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  1. saucywench20

    I'm trying to break up with my girlfriend...

    The long and short answer to your dilemma is just to break up with her and be done with it. Let's face it, when it comes to breaking up with someone it's never a good time for anyone in the relationship. You say that you've been trying for the past month only for things to get in the way, my advice to you is to just do it. I had a similar problem with an now ex-boyfriend of mine a few months ago. Every time that I thought it would be a good time to end it, he would get depresssed or would have a bad day. This trend continued on for three months straight until I just ended it and let me tell you I am much happier now as a result. Being with someone who is always down or is always having a 'bad day' is a seriously draining experience, physically and emotionally. Perhaps...and this is just a thought, perhaps she's behaving in this manner (prior to the death of her pet, because that can bring you down for quite a while) because she's got an inkling that you may want to cut the strings. I've seen it and experienced this behavior first hand. To be honest, you sound like you're pretty much done with the relationship, so you shouldn't feel bad about wanting to be with someone else. All you need to do is break it off with your current girlfriend so that the both of you can move on with your lives. The sooner the better for everyone involved.
  2. saucywench20

    Naruto Troll

    That's what I'm thinking it was. Perhaps he/she got booted off the site for being a minor and this is their deranged version of revenge....anywho, I'm glad all that garbage is off.
  3. saucywench20

    Naruto Troll

    Thank you.
  4. saucywench20

    Naruto Troll

    I think it's the same pain in the ass that's been bugging everyone for the past two days. I just saw the Naruto > Yaoi section and saw the same story over and over again "nabisco fucker secks." I wasn't able to click on a username because there isn't one. Here's the link to one of the 'stories,' dunno if that will help: Thank you in advance.
  5. saucywench20

    Another Fic Troll Bomber

    Yeah. It's the same person that was bombing the naruto section (and who knows what other section) with fics. I tried to click on the author link so I could give that, but for whatever reason there is no author name. He/She's in the first page of the Naruto > Yaoi section posting over and over again the 'story' "Nabito Anals Kikia." It's the same troll and story that was being posted all over the place yesterday. Here's the post to one of the 'stories' if it helps:
  6. saucywench20

    Fanfic Bomber

    I see that the creep on the Naruto section has already traveled around. For what it's worth, here's the authors link:
  7. OOPPSS!!! So sorry! I meant to post in the trolls sections and accidently put it here. Please disregard or even delete this please. Thank you for your time.
  8. Here's the authors link: He/She posted the same story under two names: naruto rapes yaoid and narutan fucks saskatooner for a grand total of 340 times combined today according to the numbers on the authors page and had hundreds of other stories in other sections, all of which were spam. That's why I put the authors link instead of the story numbers. There were just too many. Thanks in advance.
  9. saucywench20

    For Everyone Who's Ever Lost Someone

    How very lovely! This really touches deeply into the warmth and light that our loved ones leave for us when it is their time to pass. Thank you for sharing something so profound with us. I am terribly sorry for your loss, your grandmother had to be one incredible woman to leave such a wonderful imprint on her loved ones.
  10. saucywench20

    New? Introduce Yourself!

    Greetings and Salutations to all! My name is saucywench20 (although I also go under the name delusionsdreamer on a number of other sites) and I'm a 23 year old female sociology/anthropology pre-law student with way too much time on my hands at the moment, both a good and bad thing. Things to know about me….hmm….so much to tell….. First and foremost, in the words of my dearest friends and family members I am an equal opportunity pervert and rather unrepentant about being one, something that I am very proud of. Second, most of my friends and loved ones are as perverse as I am. Third, I am a nerd and rather analytical; something reflected in my areas of study. I've been on AFF for a while; although it's only in the past month or two that I've discovered the forums. You can find several of my fics in the Naruto slash section, although my interests extend to quite a few other sections of AFF, such as Bleach and Final Fantasy as well as the Mass Effect area of the games section. I've numerous fics in the brain jingling around for release washing over to a multitude of other areas that I’ve never written of before, such as het and yuri. I really enjoy writing and look forward to updating my works and adding quite a few more fics for others to read and enjoy as well.
  11. saucywench20

    And I thought Georgians were stupid...

