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  1. I'm going to start this by saying Inception was by no means a bad movie. I enjoyed parts of it and so did the people I went to see it with. But it certainly isn't worth 4 stars or a rating of over 9 out of 10 on IMDB. The reason I say this is that it lauds itself as an intelligent action movie or something along those lines, but it really isn't all that intelligent. It is fun to watch at times but the logic falls apart pretty quickly if put under any scrutiny. I'm going to preface my ranting by saying I never fault a movie for logical fallacies unless they directly conflict with something said in the movie, or something is left unsaid therefore we are to believe operates the same as in the real world, i.e. if Cobb says they only use 10% of their brains then that happens to be true in the movie's universe, but if Cobb says they drive on the right but I see someone driving on the left I am within my rights to tear him a new asshole. I just thought I would list some of my personal problems with the movie: 1) The ending. Okay so we are left with the ambiguous idea that it may or may not have been a dream. Lots of movies do this, hell DiCaprio's last movie "Shutter Island" did this but much better, Hell "Total Recall" did this much better. It has been done a billion times before and you can see it from a mile away, but that doesn't mean if it is done right it can't still be compelling. Inception doesn't do it correctly. The thing about giving a movie an ambiguous twist ending is that you have to be able to make an argument either way and have them both be pretty convincing. Inception gives you two basic options, either it was a dream or it wasn't (alternatively you can choose the he got trapped in Limbo when he ended up there at the end of the movie and never escaped with Saito but that doesn't make much sense in context so we'll ignore it for now). The problem with these choices is that neither of them lead to the movie's internal logic fitting together flawlessly. You are left with either A) it is a dream, thus you have a 4 or 5 large plot holes or it wasn't a dream and you have lots of tiny ones spread throughout the film. 2) We'll say it wasn't a dream, for arguments sake, then most of the plot holes have to do with Character motivation and competency. -Why was Ellen Page's Character so okay with ruining Cillian Murphy's life, everyone else can be explained away as greedy, but she is the wild card. She never even questions whether or not, except briefly, it is okay to place a man's financial future in jeopardy for a guy she met 2 weeks ago. We never see Cobb offer her an obscene amount of cash, thus causing her to have to struggle with her morals which would have added some depth to her character. Her big moral dilemma comes towards the end when she asks if it is okay to kill so many people in his subconscious and Cobb basically tells her "Sure, Why Not" and she takes it at face value. She barely knows this man, yet she is willing to put her life and the life of everyone else on the team, who she arguably knows just as well, in danger because he has emotional baggage. The same goes for the Grandfather, he has no issues with his son ruining peoples lives or recruiting his students into criminal activities, it would be the equivalent of a college professor introducing a student to his son who is a drug dealer and needs a mule to transport cocaine. Other characters show varying degrees of super competency and stupidity. -Why was the Indian Chemist an expert driver? When he was introduced he pretty much came out and said "I don't actually participate in missions", but as soon as he is picked to be the escape driver he was able to do it perfectly. If the plan had always been "You'll drive us off a bridge to wake us up" then he would have been the best choice. But no one even questioned his capability before telling him to do his best The Fast and the Furious Impression. -Why didn't Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy's character) recognize Saito on the plane? In the dream is one thing, but he climbed aboard the plane and it is not like First Class was crowded, he should have looked at him and said "Hey aren't you the guy who owns that rival company?". If Saito is well known enough to have connections able to get a murder wrap thrown out, then he must be swinging a pretty big stick. Also if Cillian Murphy's character had gotten training against extractions, would he not have been a bit weirded out about the whole dream experience in which he was kidnapped, tortured, and questioned by the people in first class, enough to attempt to call Shenanigans on the whole thing. In a world where people can break into your mind, and him being paranoid enough to get security against that, he should have been at least a bit suspicious. It is not like you don't remember the dream, because Saito remembers his and them, and the proof of that is that they ran after they were on the train with him in the same car. 3) No one seems to try and manipulate the dream world. They did it once and it never showed up again. The "Thief" guy, I can't remember his name, pulls a grenade launcher out of thin air and complains that the other guy has no imagination. So shouldn't they have used that little skill? I mean using it too much would have brought them a lot of flack but by the time they had gotten to the 3rd level that was a non issue. They could have summoned up bulletproof armor, a helicopter, anything, but they just didn't bother. 4)If it wasn't a dream his totem shouldn't have worked, the totem had to be a part of you i.e. have always been yours or something only you know the eccentricities of (i.e. only Jason Gordon-Levitt knew the weight of his loaded die), that was made painfully clear, but his totem used to belong to his wife. He couldn't possibly have known everything about his wife's totem because then it would not have been special to her thus it wouldn't have worked for anyone. 5) His wife's death was his fault. Not in a completely direct way, but in a very much cause and effect kind of way. It wasn't so much the kind of "I accidentally left the stove on which caused a fire and she died in that fire" kind of cause an effect, as much as it was an "I pointed a gun that I didn't know whether or not it was loaded at her and pulled the trigger to see what would happen" kind of cause in effect. By all accounts he had never tried Inception when he first did it on his wife, but had probably heard enough times that it was impossible/dangerous because that is the first thing we hear about it. Again Ellen Paige's character falls flat because she should have called him on it with a clear "Why were you messing around in her head?/Why are we messing around in this guy's head if the same thing caused your wife to kill herself?" 