Moon - Review Replies and Question Answers

    ramblingrobin This story totally sucked me in. I love it. Can't wait for more. Xoxo Robin Answer: Thank you! I’m so glad that you like it. I should have an update soon, maybe this coming up weekend.
  13. So as the title says, I’ll be posting review replies to this story along with answers to questions. As long as they don’t give plot points away. I just ask you to do three things: Be kind to those posting in this topic. Discussions are good, but please keep a cool head, we’re here to talk about the story not fight over it. Constructive criticism is good, I will read it but please be clear. There will be times I’ll ask to be a little more clear, only because I sometimes have a hard time processing things and sometimes I get a bit confused or overthink something simple. Lastly, have fun. This is a place where you can come and find out more about the characters by asking questions and I will gush about these people if you ask about them or about the world they live in. Its a story that has a close place in my heart.
  14. I’m torn between making a place for answering reviews on one of my stories here in the forums or just keep on with the way I do it.:think:

  15. I’m back to writing! Yay!