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  1. Depending on what I'm writing...I'll just break it down. Essays: I actually write these for fun. Why? Because I like to research and learn about anything that catches my attention so I tend to write essays about them. First I research the new subject, write out my notes and then write the essay. I then let it sit for a month or so and go back to edit the hell out of it so I know nothing is plagiarized or something like that. Fanfiction: These usually pop up in one conversation or another I have with my readers or with close friends who know the fandom. When I get a new bunny, I let it sit. I write down the idea and just let it peculate. Talk about it some. The work out an outline that will end up rewritten about 20 times during my writing process. When I start writing, I have my outline and I'm still talking with friends about it. Originals: I rarely show anyone these while I'm writing on them. They take me more time but also come to me a bit easier since I tend to know what the heck I want to do with them. I do some research, I create my characters and outline (which usually ends up rewritten about 30 to 50 times during the writing process), create ideas, and write. Takes me time (about 6 months to a year depending on if I'm working on it every couple of days or not).
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    How long do you prefer chapters?

    I personally tend to write somewhere between 1,100 words to 3,000 words per chapter. But for reading, I like a variety but if it's going to end up being a small book per chapter (say between 9,000 words and over) I tend not to read it unless it's a really good story and one that I want to read. And It has to move on, be good. Or be a one shot. One of the two.
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    Bits and Pieces of Transformers

    Review from Uchiha Mizuki: ok ch 5 was CUTE!!!! you have more? of cute sam? please? My response: Eventually! I promise. *nods* I'm glad you liked though. It was a lot of fun. *nods*
  4. This is the review thread to Bits and Pieces of Transformers. I try to update here as often as possible. Review by Timberwolf: Hmmm, interesting first chapter. Review by Timberwolf: Cutiness on a silver platter. Oh, I loved this one. My Reply: I'm glad you enjoyed it so much sweetness. And yes, they were cute (and interesting) at turns.
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    A Bleach Melody

    Review from Moon Shadow: I was wondering when you were possibly going to write Therapy 7:C. I am just a big fan of your chapter and just am really excited for more. Thanks! My Response: Moon Shadow, thank you for your reviews, and eventually I will write more. Some day when I get a bunny for that line. Ane does have the story that bunnied it for me if you wish to find it. It's a therapy, so just look for Therapy when doing the search. I don't remember which one it was though. She did have 2 follow ups also.
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    A Bleach Melody

    This here is the forum for the reviews for my story A Bleach Melody. My name is Faery’s Delight. I welcome you and thank you all for your reviews. Review from Yakumo: I love this pairing so much, so I'm glad to see so many writers doing Stark/Ichigo pairings. Nice work. My Response: Thank you for your review for my Stark/Ichigo story. I’m happy that you enjoyed it as much as you did. Review from NeonOranges: AWWWW! Yumi as a seme is almost never done but I love him! He'll take good care of Ichigo! SO FREAKING CUTE!!! My Response: I know! It was cute. *cuddles them* *giggles* *bounces* Review from Yakumo: Ichigo is having Aizen's child! That should be interesting. I usually don't like Mpreg too much but this looks like it could be good. xD I'm eagerly awaiting an update. My Response: I do MPreg quite often when the story calls for it. This one actually called for it. :3 *nodnod* I’m glad you enjoyed it. Review from Anon: moooooooooooooooreeeee Review from Anon: Sweet chapter. My response: Yush! More as I write them and all of them are sweet chapters. Review from Yakumo: I'm sorry to hear that you're in pain; I hope you get well soon! D: My response: I’m feeling better now, just need to get back to writing as I go along. Review by LyricalSin: That was hot! I really didn't expect to take a liking to Starrk/Ichi but you have made me a believer lol. Oh and for some inexplicable reason, I find myself extremely drawn to the line "And where was that hand going?" Would you mind if I used it for a story I plan to write in the distant future? Crediting you of course. It would be greatly appreciated. LSin My Response: *giggles* Yush! *bounces* I love the pairing Starrk/Ichigo (even though I’m still iffy on the spelling of his name). As for the line, I already gave you permission when I first got this review, so we all good.
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    A Butterfly's Dream