6) How did Cobb and Ariadne get to Limbo without dying? That was the rule about Limbo. They just used the machine to go a level down which should have just been a 4th dream floor. Not only that, but they weren't at all connected to Saito on the 3rd dream floor so Cobb should not have been able to enter his Limbo. They also went straight from being in Limbo to the being on the Plane, so there would have been no need to rush to try to kick them back in the order of levels. Of course you could make the argument that they never left Limbo, but it is very heavily implied that Saito kills both of them with the gun which would kick them back. 7) The time limits they imposed on each level were unnecessary. The guy on the second level fought and killed several men, moved about 7 bodies through narrow doorways, set up and detonated bombs, all in, I believe they said he had 15 minutes but I could be wrong? That is completely impossible as anyone who has ever tried to move a couch through a doorway that was slightly smaller can tell you, just moving the bodies should have taken most of his time up. There are plenty of other plot holes that can be attributed to the "It was not a dream camp" but most of those clear up if you say "It was all a dream". But that interpretation is also full of holes, much larger ones. 8) Okay it was all a dream, fine. Then all the characters are just subconscious projections of Cobb, fair enough. Then why didn't him and his wife wake up fully when they died in limbo? It was implied that what made Limbo so dangerous was that when you went there you forgot you were dreaming, therefore you don't know you have to kill yourself to escape. But they do so why don't they escape? For that matter why don't they escape much earlier. It is stated that they spent 50 years there, but Cobb pretty much outright stated that he knew they were in Limbo for most of that time. Why didn't they leave as soon as they found out? There was nothing keeping them there. Even if his wife didn't believe, he knew and could have just killed her then himself and left. There was no need for the tearful on the train tracks death. In fact it makes him even more incompetent because he knew the dangers of being in Limbo too long. For that matter why isn't his wife trying to wake him up now? Shouldn't she be dropping him or kicking him or rolling him over? 9) If he was in Limbo the whole time, does that mean he was going deeper than Limbo? Shouldn't that be impossible? I mean at face value he would be at -4 dream floors below Limbo. But you could make the argument that he had been in Limbo with his wife, then got kicked back up to dream floor 1, which is the only way it could work since he ended up on the plane after their plan at the end of the movie, and all the dream floors between Limbo and 1 had been destroyed. Therefore when he enacted his plan, since dream floor 4 was confirmed to be Limbo, he should have never ended up at the snowy fortress because that would have been the actual dream floor 4, not where ever Ariadne took him. See how complicated that is? That is how the movie forces you to think and then when you do, you aren't treated with a brilliant plot you're pimp slapped with plot holes and confusion. 10) Back to the totem. At the end it is supposed to be ambiguous as to whether it was going to fall or not which would be interesting. Unfortunately, he had used the totem already to demonstrate it to Ariadne and it falls regularly. If it was all a dream and the totem HAD all along been his it should have either always worked or never worked, that was the point of the totem, it was a definite test. If it had been his wife's totem and she left then it should have left with her because only she knew all about it. He could have created another one that he convinced himself had been hers all along. Again that wouldn't explain why he would use it considering it wouldn't work, even dream Cobb should know that. But then there is no ambiguity at the end, his dream is supposed to be real enough to fool him so then it would have fallen regardless of whether it was a dream or not, thus proving one of two things. Either he was never dreaming, or he was a moron to believe the totem would work in the first place even though he openly acknowledged it shouldn't. The top never stopping would only be applicable if it was both HIS totem and a dream. So since it fell once it would have to fall again or else it was actually his Totem, never his wife's and he was trapped in a dream, therefore it would not have fallen the first time regardless of what he believed to be true or the totem thing would be a useless test because if it can be changed by what you believe it is fallible to dream logic. I guess what I am saying about the top spinning ending in short is... if it fell because he thought it should fall when he first used it then it isn't a totem and there is no reason to believe it would not fall at the end, unless he had accepted that it was a dream, but since he is seen as being reunited with his kids/i.e. us seeing their faces for the first time it is implied that he believes this to be reality thus the top should have just fallen. In conclusion, the only way this movie makes sense is if you except that it was not ONLY a dream but that the rules that Cobb laid out throughout the movie were lies as well. Then everything can be explained away as just following the whim of the dreamer i.e. Cobb. The problem with that is that that is lazy writing, that is the screenwriting equivalent of someone coming to your house and robbing you and telling you not to call the cops because it was all a "Dream". That explanation removes all internal logic from the movie and thus removes all responsibility from the writer to write a coherent script. He could have put in anything no matter how ludicrous and would have been able to get away with it. But even if you except that explanation it still doesn't really pan out, because the reason Cobb is supposed to believe his dream is reality is because it is so close to reality, once things stop making sense in the dream he believes is reality then he should become suspicious considering his knowledge. The movie falls flat in it's attempt to come off as the thinking man's action film, because it has been done better before by almost every movie with a flexible view on reality. Again the movie is worth a viewing in my opinion, even going to the theater to see it, but it is not worth the praise it is getting and it definitely isn't worth thinking too hard about, because it will just disappoint you once you start unraveling it. Also the justification that the movie is a comment on how dreams can become indistinguishable from reality and what makes a dream less real and all that nonsense does not excuse plot holes.
  2. MidnightBliss

