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  1. Author: The Blackadder Title: A Villian's Heart Summary: (Thor/Avengers) This is a LOKI based Fiction taking place after he was captured and incarcerated at the end of Avengers and before Thor: The Dark World. Did you ever wonder why Loki went so insane when he found out his father was actually the King of the Frost Giants? Thor goes to his cell to find answers. Feedback: As much as I can get. If you could either comment on the story or e-mail me directly at, I would be very grateful and happy Also don't forget to rate my story 5+ !!! Fandom: Marvel 'Verse Movies > Thor Pairing: Thor talking to Loki in prison. Tag/Warnings: NoSex, MiCD, Angst, H/C Solo story or chaptered story: Solo short story URL:
  2. TheBlackadder

    The Terra Nova Witch

    PLEASE READ!!! I need feedback! Thank you Author: TheBlackadder AKA Marian Welty Title: A New Beginning (Terra Nova) Summary: This is a Terra Nova story, about a young woman whose biology was mutated when she came through the portal from 2149 to the Terra Nova settlement with her parents 85 Million years in the past. She gained abilities that no mortal human should have and removed herself from the colony to live on her own. Commander Taylor doesn't believe on giving up on any of his colonists and won't let the young woman of 19 years of age just fade into obscurity and is willing to do anything to bring her back to Terra Nova. Feedback:Please I need all the feedback I can get, you can even e-mail me directly Fandom: Terra Nova (2011) Pairing: Commander Nathaiel Taylor, Miss Bridget Sullivan Warnings:AFFO, H/C, MC, OC, WIP Solo story or chaptered story: Chapters URL:
  3. TheBlackadder

    A New Beginning (Terra Nova Fan Fiction)

    Just posted the last chapter to my story "A New Beginning" Give it a read and please please please! Give feedback! ALSO, There is a Terra Nova marathon tomorrow on the Science Channel! Make sure you tune in!
  4. TheBlackadder

    A New Beginning (Terra Nova Fan Fiction)

    Just added Chapter 10 to my story.
  5. TheBlackadder

    A New Beginning (Terra Nova Fan Fiction)

    Chapter Nine of "A New Beginning" just posted. Check it out and be sure to leave feedback!!!
  6. PLEASE READ!!! I need feedback! Thank you Author: TheBlackadder AKA Marian Welty Title: A New Beginning (Terra Nova) Summary: This is a Terra Nova story, about Commander Taylor having a chance to start a new life and family of his own Feedback:Please I need all the feedback I can get, you can even e-mail me directly Fandom: Terra Nova (2011) Pairing: Commander Nathaiel Taylor, Miss Rayne O'Connell AKA Mrs. Rayne Taylor (OC) Warnings:Abuse, AFFO, Angst, Bi, Contro, CR, D/s, H/C, Humil, Inc, MC, M/F, OC, Preg, RapeFic, Tort, Violence Solo story or chaptered story: Chapters URL:
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    Holy Clothing Design Contest *VOTE FOR ME PLEASE!*

    Hey guys, This is a direct link to my design. Just click the link and then click VOTE Thank you again for voting for me!!!
  8. Hey guys, So this clothes website that I am completely in love with, is having a design contest. I entered like 6 dresses but only one of them has any sort of a chance I think. The Dress is called "Mackenzie" and last time I looked it was the last one in the second row. (Depends on the size of your computer probably). If that doesn't take you directly to the Design Contest page then you can go to: then click on the Design Contest or $400 in prizes Link and it will take you there. Voting is over on December 10th. I entered kinda late so I probably won't win but I at least gotta try!!! Oceans of Love, ~Marian~ AKA ~Blackadder~ (or Bob LOL)
  9. TheBlackadder

