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  1. The Prisoner by Nerys

    Review reply to Wildkitsune ”This chapter felt like a gift today. I just thought you should know.” I'm glad to help in any way I can. I hope everything is alright? The next chapter should be up later today. Thank you for reading and reviewing, xoxox nerys
  2. The Prisoner by Nerys

    Review Reply to Relatela1 “Omg you ARE back.” Yeah, I am. It's great to write Tomione again. I missed it. “I don't have much to say here other then the fact that you're still my favourite fanfic author and that this story is still super interesting :).” Yet that is saying quite a lot. Thank you so much. You really made my day. I'm so glad you still like my stories. And thank you for reading and reviewing, xoxox Nerys
  3. The Prisoner by Nerys

    Sorry about disappearing for so long. Long story. I won't bore you, but I'm back. I've used nanowrimo to finish The Prisoner (still needs editing which I'm doing now with my beta). You can expect regular updates on The Prisoner. As for my other WIPs, I'll look at that once this is finished. Review Reply to Relatela1 “OMG YOU'RE BACK!!! WHAT EVEN.” – I know. *hides* To be honest, I'm surprised, too, but the will to write for this pairing is back. Hallelujah! “About a month back I was re-reading The Apprentice (still so good) and finally coming to terms with the fact that you were probably done writing and I wouldn't get to see the conclusions. And not long after...this. Holy shit I'm so happy. And 2 chapters to boot! I was so excited that I immediately re-read the entirety of the story after reading the updates.” - Thanks for liking both my stories this much that you're willing to reread them even when still unfinished. “Really excited to see where this goes!! Especially since it seems like he's finally escaping. I totally forgot Hermione was pregnant in this too - she's totally naming the kid Delphi, right? ” - Oooooh, guess now I have to change it to Delphi. I'll make sure to put the blame credit you. jk “Does the fact that you've already updated twice mean you're likely to keep to a somewhat regular schedule?” - Yes, apart from the epilogue, which I'm in the process of rewriting again because unhappy with it … again, the story is finished. I'm going through the editing stage now and will update again on December 31st (because of Tomione Day). “Damn I'm just so happy. All in the last couple months I've gotten new Loki, new Kylo Ren, AND new Voldemort. I feel spoiled.’ - I'm glad I could do my part in making you happy. ^^ Thank you for making my day with your enthusiastic review. Thank you for reading and reviewing, xoxox Nerys
  4. MAJOR software update

    Okay, thanks for letting me know I can change it myself. I suppose this also means that the archive suddenly has an influx of hermaphrodite stories.
  5. MAJOR software update

    I'm not sure you're aware of it yet, but there's a problem with summaries and codes. The name Hermione lost the Herm in summaries and is down to "ione", and I noticed that when said name was in the summary, all my codes have vanished and/or are replaced with "gotry". I didn't want to alter it myself yet in case I make things worse by changing things now, seeing how you're working on the datebase.
  6. Review Replies

    Apprentice Body of review from Mkey follows: You make a constant mistake: "for awhile" = "for for a while" Please edit those to " for a while" Nope. Don't think I will, not for any while. If this were a just posted chapter, I wouldn't mind editing an error that was pointed out, but I'm not going through a multi-chaptered fic, looking everywhere for one type of error when there are plenty more to correct. I do have a day job. Thanks for reading and reviewing, xoxox Nerys Sleeping Beauty Body of review from Lea follows: Wauw, I love this!! Great story idea. Will there be an update?! Soon?! I know, it's greedy of me, but what can I say, I'm imagining all the delicious torture one could inflict on Lord Voldemort in his sleep... Hi, Thanks for liking the story, and well, what can I say? The completed sign in the tags says it all. I'm really not planning a continuation, no matter how many delicious tortures one could inflict on Tommy dearest. It's tempting, but I've got too many WIPs already. I'm not adding to my work load. Thanks for reading and reviewing, xoxox Nerys Bittersweet Body of review from Ann follows: I love love love this story!!!!!!! Just came back to reread it again I really wish you'd make it a PDF! It's soooo good! Thank you so very, very much for loving this story. I plan to upload it on AO3 once it's fully edited. I think you can download stories there (not sure which format though). Thanks again for reading and reviewing, xoxox Nerys
  7. Review Replies

    Apprentice review reply: Hi, I'm sorry for the long hiatus. I know it's bad. I'm still writing HP, just haven't been for this story. I'm trying to finish my other WIP, The Prisoner, first (because it's closer to the end than this one), and then, I plan to get back to The Apprentice. I'm really happy to hear you've enjoyed the story so much and like sexy Voldemort. ^^ I'm also pleased you find Hermione IC. I hope to keep that up. Thanks for reading and reviewing, xoxox Nerys P.S. Sorry for the late, late replies. *hides*
  8. Review Replies