    My problem with Ichigo & Bleach.

    I just made a quick realization about Bleach. The whole thing is one large Damsel in Distress story,including fillers and movies, there has not been one arc that does not involve saving a girl. Except maybe the new one because I did not watch it but 3/4s of the story has been a white knight saving a helpless girl from at one point an Actual Tower, just like Rapunzel.
  3. MidnightBliss

    .. W-Why did you have to go and ruin the series?!

    I don't know I liked Kamina-sama and Gurren Lagann mainly because it reminds me so much of FLCL, also by Gainax but I know what you mean. I just have a problem with characters in certain anime/manga where certain characters are not real but instead plot devices. As long as a character is believable I don't care how stupid or flawed they are as long as you can see the humanity in them if only mildly. It has just become a certain trend to tack on main characters just to move the plot along, which is understandable in fillers, but not in the main storyline. I mean let's be honest when was the last time Orihime or Nico Robin actually did well anything. They don't have any worthwhile lines and only appear when they need to be kidnapped or they have some random special skill that helps move the story from point A to B. Which is kinda why I love FLCL and Gurren Lagann because they have a small list of main characters that don't get lost in the shuffle, and even the lesser characters are interesting to a point. It's not just: Ichigo/Luffy: I'm bored, there is nothing to do... Kisuke/Zoro: Well Orihime/Robin/Nami/Rukia is missing, let's rescue her. Ichigo/Luffy: Again? Okay...I guess we can do that. I think that might actually describe at least 3 arcs in each anime. You can only pull the damsel in distress a few times before even The White Knight gets bored and says fuck it.
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    sound off if you are still here

    I have returned from the Land of the Rising Sun, and I brought back pokeballs...
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    Explain Your Username

    Midnight Bliss is the name of the Signature Finishing move that Demitri, from Darkstalkers, uses. The effect is he throws a rose and if it hits your opponent it turns them into their cutest forms, the best part is that if it hits a guy character it turns them into a girl (i.e. J Talbain the werewolf becomes a wolf girl). The final stage is that he brutally rapes them and drinks their blood. It makes me tingly all over to think about it.
  6. I wish I had more friends...or any friends to be more exact.

