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  1. (sorry about the double post)To continue-The lawsuits were directed at speculative fiction based on her BOOKS, I do not recall anything about fiction based on the films.

    I appreciate the 'heads-up', but might I enquire as to why I was singled out? And I also note that you were rather remiss in not having warned the numerous authors in the Vampire Chronicles section in Books, which a

  2. The lawsuits were directed at speculative fiction based on her BOOKS, I do not recall anything about fiction based on the films.

    I appreciate the 'heads-up', but might I enquire as to why I was singled out? And I also note that you were rather remiss in not having warned the numerous authors in the Vampire Chronicles section in Books, which are specifically based on the characters a

  3. Excuse me Crimsonembrace, but I notice that I'm the only person in this entire section whom you chose to send this particular little message(And yes, I m aware of the situation with Queen Anne, I in fact have read the articles about said lawsuits.)I do not in fact write 'specs' based on her books,only fics based on the movies.

    The lawsuits were directed at speculative fiction base

  4. Hello, would have popped around to see your profile before , but I really don't spend a lot of time on the 'net these days. Just thought I'd say hi and that you're a splendid bloke :)

  5. PretentiousArtWhore

    Fav Body Parts

    Now whereever did you get that impression?
  6. PretentiousArtWhore

    Where Are The Movie Fanfiction Writers?

    I usually only write movie fics, for vampire movies mainly, but yeah there should be more movie fics.
  7. PretentiousArtWhore

    I Drink A Lot.

    When I was working third shift I lived on energy drinks;Red bull, Rockstar, Full throttle (particularly Bad Mother) Bawls, Lightening bolt, CL one, Monster, Tab, you name it I drank it ( and still do, I'm hopelessly addicted!) At one point there were empty Monster cans all over the floor of my room.
  8. PretentiousArtWhore

    Judging People

    I think people should be judged as the person they are, not for something they did when they were young and/or foolish. Believe me, I did a lot of stupid shit when I was young. (surprisingly, people only seem to judge me because of my appearance and my religion, not because of anything I did in the past.)
  9. PretentiousArtWhore

    Dream Writer Anyone?

    *Sigh* actually my 'Badfic', The vampire Alexxandra' is the result of a very naughty dream, watching 'Queen of the damned' and some killer writers block. My Badfic
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    What Song Are You Listening To?

    The diary of Jane-Breaking Benjamin
  11. PretentiousArtWhore

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Vampire heart-HIM
  12. PretentiousArtWhore

    What Song Are You Listening To?

  13. PretentiousArtWhore

    'evil' Literary Problems

    I would think only the child would be aware of his evil and he would be afraid to tell anyone at first and simply observes the villain for a time until something happens that makes him tell an (unbelieving, of course) adult.
  14. PretentiousArtWhore

    'evil' Literary Problems

    Actually the fact that your main character is a child may actually work to your advantage. Children seem to sense and notice things their elders do not. Having the child aware of and wary of your evil character when the adults around him are totally clueless and refuse to believe the child's assertions that there is "something bad" about your villain can make for some interesting situations.
  15. PretentiousArtWhore

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Closer-Nine inch Nails
  16. PretentiousArtWhore

    What's Your Favorite Food?

    Chocolate!,Mushrooms, Chinese, and beans on toast
  17. PretentiousArtWhore

    Wal-mart Pisses Me Off.

    Ya know, I really don't like to rant, but sometimes you have to vent or explode. So here goes *grrrr*. I don't even fucking like to shop at Wal-Mart, but it's close by and my roommate/stepmom doesn't like to drive a long way just to shop. Her daughter came to visit us from out of state and we went shopping for stuff for a special dinner for her. My stepmom decided to pick up some beer for her because they had her favorite brand on sale. So we go into the liquor room and she starts to browse and I'm looking at some energy drinks near the checkout and I notice the cashier looking at me, not just casually mind you, but really giving me the evil eye. Now being Gothic and wearing the clothing and make-up associated with my lifestyle I'm kinda used to that, so I'm about to say "keep watching I may do a trick." When my Stepmom is ready to check out so I let it go and wait for her. Well the dipshit cashier asks her for her ID, which seems kinda weird since she's sixty years old and looks it. She starts to dig it out, and the Walmartian (who was probably about 45 and you'd think would have some sense)says "Not yours, hers." and points at me. I'm gobsmacked and my Stepmom says "But I'm the one buying the beer." to which the cashier replies "It doesn't matter I can't sell you any alcohol because you have that GIRL with you." I'm about ready to laugh my arse off because I'm 37 years old, and I assure her I'm well over 21 and I'm not buying anything anyway which she ignores and she refuses to sell my Stepmom the beer and flatly tells me I shouldn't even be in the alcohol room, because you have to be 21. WTF? We both got pissed off and walked out without buying a thing. There were people I'm sure were younger than me in there who she didn't card so what the hell was that all about?
  18. PretentiousArtWhore

    Lost In The Dark

    I have been seriously depressed since the age of ten, a cutter since the age of twelve, and was diagnosed as suffering from depression at 21. I still have the condition and have been playing musical meds for years now, going from doctor to doctor trying to find a winning combination that will actually do something other than give me shitty side effects. I have gotten support from few people, most have no clue what it's like and are quick to judge and tell me to just 'snap out of it', as if it's my choice to have the condition and feel like crap all the time. *sigh*
  19. PretentiousArtWhore

    Does anyone think this as well

    Slut? No. Emotionally immature, yes. Buffy was probably the only character in the series who never really seemed to mature and grow as a person (though maybe that's what the creator intended.)
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    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Sally cinnamon- Stone Roses
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    Gettin' Too Old For This Shit...

    I worked as a stocker at a local Target store for a while and there was this 20 year-old kid who was constantly having to be paged over the intercom because he was constantly MIA when he should have been working and when he was around he endeavored to do as little as humanly possible while simultaneously running his mouth without stop. The supervisor did nothing to him but bitched at us for the slightest thing. I got into trouble once when she asked me where he was and I replied "Somewhere with his thumb up his ass like usual." I experienced the same thing when I worked a seasonal job. This 19 year old boy kept disappearing for long periods during shift, left all the work to his partner when assigned to work with another crew member, and was constantly calling in sick. Later, after he pulled a no-call no-show and got sacked I found out from one of my co-workers that he was calling in so he could stay home and play x-box! WTF? and worst of all the management,in their infinite lack of wisdom, were going to keep his lazy arse on after the Hols, and let the older, conscientious workers go.
  22. PretentiousArtWhore

    "AGH! He/She fucked up my OTP!"

    I think the whole fanwanky situation is utter bullshit. I get so sick of character bashing and just general whinging by stupid little teenage fangirls/boys ( mostly the yaoi fanatics and self-inserter's) who don't know shit from shit and can't write the characters they worship worth a damn (usually they are WAY OOC as if they are writing them as Mary Sue's/Marty Stu's) and expect the whole world to share their 'ship obsessions as if were canonical, never mind what the original authors intended. It's one of the main reasons I avoid popular movie and anime fic like the proverbial plague.
  23. PretentiousArtWhore

    Vocabulary Turn-offs

    I think bad writing in general turns me off rather than any particular word. I usually finish the fics, though, (I must have a masochistic streak somewhere) no matter how Godsawful they are, just to learn from them.
  24. PretentiousArtWhore

    Wal-mart Pisses Me Off.

    Actually, they don't card everyone, just those people who look under the age of 21. *sigh* Sadly I'm one of those people who have never looked their age. People see old photos of me in my early twenties and think I'm about 14. Even now people think I'm between 20 and 25. My Stepmom says I should be glad I look young, but it can be frustrating especially in situations like this one.