    Doctor Who Demotivational Posters

    Hey Guys, You know you've seen these all over the internet. On pages, on facebook walls, even over at MySpace where the crickets cherp constantly. SO here are some for all of you to enjoy. Add 'em if you got 'em!!!!
  10. Come on, Serenity and Firefly are out on DVD and Blue Ray. Why aren't there like a million more Music Videos? Get ON it Browncoats!!! Does anyone out there have video making capability? Cause I have all these GREAT ideas for song/videos of firefly/serenity. But I have never quite had the capability to make youtube music videos. I can make them out of stills but I'm sure you all agree that is so lame. There seems to be almost NO music videos on youtube for FireFly/Serenity, which is weird considering how many browncoats are out there and it's been released on DVD for a while. What is going on with this? **For Instance**: **The Whole Crew Serenity and Firefly-** ["Cowboy" by Kid Rock][] [“Last Firday Night” by Katy Perry][] [“Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi][] [“Tik Tok” by Kesha][] [“Gotta Keep ‘Em Seperated” by The Offspring][] **Captain Malcolm Reynolds-** [“My Way” by Limp Bizkit][] [“Hope It Gives You Hell” by All American Rejects][] [“Highway to Hell” by AC/DC][] [“Dude Looks Like A Lady” by Areosmith][] (Yes, I realize this only fits him for one scene in one episode, but that bonnet was to much LOL) [“In the End” by Linkin Park][] **Mel/Inaria -** ["Roxanne" from Moulin Rouge][] ["Love the way you lie" by Eminem][] ["Bad Romance" By Lady Gaga][] [“Hot ‘N’ Cold” by Katy Perry][] [“Fallin’” by Alicia Keys][] **Inaria-** ["Poker Face" By Lady Gaga][] [“Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson][] [“Wind it Up” by Gwen Stefani][] [“Lady Marmalade” for Moulin Rouge][] **Yo-Saf-Bridge and . . .Everybody - ** ["Crush No.1" by Garbage][] [“Crazy Bitch” by BuckCherry][](Explicit) [“Maneater” by Nelly Furtado][] **Yo-Saf-Bridge/Inaria-** [“Rumor Has It” By Adele][] [“Gypsy Woman” by Hilary Duff][] **Mel and/Or Zoey -** ["Original Sin" by Taylor Dane][] **River –** [“Disturbia” By Rihanna][] [“Living Dead Girl” By Rob Zombie][] (Mostly from the episode “Message” and when she was fighting Reveers) [“I Don’t Like The Drugs, But the Drugs Like Me” By Marilyn Manson][] [“Medication” by Garbage][] [“Sweet Dreams” by Marilyn Manson][] **Jayne –** [“Monsta Mack” by Sir-Mix-A lot][] (Explicit) [“Paradise City” by Guns ‘N’ Roses][] [“Sexy Bitch” by David Guetta][] (Explicit) (Cause this just reminds me of Jayne’s tact with the ladies) **Simon-** [“She Fuckin’ Hates Me” by Puddle of Mudd][] (Explicit) [“Pretty Fly for a White Guy” by The Offspring][] **Kaleey-** [“What the Hell” by Avril Lavigne][] [“Your Love is My Drug” by Kesha][] **Kaleey/Simon –** [“The Best Damn Thing” by Avril Lavigne][] [“Tell Me Baby” by Red Hot Chili Peppers][] [“Whenever, Wherever” by Shakira][] [“Build Me Up Buttercup” by The Foundations][] **Wash-** [“Learn to Fly” by Foo Fighters][] [“Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines”][] **Wash/Zoey-** [“Accidentally in Love” by Counting Crows][] [“Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer][] **Shephard Book-** [“Here it Is” from Paint Your Wagon][] Could any other songs line up so perfectly for these?
  11. TheBlackadder

    Overt Religiosity (A Caleb - BtVS Fiction)
  12. Alright, I've been writting this thing like gang busters with absolutely no feed back at all. and considering as how I'm trying VERY hard to get back into the writting swing of things I am desperately in need of ratings, feed back, questions, comments and the like. As always, I would very much appricate constructive critisim as opposed to (you suck, this sucks, the world sucks, suck suckity, suck suck suck) I am openly and directly asking for reading and feedback with this story. They are short chapters and I am prepared for whatever feedback you have. Even though I have an ego like . . . . pretty much all writters and eat up praise and flattery like it's cheesecake, I understand that this is not my best work and I am ready for whatever you have to say. Author: TheBlackadder (me! ) Titile: Overt Religiosity Summery: Caleb and the First had another weapon that no one knew about, not even her. The only women Caleb didn't completely dispise although you wouldn't be able to tell by how he treats her. Feedback: AS MUCH AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE PLEASE!!! Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Caleb Pairing: The only actual pairing is between Caleb and the Original Character Annabelle. M/F Warnings: There is a great deal of violence, abuse, gory, masogynism, biblical confrentation, humiliation, and sexual content. Not always pleasent sex either. D/s, Humil, M/s, OC, Preg, Slave, Tort, Violence, WIP Solo or Chaptered Story: Chaptered URL: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I am begging for you to give it a read and give me ratings, reviews, and comments.
  13. TheBlackadder

    Treading Water

    ~Hugs Wench Back~ Oh like I ever leave for long LOL Writting is still my favorite thing to do, and even though I get frustrated sometimes, I always come back. Like I said, it's a BtVS fiction which is embarassing enough LOL and a little Mary Sueish and that's even worse! Of course Technically I think Buffy is a total Mary Sue any way. Just like Elizabeth on POTC. At least mine suffers