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  1. Nomadic

    Review rewards

    .Petition to include a “Liked” button then in addition to my additional request (minus a dislike so there’s no maliciousness). I recognize I am at a disadvantage writing originals and not fanfiction so I do understand that, but it does break my heart to look in my neck of the woods and see close to 1,000 views with 2 reviews. Which is common in the original fiction side of the house. You have always done a lot of work here – it’s very impressive. I was surprised when I returned and you were just as active as always. Yes, I’m not trying to attack or anything I’m just saying where I believe the breakdown is and possible solutions. Maybe I’m remembering things in a favorable light but I do remember conversations with fellow authors discussing writing tips and requesting feedback on how to accommodate reader requests. I honestly did not know that people were so…….. there’s a word here I don’t know if I should use…. to tattle on authors for requesting reviews to mods. That seems sophomoric to me as this should be a gathering of adults. young, learning adults granted sometimes (I have been there) but I don’t think it ever occurred to me to tattle on my readers or authors I was following.
  2. Nomadic

    Review rewards

    Maybe just a “recommend” or “subscribe” button? The assumption being if someone reads and clicks the recommend button then the story is “liked” and would generate traffic and encourages the writer that people are at least enjoying the work. Prevents disliking maliciously. A subscribe would create an alert on the archive profile to say “hey a story you are reading has updated!” and would again also let the author know they are being enjoyed. I know we have, in the archive, a list of recommended reading but if we could link it somehow because it doesn’t make the author’s heartstrings flutter because there’s no link to them that lets them know they’ve been recommended and afaik there’s no alert to let the reader know there’s been an update. They have to check manually. I may be wrong, I cleared out my profile years ago, and apparently, a lot of my favorite authors removed their stories which is sad. My thoughts were more archive-oriented. Forums and the archive are, in my mind, not really “together”. I know this is a forum about the archive but I always feel like I’m joining a separate space with the forums. (I take additional issue with the amount of separation that exists in the forum for topics – you can promote your story here but to talk about it you have to go over here and if you want a beta go here whereas I would think an author would just make a single thread where they can simultaneously say “go read my story” and talk about it and thank people for reviewing and get feedback from the audience. Just the “Nomadic String about This Story I wrote about Delicious Cake” and not worry if it zigzags into chaos. Potentially a me problem but I am mentioning it. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.) But I am not a coder and I do not know the amount of mess coding all that would be. If I was a coder I’d volunteer my time to make gold stars for reviewing stories in the archive. I started and stopped at HTML. I wish I could code but I fear I’m too tired to pick up a new hobby. I can see if I can design something that happens monthly for reviewing here in the forum, but my request, if I were to design something, would be chaos. I’ve never been one for controlled conversation. I know you guys got titles here that goes in the signature so that can always be utilized, I suppose. A ranking system I dunno... I’m chewing on it...
  3. Nomadic

    Review rewards

    I couldn’t remember. Now I do! I thought removing them was temporary and there was some work for something new and great that was supposed to happen? That being said, it’s not really about bringing back the star rating system (though I’m not a fan of all or nothing and feel we should find a way to restore that) it’s about encouraging reviews. Something like a system that grants something to interact with the writers. Even if it's gold star badges. I think I had proposed a while ago a system that authors could block off access to newer chapters with a lack of interaction from the audience XD But that was like… forever years ago and was sort of a joke suggestion. (sort of)
  4. Nomadic

    Review rewards

    I just joined another fiction site and they have a rating system that you need to be logged in to utilize. Or you can elect to allow things to be anonymous and come what may. Just give us the option to have it there and only allow logged-in people to use the star option and then you don’t have trolls (unless they gonna be making 12 accounts but I imagine that would be obvious). Maybe the badge system would come with a demerit and if you’re reported enough times for trollololololing then your review and ratings rights are suspended. I was around when the trolls attacked and I watched it happen – but there was much more conversation back in those days about what was being written. I couldn’t remember if we had a star system back in those days – so that does seem possible, then. The nothing approach I think has created a breakdown in author/ reader relations that were really good back then. Or bad, sometimes, granted. But also could be really good. Side note: I somehow started this topic while not logged in accidentally – whoops?
  5. I said, “I’m not gonna post the new dream story until I finish the old dream story. 100%. I’m just gonna mind dump what’s in there and not post it, no sir.” 

    New story posted. 

    Ka Pait wrapping up. Hopefully finished end of June. 

  6. Well, had another dream. Time to wrap up Ka Pait so we can make this one into a story.

  7. Nomadic

    Ka Pait

  8. Nomadic

    Ka Pait Reviews

    Kay, the anonymous one – thank you for your review. Honestly, this story started off much less complicated but I had to rewrite a whole new outline twice on this thing. Hoping after this slew of updates I’ll be ready to wind her down and call it completed. Questions: Do y’all even like Asher as a character? Is anyone especially 2D at this point who needs more information? Does anyone have a preference for seeing more of someone?
  9. Honestly, I had a weird dream about being abducted (Thanks X-Files) and wrote down three sentences about it. 

    1. The ship looks like a piranha
    2. The pilot is a pirate
    3. Somehow I’m abducted but I’m already on the alien planet?

    Then my mind wandered. 

    I had an outline. 

    I had a start of a story. 

    Today I’m feeling like I’ll have this little story actually finished by next month. And none of it has anything to do with the notes I wrote. (Jaquorra kind of looks like a pirate.)  

  10. Nomadic

    Ka Pait

    New (however many chapters) up and possible (however many) to be posted soon. Then I’ll be taking a few week-long hiatus while I gather a conclusion. Feedback loved, reviews charished. So on.
  11. Must. Re-Outline.
    Ka Pait was outlined to be 20 chapters. 


  12. Nomadic

    Ka Pait

    Author: Nomadic Title: Ka Pait Summary: Asher is hooked on heroin and leaves behind a string of bad decisions when he's found by Charles in Grande, Nevada. Charles enables his habit and keeps him fed and warm without demanding anything of him. For Asher, though, no luck is good luck. Charles's good nature and charity come with a price. Soon after meeting him, Asher is whisked away to a new planet with a problem that he is not a part of solving. He is something extra to deal with - so they deal with him by selling him to the highest bidder. Feedback: Feedback is welcome. Fandom: This is an original work. Pairing: Just whoever. m/m Warnings: Abuse AFFO Anal Angst BDSM Bigotry BMod Bond Dom Drugs Ds HC HJ MM Ms OC Oral Rape SandM SH Slave Spank Tort Toys Violence Xeno Solo story or chaptered story: Chapter (so far 20) URL: Ka Pait Review Thread: Review Thread I had an outline of what was happening – but as I actually wrote Asher has decided he’s doing other things. Same with Jaquorra. They have made decisions and honestly, I’m thrilled to write it. Please tip your server. (R&R)