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  1. SummerRayne

    Added 4-6-08

    Catagory name: PEACH GIRL Section catagory to be in: ANIME Do you have any stories for it?: YESSSSS!!!!!!! Catagory name: I also agree with the Absolute Boyfriend category Section catagory to be in: Anime, NOT comics Do you have any stories for it?: I'll write them if you make the category, but no
  2. SummerRayne

    Compromising yourself to make it big

  3. SummerRayne

    Guilty Or Not Guilty

    uh you have to continue the guilty not guilty questions Zyx
  4. SummerRayne


    I hope the best for you too, but as a girl I feel I should that just cause it looks like we're flirting, an we're acting like we're flirting, and we ARE in fact flirting it doesn't mean anything with SOME girls. Girls don't make sense. I think Chris Rock said that that's the main difference between men and women. SOME Women don't let something stupid as logic get in the way of living their life sometimes. I would like the time to note that I'm in no way putting all my ladies into the world into a bitchy category cause a lot of them also are very intelligent and capable of making perfect sense. I'm curious about how everything ended up. Almost like you were telling you're own story and I'm waiting patiently for the next chapter. Hope everything turned out well.
  5. SummerRayne

    Compromising yourself to make it big

    I absolutely agree here, Ginevra.
  6. SummerRayne

    Compromising yourself to make it big

    I didn't mean for everyone to tank the J.K example so literally. lol It was just so you would get the idea of what I was asking about.
  7. SummerRayne

    Writers and Bastards

    Thank god there are sane people in the forum like you Agaib because Zyx was seriously making my head hurt. AND FOR THE RECORD: I AM THE RULER OF THE UNIVERSE, Zyx.
  8. SummerRayne

    Serious Business

    Religion is serious business, but only because of the people that have a "Believe what I believe or die" attitude. SO, with that said I think...writing is serious business.
  9. SummerRayne

    Writers and Bastards

    Zyx, you seem like you just don't like anyone who doesn't have the same view(s) as you. And if my 'I don't care' attitude make me anything, it makes me intelligent for not agreeing with every Tom, Dick, and Zyx that posts his opinion in a forum and chastises people for not agreeing with them.
  10. SummerRayne

    Fan-fics: Are they wrong?

    "Deadlines" is something every writer has to deal with. To me it seems you think that writing is actually "work" to me. But any kind of writing to me is just fun. Every job has deadlines and responsibilities, writing fields are no different. I know that writing is work. There's nothing idealistic about being a journalist, but I enjoy a hearty search for the truth and being as sort of watchdog for the government. However, I think you could say all the stuff your saying about college students idealizing their perfect job after college about anything. Cause every job is stressful even being a cafeteria worker. It's how you deal with the stress that sets you apart.
  11. SummerRayne

    Serious Business

    I think "hating" someone for their beliefs is sorta the reason that breeds ignorance. I wonder if you were one of the people that voted for George Bush with your views on hating people for their beliefs??? Anyway, hating someone you don't know because they believe in God is serious business.
  12. SummerRayne

    Guilty Or Not Guilty

    Definitely NG, but I would choose pokemon over this universe. lol G/NG: You've obsessed over a non-celebrity person.
  13. SummerRayne

    The Outrageous Claim Thread

    OMG! Severus! Draco meant nothing to me I swear!