    This is the review thread for my story A Butterfly's Dream. Please note that I am rewriting this story into past tense and the chapters will be a little off while I do that. Thank you. Review by peeps: I am trully fascinated with this story. I'm not sure what is going on yet and I love being kept on my toes. I can't wait till the next chapter. Review by peeps: I just read your new chapter. It was great. I'm interested in what Clary's role will be in this story. Also who is messing with his computer? And why? You truly still have me on my toes. I can't wait till the next chapter. Review by peeps: I really like this chapter. It gave a little more info but still keeps you hanging. I can't wait till the next chapter. My reply: I'm glad that I could keep you hanging on to the edge of your seat and your attention and I'm sorry that I haven't worked on this story in so long! I've been a bit swamped with everything that is going on in my life. As for who is messing with the computer, that was answered...eventually. Review by JJay: WOW this is really good. I hope that you continue with the story. My Response: I am writing this story! It just grew a bigger plot then planned. *nods* Review by HentaiZaru: This is awesome! Update soon! My Response: I'm glad you're enjoying this story! I really am. I'm enjoying writing it just as much as you are reading it. *beams happily* Review by Erica: This is a great story. I am really enjoying reading it. My response: I'm glad you enjoy reading it. I hope that you're continuing to enjoy this story and hope you forgive me for putting it on hiatus until I shift the chapters over. Review by kylee: This is my first time reading A Butterfly's Dream. Good job on writing it. I am so sad about Clarys. It is as if he gave himself up willingly to the demons. I hope this means there will be a David, Markus and Edward threesome. They would definitely make a good match. I feel like Clary's parents should have been more prepared for the attack from the demons. I can't wait to read more. My Response: I'm glad you like the story, I really am. And to tell you the truth...he kinda did. As to why...mmm, that will be answered in later chapters. It has something to do with David and Rye (who was introduced in a roundabout way) but I'm not going to tell anyone just yet. *nodnod* So you'll have to read it when I get it out again. *winks*
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    Rose Strailos 100 Flash Stories

    This is the review thread for Rose Strailos 100 Flash Stories. Review by Anon: These are interesting. Have you tried to do any in a more abstract light? Like 'rape' being more like a rape of the mind or something similar? My Response: I try when I start playing around with these but it's like my mind just shifts to another thought process. *shrugs* But I'm glad you enjoy them. Review by Zane: You should totally turn these into basis for porn. My Response: *laughs* Oh my, that's the first time I've heard that but I'm glad you think they could turn into porn with me. Anyways, glad you liked.
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    My One Shots

    This is the review thread for my story collection My One Shots. I try to reply once a week. Review by Selador: Loved both stories, although was little down after the second one. They are very well written and quickly form a connection with the reader. I really think you should continue Finding Someone, I am beyond intrigued with what could happen with Conall! My Response: I hope to actually continue that story, create a full story around it but that's going to take time. *nods* But I'm glad you rather enjoyed them. Review by HideAndGoSeek: that was so sweat!!!! I feel like I'm about to cry! My response: Oh! Don't cry! I hope you continue to enjoy my stories though. Review by kylee: I really enjoyed reading these oneshots. Story number one was very interesting. I would love to read more. story number 4 had me ready to start bawling. That is a true winner. I hope to read more of your writing soon. My response: I have a lot of writing, most of it fanfiction, so I do hope you have been raiding the rest of my stuff as you go along. And I plan on writing on more of that story. Thank you.
