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  1. For I am now a legal driver!

    On Monday August 13, 2012, I went in on a spur of the moment decision and took my driver's test and about an hour later, I was walking back to the office with the biggest grin on my face, as I had passed the driving test with a 79. The lowest amount you can get is 70 before you fail the test and have to take it another day. I had problems with one thing only parrell parking, I did get the vehicle half in but I didn't get it all the way in, but she did give me credit for trying.

    But I am now a legal driver. My vehicle that I drove is this little beauty that I named CJ.


    It's a 2002 gray Rav4.


  2. Mom is now on Hospice and weighs 98.2 pounds from 118. She's not eating much beyond popsickles. I don't think she will be alive by the end of the month as she's just wasting away in her Hospice bed and as much as we try to get mom to eat something more than popsickles, she just doesn't want to eat anything else.

    For the last three mornings, we have had thunderstorms, my and I would sit in the living room, she in her hospice bed and me sitting in the chair next to her would watch as the Mother Nature flashed her firework display. For about four hours each morning, it was just me and my mom alone in the living room till my dad would wake up and join us before he would head back to bed after making sure that mom had taken her pain pills and was comfy.

    kagome2526, spend as much time as you can with your grandma. My grandmother on my mom's side died from it within 7 months of being diagnosed. Make her tell you her family history, just talk about her family, her favorite moments in her life and just enjoy your time with her and help out as much as possible.


  3. I didn't come here when I first learned she had tongue cancer back in October 7, 2011. It was successfully defeated with Chemo and Radiation. We thought we were in the clear but sadly, it had already spread throughout her body. The doctor who is treating her says we now have two months to six months left with her. She just came home from the hospital about two days ago to being hospice with us. She's now back in the hospital as her blood pressure is very low.

    So that is why I have been absent here on the forums and on my normal chat messengers. I mainly get on skype now a days, if you wish to chat with me by skype, PM me and ask me for my handle and please tell me what your handle is in the message so I do not accidentally block you by mistake.

    The picture below is my mom Janet and my dad Richard, the day we learned she had tongue cancer, we announced it to the family that night.



  4. This group is dedicated to the writers in everyone.

    We are a group to help you edit your stories, give you support when the Writing Muse flees into the night to

    giving you ideas on how a story should go and just chat about everything known to the writers.

    We will moderate all new members and new members will be approved before joining. This is to make sure that you,

    the writer will get a clean group instead of one that is filled with spammers. You must state something about your writing goals and needs and if you have a website about your stories.

    All writers are accepted from beginners to professional.

    Website -

    Please consider joining.


  5. For your problem, I would send him an e-mail asking if he's okay and if he will be sending your chapter back to you soon. State that you are concerned as you haven't heard from him and wondering if he's alright.

    Most likely, as DemonGoddess has said is that Real Life got to him and he probably forgot about it.


  6. I have had many beta readers start work on my stories and then eight to nine chapters later, they up and vanish on me. Without sending me anything back or contacting me stating that Real Life got a hold on me and I cannot finish your work, sorry. They just vanish and even when you e-mail them to find out what's up, they ignore your e-mail or that they'll send you a reply stating it will be in your inbox in three days and nothing comes from them.

    That's when I ditch them and start the search again and hope that the next one will be the one who will stay with you. I'm almost tempted to create a Yahoogroup for beta readers and writers to come together to talk the art and get their work beta read since most of the beta reading groups are filled with porno spammers.

    Beth AKA Solaris

  7. I've decided to post a tidbit of this story for any possible beta readers to see about becoming my beta reader for this story. I really, really need someone. I'm not good at editing my own work and I do miss a few things in the story like if the plot flows smoothly or had been broken in some place.

    Tarisn concentrated all her skill in her last attack on Rhiannon and found that Rhiannon had reacted slower to her swing and moved fast to disarm her of her sword and flipped her onto her back and pinned her down with Rhiannon’s sword in one hand and her own in her right hand. “Do you yield?”

    Rhiannon looked at her breathing heavy as did Tarisn as the sweat dripped from Tarisn’s face. She nodded. “I yield this fight and you have passed your final test.”

    Tarisn looked a bit puzzled but then anger appeared over her face as she pulled away from her. “You should have told me this was my final test!”

    Rhiannon got up slowly. “I couldn’t as I wasn’t told when my final test happened either.”

    Tarisn turned to look at Aderyn. “You knew this was the final testing day, didn’t you?”

    “I can neither deny nor confirm that,” Aderyn stated, as she walked over to them to check for injures sustained by the swords.

    Tarisn glared at Aderyn but then, she glanced away from her. “I should have known this day was coming.”

    “What do you mean?” Aderyn asked, as she healed the cut on her shoulder.

    “I should have known as this day is year six of us being here,” Tarisn replied, as she glanced at the woman who looked for more cuts. “That was the only one I got.”

    Aderyn shook her head as her hand pressed on the wound on her leg to see her flinch. “I know where you got hit at, Tarisn.”

