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  1. Blood and Tears by Doggieearlover
  2. I think I found it, but in the future, the more info you give, the easier it is for us to know if it is, or is close to what you’re looking for. https://www.wattpad.com/155333721-kushina's-capture-chapter-1
  3. Nope, it’s Returning the Favor: A Twisted Fairytale by Lexjamandme, but the one above is good too!
  4. The Emperor and His Sons by mykonosparadise. maybe...but there is another fic that has a somewhat similar story. I’ll doublecheck my archive and get back to you
  5. Their stories are on other sites, but you just have to google search it. Came right up for me.
  6. You Darkness by Vyncent. One of the best stories that I’ve ever read. All of her stories are amazing...too bad she doesn’t write anymore. http://inu.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=544170673
  7. I believe thats “The fox hidden in the leaves” by MikeJV37
  8. On fanfiction.net, there's a group called "sharing fics that may have been purged." Look there. There is a RAR file called Pentupfury's Goodness. I am not willing to download the file to see
  9. No Problem! I actually just finished reading it Enjoy! Edit: There's a 23 chapter sequel to it too
  10. !!!! I searched the entire yaoi secion of aff...but then I remembered I had a conversation with my friend and she mentioned "Organic Mako Injections" I kinda paused and just kinda repeated what she typed...It was a SERIOUS WTF Moment... She told me I HAD to read at least the first chapter... Does this sound familiar? I believe the story that you're looking for is called "The Other Way Around" by Bjanik This was driving me insane because even though I didn't go past the first chapter, I KNEW I read part of this story! Hope that helps!! EDIT: Okay, so at the time, the 'organic mako infusion' kinda threw me, but it's actually kinda cute so far...I decided to continue reading it, lol
  11. I know this story...some suggested it to me but I only read the first chapter. I'll try to find it of snag the person that rec'ed it to me when she comes online
  12. That is called Breeder and its by Sesshou_lover. Its in her series called TRAPPED. Rated Strongly MA so no minors.
  13. Live and Let Die, Live and Let Die: Awakenings and The Lucky ones are ones that are my absolute favorite Inukag stories. They are LONG and complete. I just don't remember what site I read them on but I think it was here on AFF. Another good one (If you can tolerate Inu/Kag/Sess threesome and InuKag) is Blood and Tears. I am a fan of Sesshoumaru x Kagome, but Blood and tears, so his involvement doesn't bother me at all, but Sesshoumaru's part in their relationship only goes to a point and its mostly to save their lives after something happens. He has his own mate that he'll take. I've read all of these several times but it's been a while since I last got a chance to read them so I'm a bit fuzzy. I will warn you that there's some pretty graphic scenes in these stories when it comes to violence and/or sexual content but I think they're amazing stories. Hope you enjoy!
  14. I've actually done something like this before! It was in a gamer magazine...I forget the name of it at the moment cus my age is catching up to me, but I was so sad because I couldn't get a copy of it because the mag was released only in England. This makes me want to try and track it down...or at least find the email where I communicated with the journalist. Edit: OH! I remember now! It was for the Official Playstation Magazine, but not the us version!
  15. I view the site on my psp. The menu does appear as one long list, but when I turn the flash and java off, it works fine...other than the list, lol. Something easily ignored when I'm reading at work. lol