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    Alphabet...whoever's A Picks The Theme

    W: Welsh Terrier (dog)
  2. Shirotaka

    The sillybugger game

    "The sillybugger Haven" - AFF
  3. Shirotaka

    Five words

    a big blue virating old
  4. Shirotaka

    The Outrageous Claim Thread

    Well I invented the internet!
  5. Today: CocoReed is 23, Ocelot is 23 as well, silentserene is just 19, ScarredSwordHeart is now 30, born_to_do_it is 29, and Nymphe is 37 years young.
  6. Shirotaka

    Gender Balance Poll

    I find myself being one of two people I know are male around here... I IM a few folks.. all female, and I know Krong is a guy because of his signature.
  7. Shirotaka

    Winter depression

    Winter is good for Cocoa and snuggling, both are good, rin even helps to set the mood some. d(^.^)b Revised opinion: Winter Rocks!
  8. Shirotaka

    The Outrageous Claim Thread

    Well I made Adam from some sand and pulled out one of his ribs to make Eve.
  9. Shirotaka

    The sillybugger game

    "For the sillybugger of Grayskull! No way, for the sillybugger of AFF! Long Live AFF!" -- Solaris
  10. Shirotaka

    Alphabet...whoever's A Picks The Theme

    U: Umbrella Cockatoo (bird)
  11. Shirotaka

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Photograph -- Nickelback
  12. Shirotaka

    Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Answer!

    To real ancient fairyland! Where is real ancient fairyland?!
  13. Shirotaka

    Guilty Or Not Guilty

    Not Guilty. G/NG Has ever stabbed a friend in the back to get with a guy/girl.
  14. Shirotaka

    Winter depression

    Yes, the gloom seems to have spread to the middle of the desert.. I didn't think it could rain 4 inches in a week in Phoenix, but here I sit, getting rained on. I wish I had some Mint Milanos and some hot chocolate.
  15. Shirotaka

    Do gay men find straight men attractive

    Of course it's possible for a gay man to be attracted to a straight man. Though not gay myself, I have had a couple of gay friends who would approach me every so often and ask me what I thought about this guy or this guy, or "Do you think he's hot?" Most of these people were straight, some of them even had girlfriends myself and the people asking me about them could see plain as day hanging over these guys. Love/attraction is not discriminate to gender, even in the "straightest" men or women. I know that most would not admit it, every single person has felt some sort of weird feeling they cannot explain for someone of the same sex that has made them seriously question their sexuality. I am not afraid to admit I had a man crush on one of my friends in CA a few years back, doesn't mean I'm gay; I am in a devoted relationship with a wonderful woman. Attraction is both chemical and situational, meaning it has something to do with how you were raised (seriously) so pinpointing exactly how any one person will feel about person X, Y, or Z pulled from a crown at random is damn near impossible. The next person you look at, male or female, could be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.
  16. Shirotaka

    The Outrageous Claim Thread

    I created the solar system one day with some clay and elbow grease.
  17. Shirotaka

    Rate the Signature above you game!

    10/10 I just noticed the quote at the bottom of the signature.
  18. Shirotaka

    Alphabet...whoever's A Picks The Theme

    S: Saint Bernard (dog)
  19. Shirotaka

    I Am No Longer Allowed To...

    I am no longer allowed to sleep past sunrise.. apparently.
  20. Shirotaka

    I Have Never....

    Neither have I, Both of the people I hate I have good reason to. I have never lost my keys/wallet/cell phone.
  21. Shirotaka

    Person above you game

    ^ Should not be doing any skydiving.
  22. Shirotaka

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    This Is How You Remind Me -- Nickelback
  23. Shirotaka

    The sillybugger game

    "One small step for me, One giant leap for sillybugger"-- Neil Armstrong
  24. Shirotaka

    The sillybugger game

    "This space for sillybugger" -- The one and only Knorg
  25. Shirotaka

    Christmas is coming closer...

    I still need to shop! Guess that means no day off for me..