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  1. Catagory name: Sasuke/Ninja Warrior Section catagory to be in: Television Do you have any stories for it?: yes added
  2. Wolfie

    My problem with Ichigo & Bleach.

    Here is my two cents for this whole Ichigo power thing. In truth, if you go by what has been stated in the past episodes and the story line, Ichigo can't get no stronger. Yes, he has achieved bankai, yes, he now has control over his vizard form but that's it. Aizen stated to Ichigo ( can't remember the episode but it is the one where he is taking that jewel thing out of Rukia and yes I am too tired to look up names) Once a shinigami achieves their top level of power there is only one other way to get more powerful. Become a vizard/hollow. That is the highest level of power you can go to and low and behold, Ichigo is already there. ( Thanks to the training from Urahara and the Vizards) There is no where for Ichigo to go now to get more powerful, unless he becomes a god. He does have those untapped powers but he has to train to tap into them. Right now I don't see him training because of these arcs the poor boy is going through. Bless his poor soul, he can't win for loosing. That's the only thing I don't like about Bleach with the anime, the arcs. At least the Bount Arc and the Vizard Arc fit in with the story line. However, the current Arc they are showing, has absolutely nothing to do with the series and poor Renji is still stuck in Hueco Mondo fighting alone. I wish they would just get on with the storyline. Yes I understand they need to keep the people's intrest but these arcs when they have nothing to do with the story line is old. I just want to see the outcome of the Hueco Mundo arc. But that's my two cents worth on this.
  3. hey, hey... why have you taken away your stories?

    I wanted to take a look ;)

    Maybe submit one chapter? Huh?

    Regards :)

  4. Wolfie

    Question about legal stuff

    Thanks for the information The husband who lives on the property went postal and basically told everyone "he wasn't effing moving". Now they have no choice. The wife on the property found the lease agreement. After reading it yet again, she found the notation that the property was up for sale and if Cindy ( the landlord) found a buyer, they had to be out by the date she set forth. The way that Florida laws have been rewritten, seeing they were paying monthly rent ( when they would pay it) Cindy only had to give them 15 days to vacate. She gave them more than that and to avoid all the hassles of dealing with the law from another state, she isn't suing them for back rent. She just wants them out. The wife talked to Cindy yesterday and assured they would be out by the 20th so that the buyers ( us) could be in by that weekend. I guess it is a good thing that we are paid up till the first here. With all the bombing for bugs ( fleas to be exact) and the cleaners going in. We are going to need till the first, just to get the area relivable again. Time will tell if they are telling the truth. I also checked into the fully furnished laws down here. If the location was fully furnished with beds, washer and dryer, and furniture when occupants move in, even if they purchased new to bring in, to replace the other stuff, they have to leave it when they vacate the location. If they replace the older stuff that was there, if it was in the contract, they have to leave it fully furnished. And yes, Cindy does have a list of everything that was furnished in the location when she rented it out. So yeah, we don't have to purchase our furnature. Sorry for miss spelled words, not fully awake yet.
  5. Myself and my husband have decided to rent to own a property. The lady who is a family friend, moved to another state and rented out her trailer. She has decided to sell it which is a plus for me and my husband. The current occupants of said location signed a lease with the lady. In the time they have been there, they haven't paid her a full months rent, and have broken the lease aggreement numerous times. Most current is the dog situation when the lease plainly states no dogs but yet they have five. She has given them a verbal statement saying they have until the 20th no later than the 25th to get out. She has also sent a certified letter in the mail. My question is this.. Seeing she has given the verbal and sent the certified letter of eviction out with the dates. Can these renters still continue to live there if they refuse the certified letter? If they lie and say it wasn't delivered? I know you can refuse to sign for a certified letter. The touchy thing with this is that they have children also. Also the trailer was fully furnished with furniture, beds, the whole nine yards. Can they be sued if they remove those things from the home? Even if they said they purchased them? I always wondered how that worked. If you throw away the original furnishings, being beds, couches or whatever, do you have to leave the furnitue you purchased in the place?
  6. Wolfie

