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  1. supernatural fic

    im looking for a story in the supernatural verse. something happens idk what but god comes back and sees sam, realizes that sam is his first child. he created angels for sam to have a family while he had sam waiting in a box (or something) but forgot about him. he threw the leviathans in there thinking it was empty then they tried to eat sam. no clue what happened and how he is NOT in the box any longer. not sure what happened after the explanations but i recall god is insistent that dean help him w/s sam and dean wanted pie and his car. any clue?
  2. looking for a supernatural fic

    im looking for a supernatural fic w/ the pairing of sam and gabriel. at some point in it the confrontation w/ lucifer happens at the hotel and gabriel kills him. he gets upset w/ sam about it. then he heads to vegas and gets drunk for… awhile. meanwhile sam is suffering his own emotions from gabriel being upset at him as well as a feedback of some kind from a bond he didnt know about w/ gabriel. cas goes hunting and brings gabriel back and round about that time same who’s mental heath is REALLY not that healthy due to the bond issue manages to summon gabriel to a circle of holy fire in his sleep w/ a dream root thing. he thinks gabriel had been giving him blood or drugging him or something. gabriel burns the heck out of his arm on the holy fire trying to get to sam when he realizes how messed up sam is. and thats about all ive got on it any ideas?
  3. looking for a darcy lewis story

    im looking for a darcy story where she had been involved with steve and bucky. something happens and they pull away from her. she takes it for a while then she finally has enough and leaves. not long after that fthey realize they havent paid her much attention for a while so they go looking and find shes gone. thats it… so any ideas?
  4. looking for a ried thor story

    i think the story im looking for is called a long way to fall? not really sure on the title but i know the pairing was reid/thor. reid was actually loki's brother and thors husband before taking a dive off the bifrost and winding up outside gideon's cabin. thor finds him in the aftermath of new york and wants his hubby back. any help?
  5. Hermione

    pstibbins: i'd rather be a mudblood than a mudbrain
  6. im looking for a reid/morgan fic. morgan and reid were in a relationship they fight or something then morgan goes out drinking and screws prentiss who he meets at a bar. he goes back home and she finds out shes pregant. she sticks round a bit (she had been in england i believe) not telling who the baby daddy is. im pretty sure its a happy ending for reid.
  7. lf ncis tibbs

    im looking for a ncis fic that has a running pool on when tony and gibbs get together. i know that it was big enough that some fbi agents were in on it. one of the conditions for jenny sheppard to get the job as director was her leaving them together due to the pool. sound familiar to anyone?
  8. SakuraXkakashiXyamato

  9. SS/HG.

    the problem w/ purity
  10. the lioness prophecies by amr maybe?
  11. search fanfic

    sorry it took so long to reply but ive more veela recs for you Through the eyes of a child for his pleasure a veela's tale Delicious To Earn Hermione Jane silver eyes Oh My Veela! Misconceptions loving a veela Trials of Affliction and Light Sleeping What A Veela Wants, A Veela Gets Beautiful Disaster At Long Last Wrath The Mirror Series: Forbidden Desire my favorite veela dramione story would have to be what we gain what we lose. it looks at a few issues i don't really see most others in the same category addressing. the next best imo would have to be through the eyes of a child. i love the lore and the way the magical world is so much more than we see in the books there. i have a few links to hg/dm/other for veela stories as well as a few more links to go through so there may be more, i wont post any but the dramione ones here unless you ask for them. do you have any favs in the same genre?
  12. i seem to recall a few stories that had willow stopping magic after wrecked and it being very very bad for her. i would like to find a some of those again. i really liked kendra's tried so hard, and breaking down by darkenedshadows.
  13. search fanfic

    here's some... i will look for more in my bookmarks this should be a start though. What We Gain, What We Lose The Accidental Ensnarement of an Unsuspecting Mate Malfoy's Mate A Veela Tale Dark Bonding Don-t-Touch-My-Mudblood Her Mate To Suffer a Veela One In A Million Mate-Bonding The Accidental Ensnarement of an Unsuspecting Mate The Moody Veela Chronicles Veelantine Surprise Complications haunted
  14. search fanfic

    are you looking for recs? a certain story? there are a lot of veela dramione stories out there.....