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  1. Squall-sama

    Ever Hear of Push

    Ok, first off, have any of you ever heard of or watched the movie Push? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Push_(2009_film) You know, the one with Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning and Camilla Belle? It's not the most amazing movie ever made, but it has potential. For an RP. >.> A group RP, to be exact. One that revolves entirely around the Push universe, but with our own characters--I'd rather leave the ones from the movie out of it--wouldn't it be much more fun to have our own? It would involve a lot of planning I think, but if we had the Pushers, Watchers, Shadows, Movers (and every other ability) and even Division, I think it could be something worth trying out! And just so no one is left out, it would be het, slash and anything else in between. It would make for a more interesting story to have all ranges of relationships, don't you think? I don't want to post too much more, in case this doesn't go anywhere, so anyone who's interested, leave a comment, alright?! =3
  2. Squall-sama

    Need Helps

    Wow bummer. Well thanks for trying XD I'll have to fix that.
  3. Squall-sama

    Need Helps

    Hi everyone! It's been forever, right? XD Well I was talking to miss DemonGoddess and she asked me how my submissions were going for a contest I entered and I told her I was at the bottom of the rung... =/ As usual. So I figured I'd come over here and ask for some help! I've entered a contest to create a logo for a new anime convention and unfortunatelly it's a popularity vote, not mod's choice. So I need as many people to vote for me as possible! All it takes is one click! Sadly you have to log in to vote... but everyone is a member on FB now right? I mean if I am everyone else has to be... lol =) http://apps.facebook.com/contestshq/contes...9?order=recency That's the direct link to my submissions, but if for some reason it goes crazy and takes you to the main submissions page, my group title is "Cosplay Love." Thanks much! ~Squall-sama
  4. Squall-sama

    Earth Day

    *sings the song from Discovery Channel* Ok, I've come up with this totally crazy idea and I have NO idea how I'm gonna acomplish it--especially in time for Earth Day (April 22) ...but, just hear me out anyway. I was watching Planet Earth the other day on the discovery channel and it just started to get me thinking, "I should draw pics for Earth Day. That would be fun!" So I did--I'm in the process of one and I plan on drawing one more afterwards. But that wasn't the crazy idea I had. The real crazy idea I was having was, what if I could start a special charity of sorts, something where I could get all the artists on Y!gallery, PaperDemon, DeviantArt, etc., and anywhere else I know them at and we could ALL draw art for Earth Day--a sort of awareness for it and then find a way to contribute all this art to saving the planet somehow!?! THAT would be freaking awsome. But how would I do this? Who could I go to, to help me with such a monumental task. I'd need the support of the press, other charities possibly, "powerful" people, you know? I'd need a way to get all the art together, to get it sold and get all that money together to go to the right place! Because, just donating to some random charity isn't gonna cut it. And of course, I can't imagine building up enough money in just one month from selling art to help, so this would have to be a long term thing--something which I'd have no problem with--but what about everyone else? I have so many insain ideas running through my head right now that I can't even think straight! So what do you guys think? Is this totally ridiculously impossible? Or do you think it can be done, and would anyone like to help me on this little endeavor? Keep an open mind--this is our home you know--we only have one planet to live on.... Unless of course we happen to find a Gaia or Terra out there somewhere. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5BxymuiAxQ <--the Title song.
  5. Squall-sama

    Voting for My Kitty!

    Hey everyone! I need to ask for a huge favor from you all! I entered my kitty into a contest to win $5000 dollars and if he gets the most votes, I win!!!! So please, everyone go and vote on him right now!! Voting ENDS November 17th!!! http://www.1043myfm.com/pages/petcontest/index.html My cat's name is Neeko. HOW TO VOTE: Go to the 'vote' link directly under the 'N-Par' and you can vote there. (It's on the bottom row, far left) Neeko is # 13. After you have voted, you must verify with that e-mail you used to officiate the vote--don't forget!! Tell your friends, tell your family!!! Help me win everyone!!! I love you all!! And everyone must go and watch this--just because it is the most adorable thing ever.
  6. Well, you're one of the few players with enough hit points that i get more than one EXP for killing you. Everyone under Laaerie is too small to be worth my time.

    Except every tenth level, when i just HAVE to see that 'you have reached your limit of 90 kills' message.

  7. ... And here I thought I was safe from getting randomly killed. You and Shiro are my #1 enemies, I try to kill you guys but I only seem to commit suicide>.< damnit.

  8. Ohho! So someone IS still alive around here eh?

  9. XD Yay! Thanks, so do I... *grins*

  10. I wish you really DID rule the world, Squall.

  11. Squall-sama

    Anime Expo '08

    Yeah... actually all the hotels close to the convention center are already filled. I happen to have a few spaces open if you wanted to room with me and about 6 more of my crazy friends. . . . >.< it would be about 100 dollars for your soace though. >.< And that's actually cheep--believe it or not. -_-0 But yeah, whatever. ^_^0
  12. Squall-sama

    Anime Expo '08

    Well, you know, whatever--your loss.
  13. Squall-sama

    Anime Expo '08

    Have no fear! I will bombard everyone with billions of photos and a novel-length journal about AX when it is over.... But it hasn't even come yet! I must wait patiently--but I don't want to!!!!!