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  1. Danyealle

    Can I report myself?

    If you are doing it for a legitimate reason, like editing for typos, you're fine. I've had to edit for typos and other things. This is a legit need to do that thing. It's when you do it with the full intent to bump the story to keep it on the front page or move it up, you get in trouble.
  2. It's the annual Freddie for a Day celebration! Who has their mustache on? BTW, many of us still miss you, Freddie!

    1. BronxWench


      I have my imaginary mustache going! :D

    2. Danyealle
  3. The EFOs are no amused with me right now and are glaring. I'm ignoring this but will check for traps before bed...

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    2. Danyealle


      They haven't. Haven't run any of them. So, I just have to deal with the normal bad stuff there...

    3. DemonGoddess


      my EFOs are wigging over the sever weather. All except the one, but that's because HE's a loon.

    4. Danyealle


      mine are because i bought cat treats and won't give them anymore tonight. I offered them substitutes, which they are less than pleased with.

  4. Danyealle

    searching for mentor! marcus flint

    It's called Trust Is A Relative Thing but I don't have the link for it and it's not on AFF
  5. Quote of the day..."Accidental penis shooting accidents were also reported in Florida, Arizona and Washington in 2012"-I am still laughing at it!

    1. WillowDarkling


      Those are the worst, aren't they? Those accidental penis shooting accidents... Don't they know how to keep their penises inside after dark?

    2. Danyealle
  6. Danyealle

    Amazon to sell fanfiction

    That is very much not worth it. And I doubt they're going to get the big fandoms that pull the most people either. Like Harry Potter. The anime they may as those--they tend to be treated differently and, from what i know, some of the companies in Japan are willing to license that. I'm not seeing this as a good thing for the authors, just Amazon trying to cash in on the craze that started with Fifty Shades of Grey when it became well known it started life as a fanfic.
  7. Danyealle

    Amazon to sell fanfiction

    Yeah, i noticed that. I think, from the way it reads, OCs you might develop are that way too. Unless you're publishing in a fandom that is done, like some of the manga, anime or Harry Potter, you have a lot to lose there and it's probably not worth the risk. You're better off taking what you write and making it into something original.
  8. Link Yeah, it's legit. It's a limited number of fandoms right now, but it's real. Opinions?
  9. My day is complete; i have reduced BW to tears with hurting sides :D Love ya, BW, and thanks for letting me bounce ideas off of you!

    1. BronxWench


      Trust me, I enjoyed every bit of it, and I needed those laughs! :D *hugz* Love you, babe!

    2. Danyealle


      HUGZ luff you too and glad you enjoyed it :D

  10. Danyealle


    This is the issue and ze boss is working on fixing it as fast as she can. You'll get them back, it's just going to take some patience
  11. The age of consent is NOT the same as legal adulthood. Please understand this, people!

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    2. RogueMudblood


      Age of consent actually varies by state in the US, as does age of majority. For example, in California, age of consent was once listed as 23. In Alabama, age of majority is still 19.

    3. kagome26isawsome


      underage people again?

    4. sumeragichan


      Sounds like it. Sadly, legal comprehension is worse than reading comprehension at times.

  12. Danyealle

    Changing the Content Codes after Upload

    The FAQ on how to do that http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/index.php/topic/10218-how-do-i-edit-story-codes-disclaimer-or-other-story-properties/
  13. If your published, go check here for your work then follow the instructions to get it down. http://fiction.libgen.net

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    2. Danyealle


      yup, one you don't have to pay for anything on. And we're talking BIG names there on top of the indies, who it hurts most.

    3. DemonGoddess


      I sent that link to advertisers we have.

    4. Danyealle


      good, there are a ton from the smaller houses on there

  14. Danyealle

    hunting for a SessXKag fic

    LOL you're welcome. Not much to finding it, since I've read it and remembered it
  15. Danyealle

    hunting for a SessXKag fic

    It sounds like A Question Of Honor