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  1. I know this is obvious but, normal words used in sexual context can have a totally different meaning These are just examples; if you can come up with better ones go for it, any help would be appreciated. Calanthee Abandon, yielding control to someone else or yielding to natural impulses. [sex impulses] Abandoned, morally unrestrained [ wanton] Abdomen, area of the body between the chest and pelvis [belly, stomach, abs etc] Ablaze, being on Fire [on fire with lust] Abuse, a corrupt practice and abuser [molester]
  2. Thank you all, for answering my questions, now at least I know it wasn't just me who did something wrong! Calanthee aka Gslinger
  3. I have a lot a space a the end of my chapters, don't understand how delete it in the AFF text box. Before publishing I found way to delete extra space in my copy before publishing. But after publishing I can't seem to find away to do it that works, without messing up the chapter? Please any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you! Calanthee aka Gslinger
  4. In the archive why are some Story titles and Authors in Brown, while others are shaded in blue? Sorry my curiosity got the better of me Calanthee at
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    Cookie reset, slight url change

    Dear Demon Goddess, Sorry for being bitchy earlier, my old computer gives me trouble a lot and I get confused easly... didn't mean to take it out on you! I know you guys work your fingers and knuckles to bone trying to keep things going on AFF. org... here... but please forgive me. My computer has two browser, so far I got Google Chrome done and changed over. Thanks for the added info it helped a lot! Sincerely, Calanthee the Gslinger If I did what you guys do daily, I need something much stronger than coffee to keep me going... closer to rocket fuel!
  6. Art Work is on my mind and writing a little bit on the back burner simply for the reason I need the money.

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      What sort of art do you do?

  7. Art work, writing is a little on the back burning, just simple reason I need the money!

  8. Calanthee

    Enough is Enough!

    Its fine to seek perfection in yourself if that's what you want to do, but have compassion for those not as skilled as yourself some people just enjoy telling a story even if its not grammar and spelling perfect. I have read stories with perfect grammar and spelling and tone of voice that comes across superior and the story ends up boring as hell! To me a good story makes me want to read each word that comes next even if they are spelled wrong and the periods and commas are missing. To me character development and plot structure are much more important than pure and perfect grammar and spelling... surely not every word we say to each other daily is perfect english we are all flawed is some ways, so are stories. A really good story rises aboves its flaws just like people do. No ones perfect, neither are stories. It must be very boring to read stories only to seek out their mistakes. Guess that's why I wouldn't make a good editor. Cal
  9. Calanthee

    Enough is Enough!

    Some vicious Grammar and Spelling Freaks seem to read stories not to just enjoy them but to find fault with them in every possible way. Not to be helpful, encouraging, or constructive but just to feel superior and bring some one down. People write for a lot of reasons not always to create world shattering litature, but sometime for personal reasons. It helps them to relieve stress, sometimes just to be creative, or simply deal with lifes everyday problems. So what's wrong with that if this a free open website. Everyone, except plagiarizers or stealers of others people's words, should be able to write and publish here whatever their skill level, unless you plan to start testing us for grammar and spelling! God Forbid! If you find a story you don't like and you feel that it's beneath you.... simple don't read it. Don't troll it with hateful nasty critics just to tear the down the story and its writer. If you feel you can be helpful with your critisms and your intent is pure then fine go ahead kindly make suggestions. But vicious cruel preditory Grammar and Spelling Freaks are not wanted, your the worse Trolls of all! Cal
  10. Missing less than a week, but I can't remember the name of the story. Outlaws name was Bose and he just realized he's gay and he liked men. He robed banks and trains and his gang didn't seem to mind that he was gay for they still consider him a dangerous badass and followed his lead. I can't remember the name of the hot sexy rancher, either. My mind must be going! In the story the rancher was couple years older than the big bad outlaw. Mr Outlaw fell hard for the rancher and it seemed to be getting real serious. Please help, guys I really liked this story. I'd be glad just to know what happened to the story and why it's not here any more or I can't find it????? Maybe the Fierce Dragons of disciplinary action on AFF took it down for a particular important reason? So whatever, just let me know what happened, I can take being disapointed because the story's not around anymore. Really, Not mad, just curious Gslinger
  11. Calanthee

    Looking for missing M/M tale about a rancher and outlaw?

    Thanks very much, Guest babe, you found it, I guess I'm lossing it! Gslinger
  12. Calanthee

    That Necessary Shimmer

    New original story by Gslinger, I have no beta, any feedback would be appreciated! Story by Gslinger Title: That Necessary Shimmer Summary: A very beautiful synthetically created humanoid with a twofold or dual gender called an Ashim was purchased to service the carnal needs of the crew and officers aboard a starship. Fandom: N/A Original Chaptered Story: 1 &2 so far, more to come. URL:
  13. Calanthee

    That Necessary Shimmer

    Chapter 5 is up on The Necessary Shimmer BE warned 1.Non- con 2.Cursing 3. Graphic wording descriptions
  14. Calanthee

    Using proper anatomical terms over sex slang

    If it sound like an autopsy... it too clinical and not sexy, still some slang word are vulgar or sexist, I rather use a discription of what the body part does or how it reacts, in place of slang or anatomical terms, to me it's whatever makes the story flow and evokes the right sexy mood. Angry Cursing is another story, it calls for different guide lines, it need to shock! I positively hate the word cunt it is totally sexist,...I wont use it for any reason what- so- ever, not even as a curse...and pussy is silly I can't take it seriously. I'd rather use wet folds, or moist petals. For Female insults I'd rather use slut or horny bitch. As for men I perfer Cock, shaft, manhood over dick, but will use dick in cursing, even though it could have two different meanings in that context. For what it's worth my 2 cents It would be nice it they would come up with more cleverily discriptive words for sexual functions! Even thought it probably considered anatomical or clincal...I'm sort of like the word ejaculate, it has its own funky class.LOL Cal
  15. aging painfully