  10. This is the reply thread to my story Bits and Pieces of Criminal Minds. I do try to reply to reviews once a week on this site. Review from The Dead One: I love it babe I wanna see more! My Reply: I'm glad you loved it so much! I will try to do more and I do requests, so don't forget that. *winks*
  11. sunnylewis

    Bits and Pieces of Inuyasha

    This is the review forum for Bits and Pieces of Inuyasha. Review by ardentes: I liked the Kouga/Hakkaku/Ginta pairing because it was sweet and fluffy. I am not so sure with the other one because I am unfamiliar with GI Joe so it just seemed like a very sexual scene but I didn't find it as enjoyable because I was unfamiliar with the GI Joe character (which would be my fault, not yours, I'm not trying to bash you or anything). Anyway, I hope you write more of these little drabbles or whatever you call them. I like them. If you are taking requests, would you consider doing a Sesshomaru/Inuyasha or Kouga/Inuyasha pairing where Inuyasha is being annoying and the other finds a way to make him stop misbehaving. Or if you are familiar with YuYu Hakusho, a Sesshomaru/Kurama pairing (I absolutely would do anything to read this pairing but find very few of them). I do hope you write more soon! I enjoyed the pieces. My Response: Aww! I'm glad you enjoyed it. No worries if you didn't really enjoy the cross over. I pop up with some odd cross overs since me and a friend (who requested the two bits) have a wide variety of fandoms between the two of us. Anyways, I am taking requests and I have all of the pairings written down because I enjoy all of them. I hope you keep reading and take a chance to poke around my other stories that are random and often looked at.
  12. This is the review forum for The Truth Behind His Life. It is a cross over between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Batman but is slash. Review by Jaylynn: Oh please update this! I'm right when I am thinking of Jack and Selina as the future Joker and Catwoman right? Lol I hope so. This is looking to be really interesting so I hope you continue. Is Xander going to have a love interest and if so, who or at least gender? *I like both depending on partners* Sorry for so many questions but I really think this is a great start and enjoy your writing style. *I hate it when I read a story start and love the idea but the writing style makes it hard to get into it.* My Response: I'm planning on as soon as I can find a bit of muse swimming around my brain that's going on. *nodnod* I hope that you keep writing and enjoying. As for the pairing, I'm not sure. Right now I'm playing around with Dick/Xander. Review by Roxas: Please write more to this story thanks. My response: Yes, I will be, promise. Review by tomboy17: hi . this is great , I love it not to mention you got sum of my favorite characters but mostly xander and joker , I don’t think you’ve mentioned you will be the pair , hope you update soon . Review by tomboy17: it rocks and you rock on baby ,and keep rocking on . My response: Aww! I'm glad you like it so much. *bounces* And there will be pairings when I figure that one out, promise. *nods* *giggles and bounces* Thank you dearest. Review by jgood27: good story, please update soon My response: I will hopefully do so as soon as I have time and energy to do it with this story. I have so many others that I need to work on still. Review by sacred legacies: *snickers* now thats ammusing. lol. *considers* Is Batman gonna wierd out when Xander and the Joker finally meet and Xander calls him papi? My response: Oooh yes, the Batman is going to get the shock of a life time when I have those two meet for sure. *cackles and bounces* Review by LAS: I really like the story and I can't wait until you update it. My response: I'm glad you're enjoying this and I hope to write more once I get there.
  13. sunnylewis