    Rhiannon saw her stretch her arms. “So you were in a sense aware that this could be the final test?”

    “Yeah, but I had thought I would have been informed before hand,”

    “I was not told by my mentor either and when he was asked, he said every swordswoman or swordsman never knew when the final test would come as a fight would spring up without notice and you need to be on your toes about it.” Rhiannon replied, as Aderyn went to her side to heal the wounds that she got from Tarisn’s blade. “And by how you did, you did really well for a beginner swordswoman.”

    “Well, I did have over four thousand, three hundred and eighty days of training underneath me, Rhiannon,” Tarisn stated, as she cleaned her blade in the water trough and dried it off with the towel. “You did make sure that I knew what I was doing with the sword.”

    Please consider becoming my beta reader for this story.

    Thank you,


  8. I really need a beta reader for this original story called Warrior Princess. This story is a sword and romance story set in an alien world where my leading lady is sent by the request of the Sorceress called Aderyn. She sent a sword to where my leading lady lives at to bring a warrior to their world to help lead them in a rescue attempt of their true leader. The leading lady is untrained in battle and not really a 'leader' but over the course of her stay there, she comes into herself as a leader and does her best to help the band of warriors succeed, but do they?

    I am planning seriously to have this story published, but I need somoene will not up and leave after two chapters are finished. I am serious about this story.

    Please contact me on Skype, my handle is ladyducaine or by e-mail or PM and please in your subject header state beta reader and in your request for friending on Skype state I'm from Adultfanfiction and would like to beta your story Warrior Princess.

    Thank you for your consideration to become my beta reader.


  9. I lost my previous Beta and have not found a new one yet.

    It is a romance story between Nero/OFC/Kryie and Dante/OFC/Trish/Lady.

    No, it is not a threesome.

    There will be sex later on in the story but a lot of angst before that point.

    I can be contacted by e-mail, PM here or by skype ladyducaine.

    Thank you,


  10. Adult! You are not a teenager anymore, start behaving like an adult, you bitch!

    You ranted on your FB about how your son is in the profile picture of your father-in-law whom you despise and wanting it to be taken down, anyway possible even got your lawyer involved on it. Your girlfriends from High School who think your SHIT doesn't stink, cheer you on agreeing with your rant. If your 15 1/2 year old son didn't want the photo done with his grandfather, he would have said so and the photo never done, but your son happens to like his grandpa, even though he has to live with you, he doesn't even likes you!

    You may act like you are the cat's meow on FB and everywhere else, the thing is, your antics towards your husband's father and people who see you in other lines of work tell a very different story. You act like you are the best thing in town and yet, if you look at what people say about you behind your back, you would be extremely embarressed.

    You basically act like you are still in High School instead of being an adult, hun. You gossip and rant about people behind their backs and when you are called out to stop it by your own father, you don't! You continue to act like a bloody teenager. It is like you have not grown up from your High School mindset and your friends act the same bloody way.

    But what do you expect from a small city where some of the adults act like kids and the kids act like adults like this girl's son being the adult as he dislikes you but he has to act like it because it is the only way to keep the house friendly.

    He is more adult than you ever will be.

    *done ranting*

  11. Have you ever realized that your original summary is now not even in line with what the story is?

    I actually did with my InuYasha story The day love found me, I took the old summary and changed it to fit what the story really was about. Here is my updated summary. Summary: When things get bad they can get worse, a challenge issued may be a blessing or a curse, when a modern girl must face herself in a world and time so different from her own, will the chains from her past bind her or will she entangle herself in the moment?

    So have you edited your summary or rewrote it to suit your story after you wrote on it for some time?


  12. She is psychotic even more so than ones I've seen before... damn creepy.

    Yeah, she's even on DeviantART as Bonita Prime and even there she's nuts. She even threatened to commit suicide because her followers had found out that she was a thief and a liar, they returned to her and now believe her claims even after they learned that she lied to them. She is a big ass lying bitch and her stories that is done are rank to the point that I will never beta for her again.


  13. Her profile says 36? Bahaha and she doesn't sound mature at all by her profile. I get the impression of- crazy lady, crazy lady behind a keyboard. See MimiFern (may as well name her) actually posted the first chapter, sent it to me, deleted the story, then reposted, then deleted and then reposted again after I'd finally gotten to beta it but she didn't actually take in anything into account only asked to use lines I'd used in the beta version to show her where to go from wrong to right.

    I saw the review, good on ya for doing it on the public review board which they actually can't delete without reporting them for a good reason.

    She lied about her age being 36 as that's her Transformers character's age and she is crazy. She even had a ED page filled with her lies and thefts of other people's photos and other stuff. Go here to see the stuff that is spoken about her: Mrs. Optimus Prime's ED Page.

    And there are other people on DeviantART who has encountered her craziness.

