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  1. Psychostorm

    Can't Change Avatar

    Gotcha, thanks for the quick reply!
  2. Psychostorm

    Can't Change Avatar

    Heyo! Having a bit of trouble changing my archive avatar. I put in the URL, click the button, and nothing happens. Here are the URLs that I’ve tried. DG fixed it last time, but apparently she ain’t been around in a while. Can any of yall help a mate out?
  3. Psychostorm

    Avatar Won't Update?

    Okay, thank you.
  4. Psychostorm

    Avatar Won't Update?

    You're probably looking at the url for my old avatar. The url itself won't change when I try to update it. The new one I want to use is:
  5. Psychostorm

    Avatar Won't Update?

    It's hosted on Amazon S3
  6. Psychostorm

    Avatar Won't Update?

    Tried changing my avatar on the main site, but hitting the button just refreshes the page and doesn't do anything. I made sure that my pic was 250x250 and that the link works.
  7. Why is that? I'm not allowed to have and express a differing opinion than you? Or is it that what I said upset you and you want to get back at me by banning me? Which is it? Would you be banning me "for the good of the community" or simply for some misguided self righteous bullshit? I'm guessing the later, since this is AFF after all, the place where Free Speech reigns supreme and all opinions and view points are welcome, no matter how unpopular or twisted. Do you know how many stories there are on this site about 9 year olds and younger being raped, murdered or otherwise violated? Do you know how many stories there are where the depravity goes much, much deeper than even that? I have read stories on this site that make this news story seem tame. And if you're going to play the "this is a real situation" card, all I have to say is, I've read some pretty fucked up shit in the "Non-fiction" catagory. Or maybe you'll label me a "troll", a popular way of demonizing someone and a handy excuse to silence those who disagree with you. Still, it's a transparent method that only fools those of shallow minds, I would think those here in this community of free thinkers would be able to see through such nonsense. If you care about this kid and what she's going through that's fine. But you can't force or even expect everyone to share you opinion. I know you mean well but when you get to the point to where you are silencing dissident opinions, no matter how vile, vulgar or inhuman, you yourself have crossed a line and become just like those who persecute people like us. Those who would tear this site down under false pretenses of self righteous bullshit.
  8. Psychostorm

    Suggested Reading

    Good mangas: Kinnikuman Beach Stars Bastard! Kurokami (Black God) My Balls Bondage Fairys Elhazered Death Note Gantz
  9. I love abortion, I wish we could pile up a mountain of dead fetuses and bathe in their blood. Oh and that dude who impregnated the 9 year old is the lucky one. Damn, that must have been one nice tight pussy. I'd fuck her, get her pregnant, knock a few dents in that fetus's head with my cock then rip it out with my bare hands and make her eat it.
  10. Psychostorm

    Dream Interpretation

    You're sexually attracted to you cat? What the fuck is wrong with you!?
  11. Psychostorm

    UK: Snuff story writer gets prosecuted

    Well he could always change his naime nad move to another conutry like Tailand, its the biggest sex tourism country in the world or so I hear.
  12. Why don't you research real porn for that sort of thing? There are tons of great free sites out their. I recomend and Also, there is a site called Literotica that has a forum that might interest you. Also a site called Sexworld but I haven't really checked out that one.
  13. I've got one of the Japanese super hero Rape Man if you're interested.
  14. Psychostorm

    Two icons diied today

    Michael's daughter Paris is pretty hot
  15. Psychostorm

    Fucked up dream

    Wow I don't think I ever had a dream where I took my own cock off and fucked myself with it, that's pretty cool. I did have a dream the other night where I was dressed like a girl and then beat the shit out of an old friend of mine so bad that he had to go to the hospital. And when I was cross dressing my name was "Chad", it was weird.