    Finding a Bit of Trust

    This is the review forum for Finding a Bit of Trust which is a SLASH pairing between Ibiki and Naruto. Review by fani: want more uke naru-chan with a splatter of mpreg.....lov this fic My reply: There is going to be uke Naru-chan. *nodnod* In later chapters. Maybe some MPreg. Review by Sneakyfox: Oh my. I'm gonna have to thank truelywicked for giving you this little bit of inspiration. I loved this chapter. Keep up the good work! Review by Sneakyfox: lol Sakura is doomed! Review by Sneakyfox: Haha.. in your face, Sakura! Keep up the good work. My reply: She happily takes the blame and PREENS about it. *giggles* *hugs her* I'm glad you are loving the story so far. Review by ShadowofLight: Yes finally! Someone has broken the mold! Sorry and i totally agree, Ibiki is, well he's alot like a giant teddy bear and I am so glad someone did this pairing. I would love to see how it goes (and I enjoy a good Sakura/Sasuke bashing time to time, I despise them even now). Great job, I'll be waiting happily for the next updates! Review by ShadowofLight: Fun time fun time fun fun fun time!!! Oh to be a fly on that wall with a camceroder. Well I have a camcorder but oh to be there. Hell I was thinking of a perfect torture for her! And it is never a good idea to hurt someone with such powerful and caring friends. So yay for ibiki-san!! I can't wait to read more and Merry Chirstmas and Happy New year!!! Review by ShadowofLight: Normally, I despite that prick, but when I read how well he manipulated that--thing! (and I use teh term very loosely) I was smiling. then I read the last several lines and I broke out in a large grin. So basically, the skank dug her own grave and now she's gonna lie in it. Perfect! not enough narutoxIbiki fics out there, I like Ibiki, he's a teddy bear! So glad you updated and I can't wait to read more. please tell me you have something very otrturous for hte bitch planned? And let Naruto find love soon! My reply: Oh my, such a lovely set of comments! I'm glad that you're enjoying the fact that I broke the mold of pairings. Especially since there are like...1 other chapter story. And that's Ibiki/Naruto friendship going on. *shrugs* As for the camcorder, we all wish that we could do that. *cackles* The perfect torture for her is to know that Sasuke considers her a piece of lint not worth his time and forever is he out of her reach. *cackles contently. *cackles* Normally, I don't like Sasuke much either, but I've been feeling generous about the man. *nods* As for Sakura, I have my plans for her, I promise you! I have many plans for the stupid pain in the ass. *cackles* Review by usmorgan: This story has a brilliant start and I can't wait to read more. And it figures that Sakura would do that to him...she is truely my least favorite bash away, if you please. I can't wait to read more I think this story will end up being one of my favorites. Thank you. Review by usmorgan: Like it and I can't wait for more. I really like how you made Sasuke in this story...very cool. My reply: I'm glad that you're enjoying the story. And it went from simple bashing, as it started out, to outright twisting her character and mind. I hope you're continuing to read and enjoy this story. *hugs* Review by Riddle Of All Time: it's really good i can't wait for the next chapter, I like IbikiNaru to, there isn't much of it out there for my liking, but then again I love Naru beig paired up with almost every guy on the show, he's just soooooo cute with all of them. Please keep it up. R.O.A.T My reply: I love the pairing personally. There is just not enough Ibiki/Naruto going on. *shakes head with a sigh* It's really so sad that there's not enough. *shrugs* Anyways, I like me some Naru/someone to. *nodnod* Review by bonnenuit: I have a secret love of this pairing as well =) Alright, it's not very secret. My reply: *squeaks happily* *giggles* I'm glad you love this pairing and just know...I love your stuff. Review by Nefertari: Great Beginning, would love to read more ^^ My reply: Oh why thank you! I'm hoping that you are continuing to read this story to lovely one. Review by qqsha: Ah~ he sounds so pretty. But *&*^*(&^*%^(* Sakura for hurting him like that! I thought the beginning here was really good, and I can't wait tell there is more chapters! My reply: *cackles* He is pretty in my mind in a fox like way. *nods* And yes, she's being well used as a plot device. *beams* Review by uchiha mikomi: OH GOD!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, FINISH THIS FIC!!!!! go ahead and blame trulywicked, i for one LOVE that woman!! so what if the plot bunny bit ya. at least this is gonna go great!!! miko My reply: I am writing this as I go, I promise. *giggles and waves a hand* It's just taking a bit of time. Review by mykonosparadise: I already really like this story- very interesting pairing. I wouldn't be in Sakura's place in the next chap. And Naruto... hmm... I could practically imagine him with those ears and tail...cute! Update soon,ne! My reply: I'm glad you like the story so far. *giggles* And yes, so could I. Though some people keep asking me why they're not removed surgically, which is starting to annoy me. Especially when I have given every indication that he has lost his human ears. *growls at stupid people* Review by punkrocker69: OMG u must continue haha I wanna see what happens to the pink haired banche muhahahaa My reply: I have many plans for her. *evil smirk* and it's Banchee. missed an e there luv. I do the same often. Review by mykonosparadise: Hahaha, that's it Sakura, there you go... (sorry, can't stand her sorry ass) Sasuke is a tad OOC, but that's fair enough. Can't wait to see Ibiki's reaction when he sees the blonde... Since I don't know if my email will be shown, I'll write it: My reply: *cackles* I love the fact that Sakura has dug her own grave. It makes me happy. *nodnod* And Sasuke has changed quiet a bit, but that to will be explained in later chapters. Review by Lady Laran: Nicely played Sasuke! I don't quite understand about the cat thing, maybe you can explain it a bit more in the next chappy? My reply: *cackles* Ah, the cat thing is code for ANBU missions, or a certain type. I will be going over that at a later chapter. *nods* Review by Lady Laran: I can't wait to see what happens to Sakura! Sasuke's upcoming marriage definitely was a great step! lolol Review by Lady Laran: Oh I hope Ibiki breaks her good for this! That stupid pink haired twit! GRRRRR!!!!! My reply: *cackles* I rather like the idea of Sasuke getting married. I actually have a plan on how to really piss of Sakura. *nods* Review by animelover: oh yeah, you are a GENIUS!!! that was the perfect way to crack Sakura. Now, let's see ibiki rip her a new one, and some ibinaru action ... oh, when you get a chance, of courrse. My reply: *cackles* I have plans for everything, I promise. *nods with a smile* *cackles and bounces with a purr* Review by mi5tan: Great chapter, wonder if Sakura will snap & break out of prison to get her revenage on Naruto. My reply: I have plans for that, promise. *smirks* Review by Mirae: heyyy wait where is the next chapter i was so reading that and it was just getting really good to keep it up My reply: >:3 Got to love it when the story is just hanging there. Such anticipation. Hope you're still enjoying the story. Review by Kairai: Yay! I'm liking this story so far! It's so hard to find any Ibiki/Naruto, I like this pairing a lot! I hope to see more soon! Great job! My reply: *giggles* I know, it's such a pain in the ass when you're trying to find a good story with them. *sighs and pouts* Review by Sesshomarus-Lover: Awe! Though Sakura is just plain evil, it's sweet to see how much everybody else cares for Naruto. Please update soon, I can't wait for the next chapter! My reply: I update as often as I can, which isn't as often as I hope for, but I'm glad you enjoy the story as I'm going. Review by blu kat: This is the first time I have seen this pairing and I thought I give it a try. Like what I've read so far, especially the reaction of everyone with them being on Naruto's side. Thanks for the read. My reply: *giggles* I'm glad that I could get you to read a new pairing and enjoy it. *nods* *bounces off* Review by JtheChosen1: Very good work here! I can't wait for the hot and heavy stuff! I love this pairing soooo much! My reply: OOh, the hot and heavy stuff will be coming soon, hopefully. *giggles* I have to do a few more things before it gets there. Review by Drace: I re-found this again as I was sorting through my favorites and I still think its cool. Granted Sakura in the last bit is rather hurl inducing and makes me embarassed to be female. She's a 'close friend' to Sasuke? And a benefit to her village? Oh Baka-ura, planet reality is calling, you have a collect call from King Kong with Excalibur. Brood mare? Her? *shudders* Any child that is half her would have severe mental problems by their first birthday! Update soon please, I wanna see the pink haired Narcissus go boom. Preferably literally. My reply: *cackles* I loved this review the first time I read it and I still love it. *nodnod* *smiles brightly* I'm glad you enjoy this story enough to reread it and find it cool. As for Sakura...she is delusional. There is no other way to say it. Review by smint45: This is a really nice story!!! I totally like it!!!!! At the moment there is not much Naruto Ibiki action but I think the story is progressing well!!!! Sakura is really methally ill!!!! I hope they will lock her up somewhre so she can't do more damage!!! Please update soon!!! I wish you a merry x-mas and a happy new year!!! See you!!! Review by smint45: That was wow!!! Sakura is really crazy!!! And the one visiting her was it Orochimaru?? Or somebody elese?? Well I can't wait for more of this wonderful story!!!! See you soon!!! My reply: The Ibiki/Naru will come in later on as their relationship progresses along with the main plot of what is going on with Sakura and her surprise visitor. Soon, you will find out who that was. *cackles* Hell, I barely have an idea who it was. >> Review by Dorkchic: So far I am really liking your story and I hope you update soon! In a sort of related note... I keep seeing this in stories recently and it is starting to really get on my nerves. When you want someone to not speak then you want them to be 'quiet'. 'Quite' means to the utmost or most absolute extent or degree; absolutely; completely. As in, "I am quite tired at four in the morning." Sorry about the rant. It just sort of spewed out. My reply: Aww, I'm glad you like this story. And yes...I keep missing that for some odd reason. My eyes just skip over it. And it's fine. I'm glad that you were nice enough to point that out to me and any others who read reviews have a new knowledge on what the two words mean. I will be fixing that...soon...hopefully. As long as I don't forget...again
  14. This is for the story Bits and Pieces of Naruto by Faery's Delight (me). Requests are welcomed. Thank you. Review by jennifer: I love the shorts can u do a foursome with ibiki, kakashi,naruto,and iruka I think that would be reallllllly HOT. thank My response: Thank you! I'm glad you loved it and I do have your request written down, some where. Review by sesshysangelgirl: I love the stories the last one kinda scared me but i still thaought it was excellant. My response: You're quiet welcome. I'm sorry my Urban Legend based stories kinda scared you but I'm glad you still enjoyed them. I hope you keep watching for more. Review by mistress0fyaoi: i have loved all that i have read here. mistress would like t make a request though can you write one with orochimaru in it? i dont care what its about just as long as his a main character in the story please and thankyou. My response: You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed the stories so far and I can write that. I have you written down, again, somewhere and I will be adding it to my list. I have an idea for it eventually. *nods* *I have answered NarutoVixens reviews on another site* Review by Rebelgirl666: That seriously creeped me out at the end *shudder* My Response: Urban legends are fun. *nods* *smiles at* I'm sorry that I creeped you out though. Review by JaydenNara: Kiba and Shikamaru... they have to be one of my all time favourite pairings. thanks for writing that, it was pretty awesome. My response: I'm glad you enjoyed that. It was much of the fun writing that pairing. *clings to them* *pets* I hope you keep reading. *bounces off*
  15. sunnylewis

