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  1. hellagoddess

    What Are You Reading?

    Forgot to put what I'm reading: The little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry Sap Rising by AA Gill Both two dear, dear favourites.
  2. hellagoddess

    What Are You Reading?

    Those were both by Terry Brooks Magic Kingdom for sale/sold! The Black Unicorn Wizard at Large were the books in that particular series
  3. hellagoddess


    Yaoi is anime-specific. It's the M/M relationship of two anime characters such as Sasuke/Naruto, though this term doesn't usually extend into american/western cartoons. Slash is RL-specific. It's the M/M relationship of two TV/Movie/Non-anime characters such as Legolas/Aragorn. Shonen-ai WAS used as a general 'boy-love' term for light yaoi, not very graphic. However, of recent times, Japan no longer really uses this term as much as western culture and it's connotations are more of a older man/young boy relationship. Hope that helps.
  4. hellagoddess

    The Three word Story

    ...set of those...
  5. hellagoddess

    The in my pants game

    You're beautiful in my pants
  6. hellagoddess

    Beyond Birthday and other ridiculous names

    Yes! The first time I heard Whammy - I couldn't stop laughing. And his first name! Quillish?! WTH?! And Beyond Birthday? Seriously, it makes no sense! I love the strange adaption of English words the Japanses do - like one of my favorite band names 'Bump of Chicken.' And calling your kid Light? I mean, when you think about it - can you imgaine being in school and they introduce a new kid called that? Or L? Or even Mello? I think Matt was the only guy in there with a genuinely normal English name - though his real name...Mail? Seriously... sometimes I think they just see words in English and use them, regardless of context. I'm expecting a series to come out with names from cleaning commercials and cereal packets. And yes, mimosa will do that to you - I always have gramatical problems after encountering it...
  7. Oh nice I've been conned into watching it anyway - so at least there's some motivation till eipsode 100 or so!
  8. There's a list in my head that's too long for this but here's the main ones: Seto Kaiba (Yugioh) Itachi, Neji and Sasuke (Naruto) Raito Yagami and L (Death Note) Tony Stonem (Skins) Ishida Uryuu (Bleach) I was talking with a friend the other day, discussing whether I should watch One Piece - he said there weren't any guys I would find hot in it. I asked how he knew already, and what type of guy I liked. He said 'dark-haired, calculating, slightly cold or aloof and intelligent'. Basically I love your typical sociopath. I think that about says it really... Oh and the Tenth Doctor
  9. hellagoddess

    Man, I'm depressed.

    To be completely honest, it doesn't sound that good. My thoughts on the subject had changed as I read each post from the start. Originally I thought she might be having thoughts about other guys, but was onto it enough to stay with the nicer one, however after your last post - I think...well...it's more a case of cutting your losses and leaving her before she leaves you. I could possibly understand her behaviour because she's young and immature and if the relationship length had been shorter - then it wouldn't be such a thing to worry about. But you've been dating for a year - that shows a stronger attachment and therefore makes her behaviour far more serious. Though I've been single for almost 7 years now, I still remember what it's like - and no contact for 4 days to someone you're supposed to have an intimate relationship with? That tells me she's found something else to be interested in. I'm sure you're fantastic (so don't blame yourself for this, no matter what you do), but some girls can't help but be bitches. Sorry man, that's just my opinions. Hopefully I'll be wrong.
  10. hellagoddess

    Reviews That Make You Squee

    I won't post half a million reviews here - because in their own way every single one makes me happy. I save each of them in a special folder in my email, so that if the site goes down or a story is revomed by accident - then I don't lose them. So far it has 631 messages in it Here's one I like though: This story is simply adorable. I have been following it for some time now and have been reviewing under another name, but I can't help but praise you for each chapter. I love it! The flow, the details, the characters, all of it is simply marvelous and makes me wonder if you have authored a book yet. Raito is refreshing in this story and it makes for a good feeling all around. He is able to communicate that he doesn't have a challenge without being a psychotic killer of the human race as we know it. L is just as huggable as in the manga and anime and doesn't seem to have changed very much. I do wish that the chapters were a big longer, so as to enjoy a bit more before your next weekly update, but the choice is yours to make. . I look forward to your next chapter. =) And this one too. Well... I hope your happy. I got off my lazy Shikamaru-like ass and made an account so I could review. (That’s how much I love you!) But anyway, enough criticism, I'd just like to say... If you don't update, you will surely be an online murder, I will sue you! Seriously, I've been sooooooooo bored lately, I haven't been able to find any good SasuNaru that where at least a /little/ interesting, and this just takes the cake! It's reaaaaaaaaly interesting (In a… Perverted fan-girl kinda way) I love it to widdle bits! Can't wait for more, I think I've added this to like, every single subscribe or favourite thingy there is... Oh god I think I’m getting teary… D; And I love every single review on this list! All 250 and over XD http://anime.adult-fanfiction.org/review.ph...mp;no=600043240 Even if it's a case of 'I like this story - please update' which, while a bit drab and unmotivational, is still a review of some sort. Someone has taken the time to type it and has thought of your story the entire time. I appreciate the little one line reviews just as much as the chapter-length ones...okay that's not true - the massive 700-word reviews send me into fits of insane-like grinning for hours and hours, but still - it's very nice regardless
  11. hellagoddess

    Personal limits

    I don't think I could write scat or yuri, I have issues with writing het (I can't find a SINGLE word that I like using for female genitalia - pretty much every word completely turns me off...so that makes it hard to write about it...) I've written incest, necrophilia, rape, snuff, hardcore BDSM, child abuse and many other things with ease. It doesn't bother me because someone, somewhere, is enjoying it. We're all different and different things do it for each of us. There's a few things i'd LIKE to try at some stage, just to see if I could pull it off - but I'll have to wait and see... But it's just a case of writing what you want to. If something makes you feel uncomfortable, then avoid it. We're all here and writing of our own free choice, no-one will make you read something that squicks you, or make you write about it.
  12. hellagoddess

    The Why Game

    Because your great-great-great grandfather ate something shiny he found in the forest one day. Why?
  13. hellagoddess

    Favorite Quotes

    'With excitment like this, who needs enemas?' -Short Circut
  14. hellagoddess

    What would you do?

    Yeah I'd recommend posting yours first, just in case. That's always a problem with people seeing your work and working on it before you post it - not that I have anything against beta readers at all, they help people a great deal - you just have to find the right person for you. And to me, the fact that she even did that means she's not the type of person that you'd want helping you in the first place. They've in all actuality stolen your idea that you gave into their hands for safekeeping. If her version is posted also and people make a connection - refer them to this thread or just add an explanation of what's happened - you'd be surprised at the support you'd get.
  15. Hello and thanks for the ideas! The second one is definitely usable! And yes, siblings are a treasure we all should cherish :D