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    Well after sifting through many of the DM/HG pages on AFF i found the story. Its called While we're here by KBLynne and her sequel is called Before we leave. Great one shots!! DB1
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    For the life of me i cant find this story anywhere. All i remember is that it takes place during the final battle and hermione encounters draco and they go to duel but end up getting trapped in a room/ cave without there wands as a result fo a cave in or something. they end up having sex and during this harry finds them trapped interupting them. hermione encourages harry to join them and they have a threesome. If you find this please let me know the story title or author!!! Cheers, DB1
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    Strangest Place

    in the back of a bus on the way to the beach in my ex boyfriends backyard on the bbq table (the backyard is more of a side yard and there is no privacy, as in no solid fence more like hedges which you can see threw, and his dog was barking at us the whole time which was a little distracting) my ex girlfriends grandparents vow renewal in the confession box. never was much of a good christian and finally the restrooms at a club and there was another couple that had the same thought as us at that time....that had to be the best cause we could hear them and im sure they could hear us -such a thrill of course there is the usual bathroom, kitchen, lounge room, car etc.
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    Count To Infinity

  5. DB1

    Count To Infinity

  6. i picked 'fuck labels' why the hell do we have to label things. it only makes teenage years harder because your already trying to work out who you are and the labels and categories only make it harder to work out where you fit in. its like if you don't fit under one label then you must fit under this one. And different groups and categories are discriminated against and its hard if you think that you belong in that group because you can see how being in that group affects those peoples lives and you don't want to be treated like them. my parents alwasy put labels on sexuality and being anything but straight is not acceptable. and for years i hated myself and tried to deny who i was because i didn't want to dissapoint my parents or have them look at me with disgust. now i've stopped hating myself for being bisexual and if people have a problem with it then they can go fuck themselves. people shouldn't judge. how can someone say it disgusting to have sex with someone of the same gender if they haven't tried it themesleves?
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    I Have Never....

    i have i have never had phone sex (why when i can have the real thing?)
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    ^ banned for killing me!!
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    Alphabet...whoever's A Picks The Theme

    Tony Parker (basketball)
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    The sillybugger game

    "I want the sillybugger" "you can't handle the sillybugger" - A few good men (movie)
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    The People Above And Below You

    ^ is bringing sex toys < is horny v is wanting to join in the group sex
  12. DB1

    I Am...

    I am wishing my girlfriend was here!! *grins*
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    Person above you game

    ^ is desperate for sex!! just jump her Araneola!!
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    ^ banned for complaining that your buddies were not on!