    Tales of a Broken Society

    This here is the forum for the reviews for my story Tales of a Broken Society. My name is Faery’s Delight. I welcome you and thank you all for your reviews. Please note that I am only doing the last pages of reviews since I have SO MANY of them. Thank you. Pairings still on my list (please take note of what is what, and that yes, I am taking pairing suggestions for the next round): Anon: Shunsui/Hisagi Ishida/Hisagi Greentreefroggy: Urahara/Renji (also asked for by Dragonmists753 and Anon) Shiro/Ichigo/Renji Liz: Aizen/Ichigo with Virgin!Ichigo Happygirl124: Byakuya/Ukitake/Ichigo continuation (smut) GeneralSephiroth: Continue the Renju/Shuuhei with Grimm babysitting Ichigos and Byakuas kid KiraRose: Byakuya/Uryuu Yoshitaka: Grimmjow/Ichigo Anony: Byakuya/Ukitake with Dom!Bya (kinda evil) and Sub!Ukit (taken by surprise) Athello from Y!Gallery: Gin/Hana Round 2: RemyJones: Shuuhei/Ikkaku Mulle: Gin/Hitsugaya Jade: Kenpachi/Renji HazankoVoid: Hitsugaya/Hana Ane: Starrk/Gin Bethany on Starrk/Ichigo Felnore on Y!Gallery: Muramasa/Ichigo and/or Ruri’iro Kujaku/Ichigo Axel Calamity: Ikkaku/Ichigo Nosyrosie16: Aizen/Ichigo/Gin Review from chibi_luna_chan: Could you do an Ichigo/Hichigo (Shirosaki) where Hichi manages to get an actual body. Oh and bonus points for smut. My response: I actually had to think about if I had written this story but so far…I have you on my list. I’m glad you like my stories. Review by sakurakitten234: You have such great characterization! And I love how you allude to things, too. You really bring out the Grimmkitty! My Response: Aww, why thank you. I rather liked doing it actually. *nods* Review by: remyjames: I refuse to accept Shuuhei and Ikkaku unless there is a fic to accompany this slanderous allegation. If you have already written a fic to prove this point, then I must have missed it and will rectify my statement at a later date. However, if you have not written anything, I would suggest you get cracking and prove to me that this crack pairing deserves to be known and brought into the spotlight. Thank you! XD My Response: *cackles* I have you on my list and will be writing it when I get to it, promise. Review by happygirl24: thank you so much for doing my requests i don't have any more but i'll be reading this anyways. My Response: I’m glad you enjoyed the stuff that I’ve done so far and know that I AM getting around to the other pairings, promise. :3 Review by Stormraven: Hi, I love your Hana stories! You're an excellent writer, have an excellent grasp of tone. I would love to see an Aizen/Hanatarou story! You know it just screams for it My Response: I think I wrote that…Yeah, I did, under the perfection series title. I hope you enjoy it when you get around to it. *hugs* Review by Rosy: Awesome series! Are you going to be updating this one anytime soon? I like the ones where Ichigo is a breeder, you seem to twist the story just enough that it's still in line with the charters. I hope you keep up the good work. My Response: I’m glad you enjoy my writings and yes, I will be updating soon. Once I get my bits and pieces list down a bit. *wiggles* Review by Mulle: I know you aren't taking requests anymore, but i feel there is a giant LACK in the Gin/Hitsugaya department. Only one of the greatest couples ever in Bleach, and there's only one request for it?! I request, if possible, a one-shot with that couple. Hitsugaya in denial, and Gin is trying to persuade him. (or something like that, whatever gets you going :]) My Response: *giggles* I love them. *nods* And I have you on my list. *nods* Review by Jade: Will you write the story of how Kenpachi and Renji got together please? I really like the series so plese keep on writing. Thanks. Jade My Response: Of course I will. :3 I has you. *hugs* Review by Hazanko Void: Can you do a Hitsugaya and Hanatarou with Hitsugaya being the dominant of the two? My Response: I can give it a wack! I just hope I come through with it. Review by Axel Calamity: Please do a continuation on the Halloween one!!!!!!!! I love your stories!!! My Response: I can do that. *bounces* I rather like those two together. Review by blu kat: That's the first time I've seen this pairing so I skip chapters to read it. I like it. Thanks for the read. Ahh, they do make a cute couple. I can so see Hanatarou in his wedding kimono with his baby bump. Going to skip around your chapters again. Thanks for the read. My Response: …you kinda confused me with these reviews. Though I do like Hana and he is absolutely adorable. *nods* Review by Affie and Rysha: oh good gods it's been a while since we could read/review hell i can't remember even when i've had a chance to sit and read your work. it's wonderful and rysh just choked on her tea laughing at the deer in the headlights reffrence to poor ichi-chan. i'm sorry it's been so long since i've read/given feedback but World of Warcraft invaded the household and two modem blow outs will do that i guess. keep up the great work affie and rysha My Response: *clings to the cute* You’re long forgiven lovely. I hope things get better, I really do. Anyways, I’m glad you found that line rather funny. I loved writing it. *cackles* Review by nosyrosie16: please update soon. want to know what happens next or to read another short oneshot of another couple. preferably a threesome between Aizen/Ichigo/Gin please!! My Response: I will! I Promise. *nods* And I will be writing that pairing soon. *nods* Review by Yakumo: Yay, I'm glad to see that you updated, and with such a rare pairing (Gin/Byakuya)! Nice job! My Response: *giggles* I love the rarer or just out right crackish pairings. *clings to it with a giggle* Glad you liked it. Review by Kaishii: Hey I just wanted to say i love that you are doing all of these rare pairings for people. Your writing style is very addictive and I find myself reading even if i originally dislike the pairing. By the end Im begging for more. My Response: I’m glad you enjoy this story, I really am. It’s taken me time and a lot of push to do them but I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.
  16. sunnylewis

    Looking for a beta

    Well, I've looked over it. I do warn you I'm not exactly the fastest updater in the world. Mostly because I'm rewriting a couple of fics, reposting others and just out and out sick half the time. >> I do pop up with one shots, that I can use another beta for if you're interested in doing so. I expect a good turn around rate, no later then 2 weeks after I send the sucker to you unless you tell me why you can't do that. As I stated, I do have another beta, but he's in the middle of getting ready for college, might be a bit longer before I send something to you. Depends on whats the what. If you can deal with that, I'll be sending you an e-mail with details on how to get a hold of me via IM. That means: THIS THREAD IS OBSOLETE FOR THE TIME BEING. THANK YOU EVERYONE!
  17. sunnylewis