    I totally agree with you. Shit like this just kind of stuns you stupid the moment you hear it because you think you heard wrong.
  12. saucywench20

    Rude and /or Malicious consumers

    That reminds me of something that happened to a friend of mine. Her faith and love in humanity was snuffed into nothingness during her duration in the world of retail. She worked at the customer service window at Circuit City which is where everything from online orders to returns are handled. Well one day I went to pick her up and I saw that she handling an irate customer (actually, I was able to hear it perfectly given how loudly the guy was bellowing at her) who was trying to barter a better price for a printer that he saw on sale. When she told him that the price was final, get this he THREW the printer at her!!! Thankfully she ducked and wasn't hurt, but that scummy bastard left before anyone could regain their wits and detain his ugly ass for the cops to deal with. She quit that day after the store manager had the balls to ask her what SHE did to make the customer react like that. That's just really the tip of the iceburg as to hell that she had to catch because "the customer is always right" crap that the managers spew out, although I can't say that my experiences in the wonderful world of retail are any better (I've had clothing and purses thrown at me; I used to work at JC Penny.) I can count on one hand all the nice customers I've -ever- had. From these experiences come the saying and experience: "Customers ruin retail."
  13. saucywench20


    If one had the consent of their other spouse(s) and the other party isn't being coerced into the marriage, then I don't see a reason to forbid it. It would be an entirely different matter if a potential extra spouse were being forced into it or if they were tricked or they were brainwashed or underage. Those are entirely different scenarios but if it's a matter between concenting adults then honestly, it's nobody's concern but those involved. Now I don't think that this is something that would work for most people, with the jealousies and insecurities that being in a relationship can bring, but if three or more people wanted to spend the rest of their lives together and they were capable of doing it, then who is that really hurting? The answer: no one. Really, polygamous (multiple wives) or polyandrous (multiple husbands) unions aren't going to destroy the foundation of society anymore than any other form of marriage between loving, consenting adults, so I don't get the big deal against it.
  14. saucywench20

    How do you plan/organize your story?

    I only plan or organize for about three of my stories. The stories that I do plot out are multichaptered ones while the ones that I don't are the shorter one, i.e., one-shots, drabbles and the like. There are occassions where I can just sit down and write page after page after page with no planning, those instances are few and far between but are by far the most wonderful things to experience. It's as if everything just clicks into place and just flows from my brain onto whatever medium I am using (paper or computer.) But again, it is very rare. It probably would be easier for me if I did organize my writing.
  15. saucywench20

    Rude and /or Malicious consumers

    Wowsers, now this is a topic near and not so dear to my heart... I used to work as a sales clerk at one of the largest retailers in the country in the accessories section of the store (where they sell purses, fake jewelry, and all that jazz) in my sophmore year in college (I'm a junior now) and I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that it was one of the most miserable experiences of my life. I've pretty much experienced everything on that checklist through the clerk end: -customer buying something worth $3.00 with a $100 dollar bill. -customer pretty much throwing a tantrum trying to get my attention when she had 4 other clerks helping her. -customer knocking over a display case of earrings (the large spinning kind with over 200 sets of earrings on it) see me coming to check what had happened, turned her nose up at me and complained how 'slow and lazy' store staff was to not follow her around with a broom apparently before leaving without buying a single thing (she was lucky another store clerk got there to calm me down, I was ready to tear the face off of that cactus thighed burlap sack from hell.) -customer complain loudly about not getting any customer service when there were 2 clerks and 30 other customers, she didn't care that it was mother's day and that everyone (and their mothers) were there, when a third clerk approached her to see if needed help she screamed in her face to 'get lost!' -customer tried to get a huge discount ($80 dollars) on the small mountain of clothing she was buying (a total amout of over $200 dollars) when there was no sale. -customer complain about a non existant spot on a sweater on clearence and tried to get the price down (normal price $30.00, clearence price $7.00) and it was a beautiful sweater to be honest. -customer brought back a cocktail dress she bought on clearence a few months ago and tried to return it, I said no and she screamed at me for 10 minutes until a manager came and punked out giving her the return. He looked like he was about to scold me but didn' co-clerk that day said that I looked like I could set him on fire with my mind. After a week, I quit. At that point I could have cared less if I had to live under a bridge because of it. I know that had I stayed, I know I would have slugged someone. The customers, for the most part, were incredibly abusive (I notice that the customers where I worked, who happened to be mostly female, were always just plain evil to the female clerks, a population I was a part of. Anyone else notice that?) and I never got any help from management. Management would chant 'the customer is always right,' like some psychotic mantra. Ten times out of ten it sounded like they were trying to convince themselves. The only time I was ever defended from an angry customer, who was screaming at me for 20 minutes straight because the store didn't carry a purse in the color she wanted, was by another customer. It was a police officer who just got off duty and told the lady that she had no right to scream at someone that much better looking than her for an ugly purse. I was ready to jump the counter and kiss him for that! So yeah, it sucked. It made me practically throw myself in my studies to avoid ever having to work retail again!