  7. MidnightBliss

    Favorite Quotes

    Okay I have no idea what this particular section is for, but I thought I'd add to it. So yea add your favorite quotes to this list Make sure to put what they are from. Put as many as you want and I guess I'll go first. 1. Snake? SNAKE?! SNNNNAAAAAAKKKKKKEEEEEEE!!!!- Col. Roy Campbell, Metal Gear Solid 2. But... invader's blood marches through my veins, like giant RADIOACTIVE RUBBER PANTS! The pants command me. Do not ignore my veins!- Zim, Invader Zim 3. Zim: Be gone with you! I've had enough of your nonsense from your smelly mouth filled with... corn! Dib: But I haven't been eating corn Zim: [shouts] Liar! -Invader Zim 4. Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.- I have no clue 5.Ed Bighead: Rocko, what're you doing? Rocko: [With a paddle in his hand] We're playing spank the monkey. -Rocko's Modern Life 6. Long ago in a distant land, I, Aku, the shape shifting master of darkness, unleashed an unspeakable evil. But a foolish samurai warrior wielding a magic sword stepped forth to oppose me. Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time, and flung him into the future where my evil is law. Now the fool seeks to return to the past and undo the future that is Aku.-Aku, Samurai Jack 7. I told you that Orphanage attacked me first.-Richard the Warlock, Looking For Group
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    Sweeney Todd

    I liked it I have a thing for Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp. Unfortunately Depp is just not that amazing a singer, he just isn't, but it was a good movie. But it gets extra credit cause all the blood, despite it being fake looking, got me and my date horny. (I really have a thing for gothic clothing).
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    Write your dirty little secret...

    As per a contest, I once masturbated 18 times in one day. The sad thing is I lost to a friend of mine she went 21. I don't ever suggest that or will I ever do it again...after tomorrow.
  10. I really do enjoy your stories and I am sorry I never took the time to review them. Inexcusable, I know. Well anyway if it makes me disturbed to like the darker things then I am if it doesn't then I am sure the other stuff does.

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    #of hits/reviews/content

    Well let me say this I LOVE YOUR DISTURBING STUFF and I also enjoy cutesy stuff, well I don't find it disturbing. Does that make me disturbed? Frankly I am just never signed in on the actual site so I don't usually review. But sense I found this I will start because I am beginning to post stories and I'd like the benefit of feedback. So I'll just post here and maybe leave you a comment, to keep writing I love your stuff. Post Script: Stephen King and The Mist rock. I am thigh deep in his new book too.
  12. Think about it this way if they are just telling us/passing the bill now that means they have been doing it for at least 5 years already. So I don't think we'll really see the difference. Then again no one ever said the internet was anonymous .
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    Strangest Bleach pairings.

    *grabs a microphone* Let's spin the big Wheel of Odd Pairings and see what we get. *spins large wheel* First up we have Yamamoto, The first squad captain who will he be paired with. *spins wheel again* My My MY I hope it doesn't land on him again and we have a SoloM. *Wheel Stops* Oh looks like we have a yaoi pair: YamamotoXKurotsuchi. Wow that would be hard to watch.
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    My problem with Ichigo & Bleach.