    Apprentice review reply to anon: Darling, breathe. Think of your blood pressure. I wouldn't want to be responsible for you having a heart attack. I would've thanked you for pointing out an error I could fix IF you'd actually pointed out where the error was made. I trust you don't expect me to go through an over 200,000 word fic to locate it. If you do, well, tough luck. I couldn't be bothered. Have a nice day, xoxox Nerys
  9. The Prisoner by Nerys

    Review reply to Emmiey: "Great to have another chapter! I'm sensing a lemon soon too! Please update soon :)" You've sensed correctly. ^^ The chapter was getting a bit too long with the lemon in it, so I decided to move it to the next one. I'll do my best to update asap. Thank you for reading and reviewing, xoxox Nerys
  10. The Prisoner by Nerys

    Review reply to Relatela: "Omg omg omg omg you're back!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! You made my day" I'm happy to be back, too. Sorry it took so long. Good to see you again. Nerys
  11. The Prisoner by Nerys

    Review reply to Bexes: "Nerys! You have me on the edge of my seat! Please, please tell me this story is NOT abandoned??? Finally I found a TR/HG story so very well written and all characters fitting perfectly! The back and forth between Hermione and Tom is amazingly written and the plot expertly conceived! I'm dying to know the end game! Who comes out on top? Will Harry and Ginny interfere with Hermione's plans? Gah! So many differing options to how this could end! My mind is buzzing with the possibilities! Bexes" Hi Bexes, I'm dazzled by your wonderful review. So many compliments, thank you. I hope I won't disappoint you with the possibility chosen, but you'll see how it ends soon. I reckon three or four more chapters, and Prisoner will be done. So, no, it's not abandoned. I'm terribly sorry for the long delay in updates on (all) my WIP(s), but I got stumped on this one, due to a timetable I put in the story. I've finally found a (surprisingly easy) solution. What do you know, if you stare at it forever, it doesn't come to you, and then, one day when you're supposed to be writing other things, it just jumps in your mind, nagging you to write this instead. LOL Anyway, I hope to send the next chapter to my betas tomorrow and then update when I get it back from them. Again, sorry for the long wait, xoxox Nerys
  12. The Prisoner by Nerys

    Review reply to Anon: "I love this story so much. The way you portray the characters is brillant. Please continue it!!" I'm glad you've enjoyed my story, and the portrayal of the characters. I will definitely continue it. Thank you for reading and reviewing, xoxox Nerys Review reply to Stella Purple: "Yet another spectacular establishment by Nerys. I always love the books that she writes!" Wow, what an amazing review! Thank you very much. You've got me blushing. xoxox Nerys
  13. The Prisoner by Nerys

    Nope, I haven't abandoned this story. I'm almost done with the next chapter (for real now). Just a bit of tweaking of the smut scene (which I'm not entirely happy with still), and then it'll go to my betas.
  14. Review Replies

    The Bittersweet Taste of Victory, review reply to Silver_Screen_Icon: " *Drools* I apologise the Dark Lord would probably crucio me for drooling over him but how can I not when you depict him so well!!?? What an AMAZING story! you are alway able to get all my feels worked up and make me doubt my moral compass.. (damn thing just won't point straight anymore) Always love your work, its been a while since I've read fanfics and i wanted to come back with a bam and hell you did it! So amazing! Was quite the addiction! The second last chapter nearly broke me but the end game made me squeal in pure delight! I love how you are always able to maintain Voldemort's true (delicious) persona while still making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.. (clearly, i must have some serious metal issue i need to work on but that a story for another day) Thank you for a great story! Always a fangirl! Silver Screen Icon xx" Thanks. I'm really pleased that you're enjoying how I portray Lord Voldemort in this. It was quite a ride with him in this one; I had fun writing him. He's such a deliciously amoral and hypocritical character. Moral compass, what moral compass? *slinks off, muttering:* "There is no good or evil. There is only power and those too weak to use it." xD Aww...I almost got killed by Ssserpensssotia over the second to last chapter. So, you're definitely not alone there. What can I say, I take my cues from LV. ^^ Oh, I had plenty of warm and fuzzy feelings while writing Bittersweet, so you're also not alone in the mental issues department. You can join me in my padded cell. Thanks for reading and reviewing (both here and on FFnet), xoxox Nerys
  15. Review Replies

    The forbidden ship, review reply to Anon: "I could see chapter 9 being a longer story." Thanks. I think there are a number of drabbles that could be elaborated upon, "Hogwarts" definitely being one of them, but I already have three WIPs, so I won't be expanding on my workload. Too much pressure. ^^ xoxox Nerys Experiment of the Mind, review reply to Casper Reddrick: "Wow, that was incredible! i loved every bit of it although at first i didnt really understand where it was going but as i read on everything was put together perfectly." Thank you. I'm glad it became clear in the end. I deliberately wrote it so the pieces would all fit together later on, as one read along. I'm also happy you enjoyed reading my story and thank you for reading and reviewing, xoxox Nerys