    TRMOP as everyone calls her, her stories are rank beyond belief. No beta reader in their right mind would really help her as she would rather just copy and paste someone else's story into her story and claim it as hers.


  14. Test for beta readers? What the... Yes I would be pissed to. I'm glad that this has brought people into sharing bad experiences with some painful authors. She sounded like she wasn't very mature.

    See this is the problem, the author thinks that when we critic harshly we are being mean or unfair, I don't understand it- they want help but then they just ignore it all. It doesn't like the story would be much good if she went and did that.


    She isn't mature for a 24 year old. I told her to read other people's stories and do the same with her story and rewrite her story. Send it back to me and I'll edit it. She e-mailed me telling me that she posted it. She was told to e-mail me the copy when she got it finished. She was told to send it to me but she posted it on I left her a review telling her in no simple terms that a beta reader doesn't like being told that someone had posted a story before being edited, that is a slap to their face and I told her that don't consider me her beta reader anymore. She hasn't replied or sent me an e-mail since.

    I'll tell ya. This just points even more strongly as to why the beta should be picky, and set ground rules from the start.

    It also points to the fact that I was LUCKY in the authors who chose to work with me. I was upfront and honest with what I could do and was willing to do as a beta reader, they returned the favor in telling me what they needed from a beta in the first place.

    I told the girl I betaed for the ground rules with a warning not to piss me off with any funny business and she sent me the test chapter to test me, with plagiarized stuff in the story itself from another writer I was beta reading at the time. Yes, she is a known plagiarist on her name MrsOptimusPrime or Bonita Prime on Her stories are crap and plus she plagiarizes other authors' work in her stories. I make sure the people who I beta read for understand what I look for from them after I edit their story.

    Being asked to take a test or give an example wouldn't insult me. An author doesn't want to wait days or weeks just to be burned with a lousy proofreading job. I usually just look at the potential beta's writing to decide, and then what they proofread is a test by itself.

    I would give example of a page to the person I'm betaing for and tell them what I will be expecting from them as I will want to see the edits after I did the first edit as most people end up adding more to the chapter and I edit that before sending it back to them. Most of the time, I get it at least three times before it is posted online.

    I will now beta read for only one person and she knows what I want from her amd I know what she wants from me.


  15. I beta read for this one girl and she sent me what she called a test to test my skill. I told her that no beta reader likes to be tested like that. She said it was her online daughter's idea to test me. I told her she could end up losing me faster than she thinks. If you were in my shoes and you were given this test, wouldn't you be pissed.

    She sent me the real chapter for me to beta read. I gave her a harsh critic to her story, basically telling her she really needs to rewrite the story, but she just took what I did and left my suggestions of rewriting the story entirely. Her story was not very good, as she didn't really do much of anything as in making her OFC more than a stick figure and a Mary Sue.

    I ended up dumping her soon after and it has ended my beta reading career but if someone I know and I know they write very well, I may beta read for them.


  16. This coming Wednesday, I will be taking the driving part of my test. After taking 22 days of driving lessons (not every day, every other day, excluding weekends) from my mother, putting into use all of my years of watching them driving, I am finally putting their lessons into action and soon, very soon I will be a driver instead of a student.

    It would have happened on September 20th, but my older brother has the white car that I had been learning in. I have been driving my dad's vehicle and a loaner for a few days. Now on this coming Tuesday, I will be borrowing my grandmother's car to drive around town till Wednesday when I will take the actual driving test itself.

    Wish me luck gang, I may need all the luck, I can get.


  17. I'm actually working out a story plot to my next original story set on another planet and it is somewhat based on the idea of She-Ra, minus the woman herself. It is the names of the characters that is giving me bloody fucking fits!

    I have five males, two are not named yet, searching for names for them. I have 7 females of which two are not named and one of them is the leading lady of the whole story. I know I could use my handle of Solaris for one of the two characters but I do not wish to use it for the leading lady.

    Can anyone suggest good names for the characters who do not have a name?



  18. I would love to have you as a beta reader, if you are still open.

    I'm doing an InuYasha fic. OFC/Sesshomaru fic, though this pairing is not really matched up till later on in the story.

    The story title is The day love found me.

    There won't be any sex for several chapters, about ten to fifteen chapters or even longer.

    I have seven chapters ready to be beta read.

    I have problems with grammar, sentence structure and I tend to be wordy at times.

    I'm trying my best to make this story the best I can do.

    I can send the fic to you by RTF by e-mail either in chapter format or the entire story.

    Right now, the story is rated PG13, but the overall rating is NC-18.

    I have an original female character who will grow up alongside Sesshomaru and later they end up getting together. Yes, there will be at least two fights that they will do against each other, one when he's a young pup and when he's older.

    If you can help me with being my beta reader, I would like that very much.

    I can be contacted either by replying to this message or by e-mail at breyerloverz @ or by AIM ladyducaine. For AIM, please state you are from as I may end up ignoring your IM.

    Thank you.

    Beth AKA Solaris