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    Acting funky

    A little while ago I tried to get into the archives. The link I have bookmarked is the Supernatural m/m page where my stories are. The page would not load. I was able to type in the address of the home page and get to that. Then I tried to log in to my account. My information is saved on my computer, and all I’ve had to do so far is just click on where it says email and it all fills itself in. I wasn’t able to do that this time. I was able to just type everything in and log in and upload my latest chapter. Then I came here to the forum to see if anyone else had reported a similar problem of pages not wanting to load. I’ve had a few problems with forum pages not wanting to load as well.
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    Adult Roleplaying If you haven't already, come join us!
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    Adult Roleplaying

    Much like the dark side, we’ve got cookies
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    Can't get to home page

    I don’t know if this is the right place to put this… but… Everything was fine until this morning. I use my bookmark to go to my story manager and that comes up fine. I go to click on the home page for the archive and I just get this black screen that says website blocked by filter. I go back to my story manager, and that still comes up fine. I click on my story and that loads fine. I then clicked on the little link to take me into the archive category where the story is posted. Still no problem. Like… what the hell?
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    Can't get to home page

    Okay, I’m a computer idiot, but I’ll mess with it. Thanks.
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    Can't get to home page

    Okay, I use firefox for my browser and avira for antivirus. Exactly how do I do that?
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    Greenwizard's Candles

    Each candle is artfully handcrafted from 100% natural soy wax with a braided lead free wick for a clean and even burn. I make them myself with care and love right when they're ordered so you get the scent and color you want. They come highly scented, and will make your home smell wonderful. Come visit my Etsy shop for more info. For a 10% discount, use coupon code E2016
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    Greenwizard's Candles

    I'm doing my very first giveaway! See my facebook page for details and to enter.
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    Greenwizard's Candles

    Check out my facebook page for upcoming products and deals.
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    seeking Harry Potter RP

    I'm looking to do a Harry/Snape story, with me playing Snape. I have a few ideas, but I'm open to others as well. I'd like to do mpreg, but it's not a requirement.
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    My stories

    I logged in, but I can't find any of my stories or anything in my profile.
  12. I was watching a rerun of Law and Order last night. It was about a bomb that went off in some clinic that did genetic research. They were doing tests on unborn fetuses to see of they had any diseases or anything so the parents could decide if they want to abort the baby. Now I know that part wasn't made up. They actually do that. Their first suspect was a couple that was told their baby had cerebral pulsy, and when they decided to abort it found out the baby was perfectly healthy. I'm sure that really happens, which is fucking sad. It ended up being the brother in law of the pregnant security guard that was hurt. There was some scientist that found a gay gene, and wanted to screen unborn babies for that as well. Well the grandfather of the baby wanted the father to have it aborted because the baby had the 'gay gene'. Thankfully, I don't think science has ever really found a 'gay gene'. My problem is they're trying to. And I know damn well last night's episode will turn from fiction into reality. Parents who are against homosexuality will start aborting babies with the gene because they don't want a gay child. It will never occur to them that for their baby to have it, one of them has to have it. And if they aren't gay, well, that blows the whole theory to bits doesn't it? Of course they'd probably argue over which one had it and get a divorce. Honestly, I think scientist are trying to play God, and that's dangerous. We as humans aren't meant to have that kind of knowledge. Didn't anybody learn from the movie Jurrasic Park? Yes, I know it was a book first, but the movie was more popular as always. I completely agree with what that Ian character said. They were so focused on thinking about whether or not they could, that they didn't stop to think about whether or not they should. Killer bees are a good example of science out of control. Scientist were trying to make a more agressive honey bee so they would increase honey production. The bees got loose. Now people are coming across these things and getting killed. I really think that scientists just need to learn to leave things alone.
  13. I just tried to add a new chapter to an existing story. I followed all the steps in the FAQ. I logged in. I went to My Control Panel. It's in the Harry Potter section, so in the little box on the left that says Harry Potter, I clicked edit. I get a blank page. I then tried going to stories written, and going straight to the story I wanted to add the chapter to. There is usually an add chapter link at the top when I'm logged in. It's not there anymore.
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    Problem with Editing Story

    Looks like it was the second issue. Chapter added, thanks
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    Plot bunnies up for adoption