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      Given that my new neighbor thought I had died, I'm happy to settle for aging right now. o.O

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      died??? well, the aging thing definitely has its ...ouchies

  16. I've been writing this story since 9/3/7 till today 6/19/2012. It feels great to finish something whether its good or bad! So check it out and tell me what think and if your interested it ends with three smutty/filthy chapters right up to the orgy at the end, that is if you like that kinda thing especially m/m...if you don't this story is not for you! 1.wrote it to learn how write (learned a little, but shit it ain't the great american novel that's for sure) learn grammar, spelling and punctuation (failed badly my english sucks and I leave out words) 3. used it as a distractions against grief in a 3 to 4 year period I lost my 94 year old father, 3 very close friends to cancer, my work went out business so I lost my job and then I had to sell my house because I couldn't afford to keep it up and then got nothing for it when I sold it, so I still need to worry about money... now! 4. writing it I tried to use humor a good deal, pathos, discription, and construct interesting characters, but then I turnaround and write a terrible rape scenes, probably a foil for my great build up of angst! If any one would dare ask me whether it was worth writing it it? I say "yes damn-it" it was worth it, at least it kept me busy when I didn't have anything else to do! "One warning...don't fall in love with your own Characters or you'll end up writing 80 Chapy's.. deffinitely a big NO NO! Please if you can spare a few minutes at least review, and tell me what you think of the Dirty Parts LOL! Calanthee aka the Gslinger....... and don't cry for me Argentina! Url: http://original.adul...hp?no=600094883
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    Getting near the end, been writing this story since 2007! Be-warned needs a beta bad, because I am a horrible editor. I had two or three beta's. but they fled long ago, so all mistakes are mine. I decided to write the story just for me, experimenting with content, humor, and sex as it pleased me. Only Chapter 75 and the Hot slashy afterwards to go. Title: Darkness Author: Gslinger Rating: Adult+++ Pairings: Darkness and just about everyone who moves! Summary: A Demon warrior is sent to kidnap a young half-elf boy, for his Dark Wizard Master, who has special plans for this particular boy. Feedback: Oh yes please, just have mercy on my poor spelling and grammar! Fandom: Original story with D&D influence, depending on a heavy slash content, because a beautiful evil wizard can't keep his hands and his perverse appetites under control... because he's a dedicated full time bastard... oh but he is pretty, but he tries to disguise his good side. Url: Thanks for reading, Calanthee aka the Gslinger Guess what guys I actually got a volunteer to beta for me... Yippy-ki-ya... Hooray, and I thought nobody liked me. I just hope everything works out all right...because I had several beta's that fled after only a short time. I look forward to see how it all works out??? Stay tuned for further updates.
  18. Calanthee


    Dear All, Just download Darkness Chapter 77 Aftermath: Going, Going, Gone, This chapter 77 includes the main ending to the story! Sorry I was a little too previous talking about K'lyss the infamous Violet Wizard he's in the next chapter I promise! Sorry what can I say it took me 4 total chapters to end this story.... especially with the needed, suitable, and most necessary smut, then there was lengthy unneeded smut at the very end. Unfortunitely, in between there was a certain amount of the Plot, it was forced upon me by My ruthless muse, LOKI also known as Mr Naughty, who demanded that I put it in or he would throw a demented tizzzy fit and then refuse to help me end it.... the story that is! Hopefully, the last 3 Chapters will be following soon, Calanthee aka Gslinger Url: http://original.adul...hp?no=600094883
  19. Calanthee


    3/9/2012 Chapter 76 of Darkness is up, the last Chapter before the end, which will be coming soon: called Chapter 77 Aftermath, in it... Find out what happens when Darkness meets his match.... K'lyss the infamous Violet Wizard and seduction is rampant and frequent and no one gets left out! Calanthee the Gslinger
  20. Dear DemonGoddess061, Your gem beyond price. Thank you for the help! R Passmore/ Gslinger
  21. Don't worry the ancient aliens horny gods are going to return, and all you'll have to worry about is digging enough gold out of the hole they put u and us slaves in, if every thing ends Dec 21, 2012 at least we're going to miss annoying Christmas. Thanks for small favors, If you happen to stay out of their attention, stay away from fast food places for they like to hover their crafts over the smell of burning meat it turns'm on... its time in 2012 to become a vegatarian. It might make us less noticiable to them. Cal
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    In the End

    Hope you will continue to write your overwhelming stories with your lovely characters, even though your away. If you stopped that would be even sadder! Good Luck and Prosper V, Gslinger
  23. He-ah poison plant girl still up to no good, and seeding your sarcasm to all who dare to listen??? The howling woffster guess who???

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    Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Answer!

    Gee-wiz, who you trying to kid, Ima darling, there is not one kind emotional part, to that evil mean lean and green plannnt girl body of probable chew on bugs just to hear the crunch they make before you swallow them. I hear they are healthy for you anyway. And its your tongue which is forked not your tentacles... so excuse me! Confused, but deadly Cal Question: So Sweet Honey Love, what do big squeegees bugs taste like????