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  1. i had to go with the classic... star wars. star wars is amazing. always has been and always will be, in my opinion. and as an island in the storm of my friends, i'm the only one who loves the series.
  2. hanyou-elf

    Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    i hate reading stories where people refuse to do research before they write. they decide that they want to write about BDSM, but they don't look up anything or study anything at all about what living a BDSM lifestyle is all about. and what really irritates me is the shocking number of scene fics where nothing but the sex is explained. BDSM is about so much more than what you can put another person through and so many people refuse to address that part of the lifestyle. i hate reading crappy romance. don't get me wrong, people borrow from others all the time. it's part of progress ('how can i make something better?' thinking.) but there is a limit to what should be borrowed. i don't need to see fifteen stories that feature character A obsessing over character B but really trying to hide the fact and pretend that character C is really right only to find out that characters A and B were both fascinated and in love with each other and they end up happily ever after. doesn't make much sense. but that's the basic plot line for far too many fics. i hate reading rape fics where the raped character instantly falls in love with the rapist. that wouldn't happen unless the raped character was subjected to months and months of torture so that they come to believe that what is happening to them is love. not because of some one time thing. if it's a one time thing, it's more than likely not rape, it's consensual non-con. there are exceptions, but of course there are exceptions to everything. i hate reading fics where people assume they have to use capital letter TO EMPHASIZE SOMETHING. it looks stupid, and if you were writing it well enough, the emphasis is there without needing to capitalize everything around it, you know? it looks block-y and it's irritating. and if i see it, i back out of it. i hate author's comments and explanations listed throughout the story. if you feel the need to explain something, make it part of the story. integrate it into the descriptions and make me imagine it without alluding to something completely different. i don't want to know what you were thinking while writing the story, not unless i ask for it. and if i do, save it for a personal response or put it in an author's note separated at the end of the story. i hate reading stories where the authors continually mope about how crappy the story is. or give warnings about the lack of talent they possess before you read the story. i don't need to know that you think the story is crap, if i do and i decide to try to read it anyway, i'm going to pinpoint things that are wrong with it much more readily. don't tell me you don't like the story. save it for your closest friends and accept the critique or praise that's coming to you. i hate reading stories where people change the gender of the main character. take naruto for instance. naruto is male, he's all male and purely male. yes he does his fun little buxom blond impersonation, but he's a man. if you're going to put naruto into a relationship with another male character, don't make him a female pretending to be a man just because you can't handle the yaoi factor. i hate reading stories where people just don't try. they come up with crappy story lines and use crappy grammar and offer crappy excuses. (this is my first fanfic; english isn't my native language; i'm not really familiar with the characters; i don't really know anything about xx... ) crappy excuses are for people who don't want to try, who've given up before they've started. it's stupid and it's irritating and they usually make me back out. i've read plenty of stories by people who speak english as a second language but they manage to put out beautiful work. i hate mary-sues/gary-stus. there's no reason for any one character to be all powerful, all knowing, and generally all beautiful. no one person is perfect, no one character should be perfect either. even superman had his flaws. your fanfic character will have flaws too. i hate magical lube that appears from nowhere. or characters being able to magically take a dick up the ass without any kind of preparation. and i don't know about you, but shoving my penis into a tiny hole without any kind of preparation or lubricant isn't going to happen. it'll hurt me too!
  3. research things you aren't familiar with but want to write about. research is a great supplement for people who have no first hand experience with things (i.e. bodily reactions of people of the opposite gender; alternative lifestyles; trauma, etc.) research helps a writer craft a description that could be realistic for people who are reading stories. it also gives you a broader scope of knowledge to apply to the stories that you are presently writing and any stories that you'll write in the future. have fun with it. if you have to force yourself to write, if you have to wrestle the words onto the paper, then it reads in the story. if you don't enjoy yourself writing, then the readers aren't going to enjoy the story. you're passion for a story is felt by the readers. if you have fun and it's a good story for you to write, then the readers will enjoy it too.
  4. hanyou-elf


    Of Love and Laughter Happy Birthday Can't Sleep
  5. hanyou-elf

    X-Men fanfiction nominations

    you can nominate your own work, or you can nominate somebody else's. as long as you feel it is of the best quality, go for it.
  6. hanyou-elf

    Original Writing nominations

    it can be either. as long as you feel the story is among the best of the best, you can nominate it.
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  9. hanyou-elf

    The AU thing

    my understanding of au is that you take characters and play with them in a way and fashion completely different from what they were originally intended. you take ninja's and put them in a school for wizards. you take demons and make them humans. you take wizards and make them students. it's an alternate universe, and you're playing with them in a unique way. the only problem i have is that sometimes authors take the characters and pull them too far from what their original characteristics are. every character has a fundamental value system that they follow. if you are going to put ninjas in a school for wizards, let the ninja's interact with the wizard setting, but the fundamental value system needs to translate. i enjoy a good au. i really do. i find myself writing au as much as i do writing within the canon-verse. but a good au has to have good characterizations. if you can't write a story where you keep the characters recognizable and not some disgusting caricature of themselves, then i don't want to read it. an amazing example of an au is ClairBear's An Indecent Affair. however, even more than a really good au, i prefer a great ar. the difference, as i understand, is whether you're playing in the canon-verse or not. if you can take a story and subvert it while maintaining it in the canon, then i'm amazed and i love it all the more. a really good example of a great ar, is Cathydeff's Morning After Pill. a really good ar is somebody who can keep the characters themselves in their original world while making them follow their own plot bunny's trail. an ar is much more preferable to me. but a good au is just as enjoyable, in my opinion.
  10. hanyou-elf