    Ok, I'm full of ideas, but I have a one track mind. So these plotbunnies need homes. It would be a shame to let them sit in my idea closet. The first is HP/SS Voldemort is planning to kidnap Harry and force him into marriage. Dumbledore does some research and finds that the best way to save Harry is to have him bond with someone. Bonding is like marriage, but a strong spiritual connection is formed. Dumbledore chooses Snape as Harry's protector. Harry doesn't have a choice and Snape agrees. The thing a condition is they must have sex at least once a week. At first both hate it, but the bonding does its magic. Snape goes to a Death Eater meeting and is tortured. Their bond is so strong that Harry sees it and feels it, and is able to save his life. Their relationship moves on from there. #2: I want to see something with Dumbledore. I want him paired with Harry. It starts as a heated fling on Dumbledore's desk and Harry gets pregnant. Maybe liquor is involved. #3 HP/DM Something happens at the Dursley's and Harry loses it. He runs away and everyone is looking for him. Since Harry has nowhere to go he decides to become a whore in a whorehouse. While Draco is home alone he decides to order a whore and Harry gets sent. At first he enjoys making Harry serve him, but he starts to see the truth about Harry's life. Harry getting pregnant is optional.
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    May Your Knowledge Bloom

    Still, cookies that contain log in information from other sites will still be wiped. I had this problem myself. But the good news is with firefox you can delete cookies selectively. Don't know about other browsers. It's in bookmarks under privacy.
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    author panel issue

    Oi... nevermind.... The layout just changed on me.
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    author panel issue

    I just went to try and add a chapter, and couldn't. I went to my author panel and I was logged in and everything. It said I had so many stories and so many reviews in this section. What wasn't there was the list of sections and the option to add or delete. My profile was not there. I had to go to the story itself and click on add chapter. What the heck?
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    Taboo, eroticism, and teenage shota fiction It should work now.
  20. All right, ladies and gents, an aquaintence of mine needs a little assistance with her dissertation on taboo eroticism, mainly focued on adult fiction featuring boys 13-16. I thought this would be a good place for her to get feedback since I know such fiction is allowed here. "Some of the areas that I'm studying are legality, social attitude, the veiling effects of the internet, adhesion and permissiveness (or lack of) within erotic fiction communities and emotional association of author and reader with characters. I'm also exploring common theories, such as female attraction to the genre due to the emotionally available characters, the changing nature of female sexuality in general (eg, attraction to dark, non-feminine taboo such as BDSM, powerplay, alternate sexualities, age difference etc.) whether the writers and readers hold any genuine deviant desires and to what extent those involved are demonised by both on and offline communities. This is an absolutely neutral study and what I'm looking for is intelligent, rational debate about a sensitive issue. I want both pro and anti comments, discussions with those involved, those who aren't and those who have only just learnt about the genre. I want to discuss the nature of literature as an erotic, taboo medium, both in a contemporary setting and a historical setting. I want to investigate characterisation as cathartic - do those who read or write this fiction project themselves emotionally and psychologically onto the characters (both older and younger) or do they merely vouyeristically observe the eroticism present and enjoy the taboo?" She has an anonymous survey; And anyone who wishes to give a more detailed opinion may email her at
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    Taboo, eroticism, and teenage shota fiction

    Crap. Let me see if I can get it. I guess I got a cookie or something when I finished it.
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    What Happened?

    I logged into my email today and got this weird review about the format of my stories. Sure enough, the paragraphs are really far apart, and there's code in places. It wasn't like that before.
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    What the....

    Why does the name of the fandom need to be in the disclaimer? I would think that if it was in a section for that story that part would be obvious. I've seen other people just put down that the chartacters belonged to the author and nobody bugged them about it.
  24. Ok so I'm minding my own business when my mom calls up and says she needs my help with something. She only lives across the street so I walked over. Lo and behold she has a puppy. Judging by how big it is and what not I'd guess it's not more than six or seven weeks old. Apparently it was found abandoned near where she works. How in the hell could anyone just leave a defenseless puppy out in a field to die? I'd like to find who did it, break both their legs, and leave them out in a field.....
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    Roleplay Board This is a link to a very good adult roleplaying forum.