    Marriage Law Challenge

    Your welcome. Your question was a vaild one. I am glad you are thinking about it. It just seemed like a great idea to do and I hope to get more author's publishing works in Bleach.
  7. Wolfie

    Marriage Law Challenge

    A Marriage Law Challange For Bleach. I got in contact with the original plot owner of The Marriage Law Challange for the Harry Potter catergory. She gave me permission to use this idea for Bleach. The rules are as follows... A) The Marriage Law is to bring new blood into the Soul Society. The male characters can only be Captain's or Vice Captain's of the Thirteen Squads. Children will be part of the marriage as per the law. A list of the male's will follow the rules. The females choosen MUST be from the real world. No female characters from the Soul Society are allowed to be used. This means no characters from the story line of Bleach or no filer characters. No prior shinigaimi females. If they live in the Soul Society, they can not be used. C) The females must be Original Characters . They can come from any race or location in the world. D) The females MUST NOT be Mary Sues. In other words, no females who can fight with zampakato's or have Shinigami powers to call spirits or send spirits. The only exception is that the female's are allowed to have the ability to see spirits. ( Reason see rule F) No unique looks being aqua hair or amber eyes. All characters must be within the lines of being a real person on the street. Also no super powers are to be used. E) All females must be of age. Meaning no minors under the age of 18 in the story. F) The females chosen can be contacted by either the males that have choosen them or by other persons. G) The Females MUST NOT have any prior knowledge of the society or shimigami's. It will be the male's place to tell them about their jobs and the society. H) The stories MUST be multi chapters. No one shots. No single chapters. No instant falling in love with the male characters. List of available characters to use for the challange Division 1 Captain General Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryusai Vice Captain Chojiro Sasakibe Division 2 Vice Captain Marechiyo Omaeda Division 3 Captain Shusuke Amagai Vice Captain Izuru Kira Division 6 Captain Byakuya Kuchiki Vice Captain Renji Abarai Division 7 Captain Sajin Komamura Vice Captain Tetsuzaemon Iba Divison 8 Shunsui Kyoraku Division 9 Vice Captain Shuhei Hisagi Division 10 Toushriou Hitsuguya Division 11 Kenpachi Zaraki Division 12 Mayuri Kurotsuchi Division 13 Juushirou Uikitake You can find the links to the character's pages here. Character Pages Please keep the male characters believable. When using Kenpachi, remember that he has Yachiru who is like his daughter. With Byakuya, remember that he is a noble. With Sajin, remember that he is a fox. Please don't turn him human for these stories. Have fun and remember only the male characters listed above can be used. Please don't use Ikkaku, Yamichika (Division 11 ) or Sentaro (Division 13) they are not vice captain's only seated officers. You can combine more than one pairing for the stories. Example..Captain Ukitake/ OC and Vice Captain Abarai/OC I look forward to seeing what authors come up with for these stories.
  8. poke... giggles...i wuv pain meds.

  9. Wolfie

    Too Many Sub Categories

    Actually to be blunt... The categories are correct... There is the Transformers Cartoon There is also the Transformers Movie which just came out this past year and yes, it deserves a category on it's own because the people in the movie, did not appear in the cartoon. As for the anime..Not too sure there. I only know of the Cartoon and the movie. Perhaps the Anime means the comic book? Was there even a Transformers comic?
  10. Oh wait... o.o uh... >.>; yeah sorry, nvm! XD; Guess its not your bday... read it wrong. -__-; Sorry! >.<; (delete my last comment) ::is hugely embarrassed::

  11. Happy Birthday to YOU and to ME! WOO! X3

  12. BOO SIS!!!!!!! LoL

    I found ya...

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  13. Wolfie

    Severe Writer's block is kicking me in the @ss

    Hey Hon, I suffer from the dreaded WB bug all the time. You can't force a story to come out. Trust me, I have tried numerous times and failed. However, Try writing in another fandom or even writing an *one shot* to get your muses started back up again. Even if you don't post it, just write for the fun of it. I have so many WIP's not online that it isn't funny. Just take your time and relax. Let the story come to you and if your readers don't understand the concept, then you don't need them.