    Looking for a beta

    I need help you guys! I'm known as Faery Delight on the main site and really need someone willing to edit my smutty originals. I do have a beta for my original stuff, but...guy. I'm kinda a blushing brightly when I send him anything with kisses girl at the moment. The story can be found here. Okay, I have to warn you guys here. I suck at tenses, I know this. Just fix them because I am learning how to spot them when I go through the stories before sending them. I do occasionally pull out what would seem impossible, but I don't all that often write humans, but rather youkai, various demons and other such creatures. With each story I do tell you which I'm using. I'm hoping to keep this beta after this first story. I don't come out with chapters or stories really fast since I tend to write it out before I type it up and that takes me time type them up and edit (i.e. adding details, fixing bits and pieces). Other information will come be sent to whoever asks and who offers. If you can't get me on here, please, send me an e-mail to Thank you.
  18. I wish to apply as an official beta. Okay, since we got that out of the way, I have been writing some where around 13 years and betaing around 6 of those years. Unfortunatly, the work that I've betaed is not available to the general public or has been taken down. Sorry. If anything, I would suggest going to my two more popular stories A Different Life or Xanders Many Faces which is unbetaed and being rewritten, and look over the style and editing. I will contact the writers I've betaed for and see if I can get the links from them. Other wise, I'm sorry. When I beta, I cover all aspects. I'm a twit about grammer and spelling and when it comes to the way a story is written, I will throw a fit if someone doesnt [/b]try[/b] to write. I don't mind if I have to rewrite a line every so often, but I draw the line at having to rewrite more than one paragraph. It just shows me you're not trying. I do cut those who have english as a second language some slack, but not a lot. I try to work with the author about these concerns. I also dislike short chapters. One or two paragraphs do not constitute as a paragraph and I refuse to believe that people can not write at the very least 3 pages per chapter. I can help with that, but if they don't try to work with me, it gets fustrating. I will try my best, until a certain point, then I'll just tell them to get a new beta. I REFUSE to edit or read rape or graphic torture. I can stand torture in passing or looking back over it, but get graphic and it makes me run away screaming. I also refuse to contiplate the following pairings: father/son, mother/son, father/daughter, mother/daughter, son/daughter, uncle/niece, aunt/niece, uncle/nephew, aunt/nephew or any combinations of these. I'm sorry, they make me shudder. I am not very good at writing sexual scenes, but I can suggest how they should go, should it come down to it. I'm working on it. Due to the fact that I sometimes need to discuss something about the story, I try to get to know the author and usually, I end up becoming wonderful friends with them. I also act as a sounding board for the author. I am usually able to get the chapter or story back to the author around 24 to 84 hours after getting it. It all depends on when I check my e-mail, then length, the edits, and the contents. Should it take longer or seem like its going to take longer, I will tell the author if it will. I usually do yaoi, but I am able to do yuri and het, as long as the pairing doesn't make me want to lose my sanity. Now, I can edit just about anything, but I specialize in the following ones: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Bleach, Inuyasha, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, Gundam Wing, Dragon Ball Z, Gull Metal Alchemist, CSI (any of them, and I'm still learning the time line and all the characters), NCSI (same here), Gravitation (again, still learning somethings), Cowboy Bebop, Sailor Moon, Gensomden Saiyuki/Saiyuki (same here, learning things), Ouran High Host Club, Lupin the Third, Hellsing (learning), s-CRY-ed/Scryed, Samurai Champloo, Tokyo Mew Mew (learning), Trigun and Trinity Blood. If you want me to beta something I don't know about, give me a day or so to go and research it before expecting the chapter back. I am willing to do some major research for a story so the author can have the best possible story for their readers. I also try to make sure that any termology is correct, and if need be will ask for a extension so that I can reasearch it. Hope I can help someone. Oh, and if you contacted me once, can you contact me again. I accidently deleted your message. Sorry.
  19. sunnylewis

    I Need Help With A Couple Of Stories....

    I'm still desperate, but now with only 'Moonlight Lovers' and 'Imaginary.' Help? Please? *gets on knees and begs*
  20. Okay, I need help with three stories to be precise. They are all Sailor Moon, but have crossovers in them in some way. The following list are descriptions of them. Also, I have other stories, but either their not betaed, or they already have a beta. Thats just how things are. If your interested in becoming a beta for one of my other stories, tell me. With Moonlight Lovers and Finding, I may turn my original characters into guys, but I don't know right now. For now though, their females and the stories are het with overtones of slash. I do request that any betas have a passing knowledge of Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Saiyuki and Harry Potter. If you don't, then I request that you are willing to look up names before telling me how to spell them. Thank you. Moonlight Lovers Summary: Yusuke has a cousin, who left to help Usagi fulfill her destiny. While there, she finds love, and betrayal, and leaves. Coming back isn't all about meeting the family again, though, it comes with a surprise. Finding out that three powerful beings have banded together, the Sailor Scouts and the Spirit Detectives must spread out and find as many allies to fight this new evil, while finding their true loves. Story one in a series. Is currently complete. Crossovers in this story: Yu Yu Hakusho, and Harry Potter Mentions: Naruto Plans for this story: I hope to rewrite it before finishing off my other story A Different Life. I am working on several other stories, that are yet to be posted, and won't be for a while, but I do plan on continuing this story. I need help with the title of the next story in this line. Any help would be appreciated. Imaginary Summary: Sometimes, being pushed to far by those you considered friends has dire consequences. And sometimes, you need to teach those friends that you aren't as weak as you seem. Watch as Usagi does just that. Status is Complete. I am planning on a second one, but first I need to get some song lyrics and some character information. I am rewriting this, and I am on the Minako/Rei chapter. The songs is Evanesence and is one of my oldest stories, along with Moonlight Lovers and Finding. For this one, I need help catching my typing mistakes, grammercal issues and of course, spelling, but not so much. Any help with this, is welcomed. Oh! There is mention of Saiyuki, in preperation for the second story. Finding Summary: Yusuke has a sister that disappeared when he was five. Now he is 16, is a Spirit Detective and a demon. A woman comes into the Spirit detectives lives and turns things upside down. Who is she? And why does she look like Yusukes sister, who was more 14 when she left? Status is On Hiatus. I haven't touched this story becuase of the pace and the way its driving me up a wall! I need help and some one to help me slow down with this one. It is a Yu Yu Hakusho/Sailor Moon crossover and has a my original character as one of the main characters. I really need help with this one. So, any takers? Even if it is just one of them. I need help. Send me a message through here, so I can send you my e-mail addys. Please put Beta Response as the subject to.
  21. sunnylewis

