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  1. canterro

    The Jigsaw

    well, it's been a long time, but finally I managed to finish the next chapter I hope you'll like it! And if you want to find my answers to reviews or discuss something, please go to this thread:
  2. canterro

    Speed! - How fast can you write?

    weel, it explains a lot I can't prepare everything before I start writing, cause.. I get bored For me a story is a journey. I sail as the wind blowes and I see what's happening Almost every new chapter is an adventure for me and I often can't tell how it'll end up
  3. canterro

    The Jigsaw

    Hello! The next chapter is waiting eagerly for your attention and reviews (The story is uploaded here: ). Enjoy! And if you want to find my answers to reviews or discuss something, please go to this thread:
  4. canterro

    The Jigsaw

    Here we go again... Aleks - well, actually I did like that chapter. It wasn't just 'something' between more important events, if that's what you meant (is it?) Yeah, it was a short break from all love storms... But I guess it was needed. Our life includes some love-independent feelings, dilemmas, actions, doesn't it? I hope the last chapter gives you satisfaction! kylee - well, it's not a one-step procedure to come out as a real human, with feelings, weaknesses, even trust... It takes some time You know - one step forward, two - backward But we'll slowly bringing Sam up from his traumas and his shell. The newset chapter is definitely a step forward And yeah, Sarah is completely caught up in a total mess Lisa - this time, in this chapter, Sam isn't so hatefull Check it out! SunaoTsuji - keep poking It really works! Have a nice reading!
  5. canterro

    The Jigsaw

    Hello, As everyone else, I suppose, I got an info from administrator to move my answers to reviews here So I do. Here you'll find my feedback to your reviews. And if you want to rant about something - this is also a place Cheers, canterro PS The story address:
  6. canterro

    The Jigsaw

    Ta-daaam! Chapter 26 into your hands Read, enjoy, and comment This is how it should work... Well, comment even if you don't enjoy
  7. canterro

    Frustration Times 100

    I think there are two main groups of writers. Oh, well, maybe three: 1. Those who write just for pure pleasure of writing. It's their way to give a vent to their fantasy. And maybe a good idea to please reader who like it. They don't treat writing as a hard work, they just have fun. For them reviews are nice (for whom they don't?) but not necessary. 2. Those who write 'seriously'. They put a lot of effort to master their works and aim for the title of a good writer. They try to learn, to develop their skills, and reviews are the base they build on. For them reviews are like showing directions: this you do wonderfully, this I like, this is boring, and in this part I don't understand what's going on... Those writers take all concrete reviews and try to learn from them. That's why I, for example NEED reviews. Not only for satisfaction, but mainly for education. 3. Those who think they are great and don't need anyone to confirm that, or, God forbid, to criticize. They always know better and if they don't get reviews, they think "To hell with them. They don't even recognize the fine art..." ;P
  8. canterro

    Still looking

    I went through your prologue and I don't really know: you want Josh to really love her? or ,aybe he wants to posess only? does he really think he does awful things? is he really fond of Leila as a person, or maybe he should despise HER as week? is Josh a real monster, or you want him to be human inside?
  9. bookworm, if you're still looking for m/m stories that are more good than bad, I offer you... myself; as non-modest as it is, I still think I don't suck give it a try; you always can give up, after all
  10. canterro

    Reusing the same OC

    well then, you just can give her a different name and it should work
  11. canterro

    Reusing the same OC

    the problem is, that people tend to place the character in certain environment; if you create it in one story, it's hard to adjust to the same person with completely new world, friends, and so on...
  12. canterro

    Speed! - How fast can you write?

    Please, please, take up one of my challenges I threw onto AFF sooooome time ago It'd be great!
  13. canterro

    Speed! - How fast can you write?

    my God... I'm sorry if I offend you - this is certainly not my goal, but... do you even have time to think the story through? to create some complex relations, characters, and person-to-person games? I mean, for me it's better to write one very good (it's relative, of course) thing, put a lot of effort into it, than have a high production rate - it doesn't work for me; well, sure, sometimes you just go with the flow, and it happened to me that I was able to pull the thing in one day or night, but it's not my standard however,... it's just me
  14. I just has this thought: it's extremely difficult for us, authors, to give a story the ending like one of those that life is full of; we like our characters (some of them, at least); and we cheer for them; we want them to be happy, fulfilled, and on top, whether we're aware of it or not; so the ending like "he just fell for somebody else" just don't go through our minds; and they should cause it's what life is unhappy ending doesn't have to mean death or something dramatic; it can be just that things didn't work out well; that something finished although we didn't want it it's sad, but it's so true...
  15. canterro

    Bucket List

    I'd rather go for 21, not 16 16 does not sound credible to me. too young for ars-amandi (I mean experience and skills)...