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  1. Izumi_Incarnate

    Crossover Animes

    I had thought about writing one like that, but I figured that it would become to common. Man was I wrong. I'm so sick of reading IY X YYH, it's gotten rediculous, I've only ever read one that I liked. -Sigh- Why aren't there more people out there intrested in writing an original Xover.
  2. Izumi_Incarnate

    I'm a beta! And I'm looking for work.

    I'm looking for a beta for a Yu Yu Hakusho fic (KuramaX Yusuke). I'm desperatly searching for one that is open to Mpreg. I'm rewriting my first few chaps, and need some editing on a few upcoming, but that won't be for a couple weeks. Email me at dawnielleshark@hotmail.com. I would really appreciate your help if you are willing. Thankyou.
  3. Izumi_Incarnate

    Yaoi OTP

    I absolutly love RoyXEd, but I also love HughsXRoy (as long as it's before Allisia)), HughsXRoy, HughsXFuery, and GreedXDorchet. I've never seen a GreedXDorchet fic, which is a shame because I think they would be amazing for eachother.
  4. Izumi_Incarnate

    Yyh Yuri Anyone?

    Well I think the reason is that there are too many hot guys in YYH to not put into yaoi. I personally love YYH yaoi, but yuri is alright as well. But the problem is that Keiko annoys people so much that they can't put her in a yuri, and Yukina seems too pure. I can, however, say that I can really see Shizuru/Atsuko. And I can really see Kyoko/Juri. ((Juri is so adorable!))
  5. Izumi_Incarnate

    The Seven

    I like Sniper/Sensui, as long as it is Kazuya, and not Shinobu with Sniper at the time. I do have to tell you that out of all Sensui's personallities Kuzuya although Minoru is alright... I guess. I can maybe see Dr. Kamiya and Sniper, but not really much of anyone else. Gourmet is really creepy, even before he was taken over by older Toguro, and Amanuma gets on my nerve. Itsuki is alright, but I can't really see him with anyone else but Naru and possibly Shinobu. What do you think?
  6. Izumi_Incarnate

    Yu Yu Hakusho

    Um... you know, I have to tell you, as much as I like Kuwabara, I don't think he's hot. Sorry.
  7. Izumi_Incarnate

    Yu Yu Hakusho

    Okay, so I do not hate this pairing, but it is not my absolute favorite in the world. DOn't get me wrong, I LOVE Kuwabara, I think that he is awsome, and has gotten the short end of the stick over and over again, but I like Yusuke more with Kurama. However, I understand your argument, and want to know why more people haven't paired them together. It's like their friendship is the perfect equation for a yaoi, you see it in almost everyother show. Matt and Ty from digimon, MIroku and Inuyasha, stuff like that. You see it in everyother show, why not this one? And by the way, Kuwabara is amazing in my mind. I wrote a fic from his mindset about all that has happened. I... really feel sorry for him some times. He's not even in the last saga!
  8. Izumi_Incarnate

    Crossover Animes

    I wanted to run an idea by everyone that is willing to listen. I love odd cross-overs, such as Yugioh X Yu Yu Hakusho, and (I kid you not I'm writing one) FMP/FMA/YYH/Evangalian. HOwever, I wanted to run an idea by you and see what you have to say. I have posted the first two chapters of a Death Note/ YYH story. Does this idea intrest you at all, or is it one of those things that you would avoid as much as possible. Also, what kind of Cross-overs do you guys enjoy? Let me know, I wanna chat about it. ((Sorry, I suck at opening stuff))