    My problem with Ichigo & Bleach.

    And thus the reason why I like screwing with these things!! *cackles as her muse tries the move 'inch worm' to get away again* Personally, I don't mind watching bleach or naruto. It's mindless and simplistic and I don't have to pay to much attention to keep up with the main plot, unlike Death Note, where I'm scratching my head and going "who the heck is this guy?!". Yay, anyways... I like a few of the episodes where Ichigo get's his as* handed to him and someone has to obviously save him.
  22. sunnylewis

    Strangest Bleach pairings.

    You really want some werid pairings? *pulls out book with pairing requests* *shifts through it* Kira/Hanatoru: Turned out really cute. I have a request to turn it into a multi chapter story. Nova/Urahara Nova/Ichigo Gin/Hanamtoru Yumichika/Ichigo Ukitake/Ichigo Yumichika/Ishida Ikkaku/Ichigo: I've found ONE story with this pairing and it sucked so badly... Yep, that's my list... Though, any pairings with Kurotsuchi and I will run away screaming as I slowly lose my sanity at the thought.
  23. sunnylewis

    I'm a beta! And I'm looking for work.

    I am so sorry for not looking in here more often, but things have been a bit hectic lately in RL and it's be dragging me away from here. I am here to says, if you are looking for a beta for slash/yaoi stories, I can take a gander at it and see if I can full fill the duties to it. I'm sorry to all those who write het, but I can't seem to stand it in mass amounts any more. If you want to contact me, and can't do it via here very well, please, feel free to write to my e-mail with the subject "Beta Reader VIA" and I will get back to you in a few hours to a day. Again, I'm willing to help but I'm going to be a bit picky about this, alright?
  24. sunnylewis

    Slashers ... how did you start?

    Me...I've been reading and writing Slash for about...6 years now. I got into it because some one opened a story up on my computer while I was writing an english paper. I had left it for 10 minutes and at the time, we couldn't lock our computers because the system was down. So I come back and theres with a Draco/Harry story on it. This happened to me about 3 other times so I finally broke down and read it. I've been hooked ever since. I do mostly crossovers, but I do have a fav. pairings.
  25. sunnylewis

    Some Slight Questions/rants

    Alright, so I've been writing fanfiction for nearly 6 years, posting for about 4 of those and reading fanfiction of all kinds for about 9. A while ago I got a review that made me sit there an wonder about it. Its from my Twisting the Hellmouth account ( about my story A Different Life (Link) which is still in progress, so there are still a lot of things that are open to thoughts and questions and will eventually be answered. Now, the review said: Now, my betas (yes, betas. Two to be precise) tell me that my story is fine so far and doesn't need any major editing done nor does it have any major problems, much like this is telling me. At the time of this review, I didn't know how to use the codes to format, so I'm not to worried about that, but the rest, its like this person just skimmed through and ranted at me for imagined problems. How do you deal with such people and their rants? Alright, one more thing and then I'm done for now. Authors notes: waste of space or are people actually reading them? I know I do. I've come to learn that sometimes, you need to read them for certain reasons, including in finding out what is to happen to the story, or the reasons why the story has taken so long to be updated, ect. But, I can't help but wonder why people skip over the shorter ones. I know that sometimes writers rant and rave about things that aren't that important, but some writers actually have something to say. I know I do, when I'm not apologizing for not updating in 2 months that is.... But, how do I deal with people when they ask me the same thing that I covered in an authors note? Should I be rude and not answer them? Or should I tell them to read my authors note? I'm so confused because I keep getting mixed answers. Thank you for your time in reading and answering.