    I don't want people to feel like I am just being unfair to the orange haired hero in any way, shape or form, and I definitely don't want to be attacked by the rabid Ichigo fan-girls (grabs anti fan-girl device a.k.a. Aluminum bat) but I feel like I need to vent this(maybe it belongs in rants and if it does I am sorry), because lot's of stories suffer from these problems. Also there shouldn't be any spoilers in this if you are up to date in Bleach and if you aren't I mean whose fault is that. The first problem I have with Ichigo is more of a problem with the decisions that have been made concerning his power. I can understand that he just has a huge reservoir of untapped power that he can tap into whenever he is in trouble (much like the Kyuubi's Chakra), but what I don't like is that instead of improving any skills he has already in order to become stronger he seems to just fall ass-backwards into new skills (At least Naruto went from Rasengan to Rasen Shuriken). For example: Ichigo:"I need to fight Byakuya Kuchiki who is more powerful and better trained than I am" Youruichi:"What a coincidence, I have something that will put you on the same level as him" *proceeds to sprinkle magic powder on him*. I am dreading his fight with Ulquiorra because I know not only will he discover some new power not yet known to us, maybe he can use the Gran Rey Cero or maybe when he sneezes everything in a five mile radius dies, but that they will refuse to justify this with any sort of lead up, instead opting into the tried and true "his intense love for his friend allowed him to do it", which is about as tired as introducing a giant monster as a result of nuclear fallout. Second, is it just me or does it seem like every fight Ichigo has gotten into his opponent has been not trying to kill him, the case in the Soul Society Arc. I can understand Byakuya holding back, not wanting his sister dead, but Kenpachi is not the type to hold back so I don't know how to account for Ichigo beating Zaraki, with a.) no Bankai and b.) from what I can recall no help from his hollow self. If they aren't holding back they have decided to "play with him for some unknown reason" despite it being a.) against their orders (Ulquiorra, despite being anal about following orders) or b.) not in their character. Third, I feel like despite him being the main character and thus deserving of the most "airtime" some characters have taken a serious backseat to him despite them doing more interesting activities, when earlier in the series the action was split a little better. Why would I want to watch Ichigo run on a modified Eliptical device when I could be watching Sado and Renji duel or Orihime and Rukia spar as well? Apparently someone decided that since he was the main character that everything that he did was so vastly interesting that people would prefer watching him make a sandwich as opposed to watching a character with believable power growth train. Then again I have noticed that I am not the only one who felt that way which led all his friends to train so they could acquire some air time for themselves. The best example is the case of Orihime who went from best friend/possible love interest to at best the equivalent of the DragonBalls and at worse a band-aid with mild antiseptic. I had such high hopes when Aizen kidnapped her, I thought "finally someone else is important again" but it turns out she wasn't, but instead was a trap for Ichigo, what a big surprise. Finally, I feel that Bleach, much like Naruto before Shippuuden, has given its characters Main Character Invulnerability and that anyone who is viewed as being popular by fans is incapable of dying even when it is the logical conclusion to a fight. Why didn't Grimmjaw run in and snap Ichigo's neck like a twig when he first met him, when he was quite capable of it. Why despite all of their spirit energy disappearing (e.g. Why wouldn't Nnoitra finish Sado off, when he has stated that he doesn't show mercy to the weak?). The only difference between Bleach's Main Character Invulnerability and other Manga's is that if a character is extremely popular in Bleach they will be given so much base power that it makes you wonder why anyone would fight with them to begin with (i.e. Zaraki Kenpachi), but don't worry they aren't above raising people from the grave using Orihime's power of Delorian-esque time reversal. I think that is the reason I enjoy Gantz and its writers so much, because they aren't above killing the main character and everyone he knows like an accomplished mafia hitman would. Oh and don't take this the wrong way I love Bleach. I am sure that if this belongs in rants I'll be informed.
  15. MidnightBliss

    Who is your favorite Captain(s)?

    The older Captains were so much cooler (Turning Back the Pendulum has me drooling) but current Captain is definitely Kuchiki Byakuya. Something about that Senbonzakura. I always felt that Toushiro is actually the weakest of the captains and Zaraki is amazingly strong, but thats just it he is ridiculously strong no one has ever come close to killing him (not even Nnoitra). He is just too overpowered to begin with, he doesn't ever get stronger he just seems to have so many things cutting his power, even Picolo was only weighted himself. I feel like if he ever fights someone any stronger than Nnoitra we'll find out that he is a werewolf as well and can transform to double his strength. After what happened in the fight with Syazel Apporo Grantz, I was leaning towards Mayuri, but the way Byakuya handled Zomari was just pure beauty. We definitely have the same tastes in music. *Plays with Kuchiki-sama plushie*