    Television fanfiction nominations

    Title: Planet Mud Author: jakisbishlygay Summary: Narcotic mud... Television series: Stargate Atlantis Rating: Adult+ Status: WIP Link: http://tv.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600006071 Short description of why you liked it: The most hillarious crack fic i've ever read, it had me laughing my head off.
  11. hanyou-elf

    Anime fanfiction nominations

    Title: Market Comodity Author: StSE, ToonQueen, Rockinmuffin, Star Raider, Wachey, LightningCross, Dark Mrowlidash, TurtleDreamer, Lady Starscream, and Roby M Summary: Ever wanted that human-sized TF in your bed? What about other things you could do with him? I started the tale - you add to it. Show us your wildest SI dreams! Anime: Transformers Rating: Adult++ Status: WIP Link: http://anime.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600045741 Short description of why you liked it: Plot bunny opened to all authors. Encouraged more to write. Several 'first time' authors were also encouraged. Truly, a fic to help authors improve - and for readers to enjoy. Started as just a plot perfect for smut. Then turned into a true epic with moral and ethical issues - along with tons of smut. All but one of the contributing authors are actually working together behind the scenes to 'blend' their miniplots into a complete plot. Even though each is working with totally different characters and storylines...
  12. hanyou-elf

    InuYasha fanfiction nominations

    Title: Merry Christmas, Mister Taishou Author: ElegantPaws Summary: A seasonal tale of love, laughter and loss and the abiding spirit within, should one choose to embrace it. Rating: Adult+ Status: WIP Link: http://inu.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?n...hp?no=600092500 Short description of why you liked it: This has to be the best Christmas story that I've ever had the privledge of reading. ElegantPaws is yet another of my favorite authors. Reading through this story was fun for me because of the little references that she makes througout the story to both widely and lesser known Christmas stories and songs. I adore her writing style. To me, she keeps Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha in character even with the story being AU and this is just one of the stories (yet again) that I enjoy of hers. The other one is This Sesshoumaru Needs Not a Mate. Even though Christmas is over, I think that everyone should go check it out! Jakotsu...oh man, he gave me some laughs throughout this story. Simply: I loved it and I hope that others will too!
  13. hanyou-elf

    Naruto fanfiction nominations

    Title: The Sound of Dreams Author: Zrina Summary: Naruto leaves Konoha to bring back Sasuke, but complications arise in the form of Orochimaru's body transferrence jutsu. Circumstances force him re-evaluate his goals and dreams in life. Rating: Adult++ Status: Complete Link: http://naruto.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600090805 Short description of why you liked it: This is an epic story! Takes place around chapter 322 of the manga and the best thing: ITS COMPLETE and has a sequel in the works! This story has tons of action and twists that just make you not want to stop reading! I've read this story twice, the first time, I read all 73 chapters in one sitting. That is how addiciting Zrina's story is. It draws you in and keeps you wanting to know what is going to happen next, esepcially with Naruto after a certain interaction with a Snake... I can't really go into detail without giving away the story. If you have time and want a great read, sit down and take a peek at this fic!
  14. hanyou-elf

    Naruto fanfiction nominations

    Title: The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Author: lexjamandme Summary: Itachi Uchiha has always had a sadistic streak when it came to his little brother. Now the perfect opportunity has presented itself and he just can’t let it go by. He does love him after all. Rating: Adult+ Status: Complete Link: Story Link: http://naruto.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600095129 Short description of why you liked it: Oh wow, what was NOT great about this story? I loved every moment of it and if I had the time right now, I'd go through and Nominate ALL of lexjamandme's stories. The DMZ...you have to read it. The interaction between Naruto and Sasuke...through Itachi's sadistic side into there and there is much amusement to be had! The plot is wonderful and one thing that you HAVE to pay attention to, are the office memos and emails exchanged between Sasuke, Naruto and Itachi. Just typing this is making me want to read this story for the third time. Basically, if you're a Sasuke/Naruto fan, then you really can't go wrong with Lexjamandme. My favorites are The Demilitarized Zone, All The Small Things, Dirt and Grim and For the Love of His Son, just to name a few. Please go check out the fics!! They deserve praise...and Awards!
  15. hanyou-elf

    Naruto fanfiction nominations

    Title: Below Zero Author: Trollmia Summary: They loved each other, they got each other. Their friends found a partner and now... Rating: Adult++ Status: Complete Link: http://naruto.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=544194048 Short description of why you liked it: TONS of pairings and some of them I hadn't really thought about before, but the way they're brought together is just wonderful. This story has great Sasuke/Naruto romance and on top of that, its MPREG! Always a plus for me :-D This story is 29 chapters long and complete! Trollmia does a wonderful job with the lemon scenes between the character, no matter if they be het or yaoi. I'm a sucker for fluff and this story has plenty of it. Trollmia has 50 stories in the Naruto section alone and I've read almost, if not all of them. I have never been disappointed with her work. I love it too!